Pantry emotions

In each angler or hunter has a cherished place, where you can always find something for which hunting or catch, and in a rich variety. Such an emotional pantry. And I've got a place on the Don. For several years the Christmas holidays, we went there to fish and did not return without a catch. Someone caught walleye, some white fish. There are pike corner where you can stretch zherlitsy and there duct where Rides perch.This winter in our area began as something wrong. On the one hand, we were lucky. Snow fell, there was heavy rain before the frosts and quickly got ice on ponds Read more [...]
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Prices for Norwegian fish negatively affect prices in the fish market of Russia — expert

Norwegian fish supply which may prohibit Rosselkhoznadzor due to violations of veterinary and sanitary requirements of the Russian Federation, is dangerous not only in terms of quality, it also negatively affects the prices on the Russian market, according to the Rosrybolovstvo."The high cost of Norwegian farmed fish pulls a fish prices the Russian market"- He said "Interfax" Head of public relations center Rosrybolovstva Alexander Savelyev.According to him, the quality of Russian fish, especially wild salmon grown in their natural habitat, much higher artificial Norwegian salmon Read more [...]
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Not a good day

Plans after the day before yesterday was successful fishing hulk ... How to be? Stuck on catchability point or look for something new? If You go right to the point, and the fish will also bite, then a full container of fish is somehow not up to the search. Sudak such fish, but still a good size – poklёvok dozen successful and happy fishing. I catch, and did not want to drag once again anchored in iterating promising places ... Only here the weather forecast for tomorrow promised northwest wind at 6 m / s ...Morning call up – weather redrawn! Trees in the city are Read more [...]
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Thai police in Bangkok found a place slaughter of elephants and tigers

Thai police found in the center of the capital Bangkok massacre, which killed elephants and tigers and butchered carcasses, reported online version of the newspaper Nation.Putting slaughterhouse located in the business center of the city near Yanava where, except for banks and office buildings, are located also several foreign embassies.The police broke into the room where four people working in a slaughterhouse, were busy butchering a 400-pound tiger carcasses, said the publication. They were immediately arrested. Later, the police arrested four other people in the same case.According to non-governmental Read more [...]
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In the Republic of Bashkortostan started the competition «Knight of the Forest»

Republican WWF announces next competition «Forest Knight». It aims to encourage and support the people who protect wildlife from extinction, fearlessly fighting poaching.The competition is held in the following nominations: «Best hunt inspectors, ranger, forester, dealing with the protection of wild animals on duty». «Citizen (group of citizens –minded), dealing with the protection of wild animals on his own initiative, at the call of conscience». «Editions of magazines, radio and television for the most significant series of publications, transfer Read more [...]
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That also happens…

They traveled in the full confidence that the fish find and neutralize. A series of fairly good fishings near Milyushino just instilled this confidence.We decided immediately – burbot left alone. Sitting Vyachorka for couples poklёvok – sad. According to rumors, someone somewhere in the night catches, but it is not clear who and where. And when.Three days between fishing in one place – too much for the perch bite this year. So do not hesitate to place the last exit we fly perch and rest on our clean when Snezhik fell and jumped out sluduyuschy ... The last time Read more [...]
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Congratulations to men on February 23!

Editors congratulates all the readers of the Day of Defender of the Fatherland!This holiday has become popular in Russia. This is not surprising. After all, at all times, since the birth of Russia, millions of Fatherland defenders have repeatedly defended their homeland and freedom of the state.Many generations of people of our country have contributed to the defense of our country. Traditions soldiers heroes today worthy of continuing their grandchildren.Young children, who now guard the borders and interests of the Russian state, became the successor of the traditions of the winners. Valiant Read more [...]
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The long-awaited «random» fishing

Past Lake Pleshcheeva I passed many times. And constantly reproached himself that there is no possibility to stay and get to know him better. That is to say, on the shorter fishing. But once again returning from a short trip, yet stayed and stayed with friends in Pereslavl. Friends were immensely excited and arranged such a warm welcome that barely managed to carve out a free dialogue and exploring the sights of the city night. In the trunk light vehicles «accidentally» We found an inflatable boat and a couple of light spinning rods with a box of lures. Before Read more [...]
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Bear berries

Outside, Melo. Wrapped in collars, turning her face from the evil wind gusts, wandered somewhere rare passers-by. Behind me, in the hallway, there was a fractional topotok little feet - vnuchatki race ran to the kitchen.- Grandfather, grandfather, give Morse bear berries!Instantly somewhere receded, he cringed winter, breathed warmth of the sun and joy. Filling a glass of cranberry juice, I placed them in front of children, perched at a table and chatted merrily legs.- Here, my good drink – do not pour!This much we have developed with them prigovorka – oncoming, played enough, sensational, Read more [...]
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Finds from September

That's decided to lay out photos bear the tragedy. In September, I went through the woods as usual in search of upland game and cut down on the berries. Crossing between felling small spruce came across the body of a medium-sized bear. Misha was with vygryzennoy abdomen and still did not give a smell of decay. Poryta all around the earth, and trampled a couple of local seasoning culprit:Bear killed his kinsman feasting and spent day together and went on my approach does not denote themselves. Three days later, I went to check this place out, but with a dog. The bear ate before the end of kinsman Read more [...]
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Deer and pike

Deer ...                                                                                      Photo by the author - The men, only one request! It is a place no Read more [...]
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In the waters of the Altai Territory reclamation activities conducted fisheries

Decree was signed by Governor of the Territory Alexander Karlin.A series of special measures to avoid massive fish kills in the waters in the winter. The most relevant are the reclamation activities associated with the rescue of young fish from the waters, for whatever reasons, have lost their connection to the water body. Also held catching prey and low-value fish species to ensure optimal conditions for their natural and artificial reproduction.Fisheries reclamation activities will be held from 21 January to 20 April. Legal persons recommended to involve the local population for these jobs.The Read more [...]
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Extreme hunting trophies

«Tomorrow we go to the Volga?» - Sasha suggested on the eve of the bakers.How does he know that it is necessary to the Volga, I thought ... but agreed."At 9 at the Eternal Fire"- We agreed. Sergeyev said that the baker comes with peshnёy, as we choose.We have chosen, of course, wrong. It was necessary, too, to successfully go.Even in the dark on ice sits dozen people. Kradёmsya for Khlebodarova that checks the way peshnёy. Ledok is not very ...On the spot, at the edge of the ice, generally seen gullies and fistulas. Boer flies with two or three turns. Read more [...]
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A resident of a remote village of Gorny Altai met a snow leopard

A resident of the Altai Mountains with my own eyes I saw a Red under the snow leopard belugas that had previously gone to these places any ecologist, told RIA Novosti on Monday, a spokesman for the Altai-Sana`a project WWF Russia Tatiana Ivanitskaya.Ust-Koksinsky District of the Altai Republic is located on the border with Kazakhstan. It is estimated WWF experts might dwell no more than a few individuals of snow leopards in a limited area at Mount Belukha. The catastrophic drop in the number of snow leopards in the Altai occurred in 70-90 years of the last century due to poaching.In the history Read more [...]
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From the «barge» to «Jungle» or Winter spinning on the Volga

In our southern latitudes winter – it is not just fishing from the ice. Sometimes the winter is such that we wander from spinning until mid-January. Root Volga freezes in the Volgograd region and downstream is very rare. The work he's doing his «black» business. The water level is constantly changing and gives how to consolidate the young ice, to tie down the river in the vicinity of the fairway. The advantages of winter spinning I attribute the fact that the fish caught are generally larger than in summer. When the bulk of the fishermen with longing looks at Read more [...]
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New snowmobiles and ATVs will be releasing in the Yaroslavl region

Testers every day out on the track. Without a reality check, no snowmobile will not be allowed into production. Yes, and all proposals and innovations Design Bureau estimated in practice - tested for speed and maneuverability. These machines are ready to work in any environment, both on the smooth ice and off-road. The only thing - the clothes should be appropriate, to protect from the cold and wind.Design engineer Alexander Truhin:"Machines have become much more powerful, safer, more maneuverable. I have been working for more than 10 years. I like. This drive is a unique feeling - riding Read more [...]
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Where are you? In Tungude …

Catamaran is probably the best tool for water routes: that the thresholds take that cross the lake. Going to summer Once water trip, we were looking for Friends on the river Internet. River beautiful, athletic, but the most important thing — fish. Although Karelia almost all the rivers and fish beautiful, I wanted to unburden fishing. I wanted to catch enough fish to compete with big pike and enjoy carefree camp life.Now almost all starts with Internet. You sit, read reviews, watch photos and still thinking about Read more [...]
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Part of Lake Balkhash in Kazakhstan recognized sake of world significance

Ili River Delta and the southern part of Lake Balkhash in Kazakhstan recognized as wetlands of international importance, said on the eve of the feast of swamps World Wildlife Fund (WWF) of Russia.World Wetlands Day, designed to draw the attention of the public and governments around the world on the value of wetlands to maintain the sustainable development of our planet, is celebrated on February 2. On this day in 1971 in Ramsar (Iran) signed the Convention on Wetlands of International Importance as Waterfowl Habitat, called the Ramsar. The day it was signed in 1997 has been declared the World Read more [...]
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Pskov region is suffering from the attacks of wolves

On the night of August 5, in the village of Podokline Porkhov district of the Pskov region destroyed a pack of wolves on a farm 6 bright and 28 lambs. On the eve of the wolves in lyutovali Plyussky District and bitten dogs. - Our watchman told Vladimir that night everything was quiet, and in the morning the sheep suddenly became restless and cried drawl - shared with a reporter August 10 «Courier» Tatyana Petrova, CEO Ltd. «Our farm». – When workers rushed to the paddock, where there were bright with lambs, my heart trembled. Six were bright and Zayed were with bellies. Read more [...]
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Whether there is a lot of bass?

Photo by the author                                                    Perch Rybinsk ordinary There we are on time. On the last point distribution was sitting Sasha baker – He said to cut circles, and felt a couple of poking. And he arrived an hour earlier than we ...But nowhere is the perch it does not go? The wells from Read more [...]
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Site structure "Survival in the wild nature" is simple and logical, selecting a specific section, you will find information. You will find on our website recommendations and practical advice on survival, unique descriptions and pictures of animals and plants, turn-based scheme to trap wild animals, tests and reviews of travel gear, rare books on survival and wildlife. The site also has a large section devoted to video on survival survivalist-known professionals around the world.

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The Survival in the wild nature - how correctly to behave, it having appeared in an emergency situation. Ability to find a way out from any situation: to kindle a fire, to put traps, to prepare food, to arrange dwelling and a lodging for the night; to learn to knit knots, to clear water, to be guided by districts, correctly to choose equipment, a knife. Also you can download directories to tourists, encyclopedias survivals, video Bear Grills to Survive at any cost (Man vs. Wild).