7.62 or 9mm?

In our country, caliber 7.62 mm most massive. And ammunition of this caliber the most affordable. And weapons under the weight of these cartridges. And the price is more affordable. That’s just the question arises as to who you want to hunt?

7.62 or 9mm?

It is not rare and rustic hunter  (in Moscow, anyway) has a rifled barrel. But what guns are most often in the hands of our hunters?

Of course, this former Army Weapon: SKS-45 and Russian trilinear magazine rifle. This is understandable: before people were normal, overwhelmingly passed the army and remember that the cartridge 7,62H39 hit the rail. Well, if he hit the rail, then at least some of the wild boar and elk certainly fill up. That’s all the knowledge and balistike  the damaging effects of the ammunition. Arriving at the store, the hunter sees the lovely heart «Saiga» and «Boar»That evoke nostalgia for the most reliable weapon in the world. And looking at the price tags cartridges, Hunter realizes that for him the choice 7,62H39 – optimal. And Vaska somehow  He told me that when he was living in Siberia, then the bear went SCS –  and nothing. Agree that in most cases when buying a rifle is guided by such motivations.  
In our country, caliber 7.62 mm most massive. And ammunition of this caliber the most affordable. And weapons under the weight of these cartridges. And the price is more affordable. That’s just the question arises as to who you want ohotitsya? Unfortunately, in recent years the state because of its mediocre politicians  It failed to create a middle class of property owners. Therefore, we have the majority of balances at the turn of poverty and can not afford expensive imported weapons and even a couple of local trunks. Therefore purchased one barrel for every occasion. In principle, the same happens with shotguns – one for all occasions. And while  there’s nothing you can do about it.  
Which cartridges in our stores the most popular and cheap? Of course, the military. Ammunition designed and manufactured in large numbers, thus ensuring a low cost.   Let’s see what we have:  
5,56H45NATO (223Rem),
7,62H39 obr.1943g.,
7,62H51NATO (308Win),
7,62x54R arr. 1908  
30-06, 8H57 –  it is the same cartridge for Mauser rifle, only for civilian traffic. Here under these cartridges and released vast quantities of weapons, which is in our stores. I have to clarify that the task of the hunter and soldier are different. Munitions are designed to kill the average person, that is, mass of the object 90 – 100 kg. Thus the death of the enemy is not desirable, except in rare cases. The wounded enemy soldiers to their views and demoralizing shouts others for their evacuation from the battlefield distracted by other soldiers on the treatment and rehabilitation of spent material resources. The same decrease in the caliber and weight of the cartridge increases the individual stock of ammunition, diminishing returns, therefore, fatigue a soldier in combat. As you can see, the point of view of the military on the amazing quality of munition other than the hunter. Therefore, military ammunition is not suitable for certain types of hunting.  
What is important for the hunter? This is a reliable defeat of the beast and the ability to find a wounded animal, if it turned out. What I mean by a reliable defeat of the beast? This is when, after hitting an animal or instantly killed, or left in place for some time, which makes it possible to produce a second shot. Speaking about the destructive force of a bullet, SA Buturlin wrote that the bullet «I should kill the game, and rapidly at the site, and not to torment and injure …». As an example, the cartridge 700NE in contact at any place, carve elephant painful shock for twenty minutes. During this time, I think we can finish it. What do you need? The bullet must have sufficient kinetic energy to have sufficient penetrating force, capable to crush bone. As an example. There was a case when a bullet cartridge 308 hit the blade bear broke through the skin and into a dust hitting the bone. Naturally, no stopping action, had no bullet.  Equally important is the diameter of the bullet. Under the same conditions (initial velocity, mass) bullet  larger caliber will have a more damaging effect. At the beginning of the century it was noticed that injuries inflicted by a bullet of 7.62 mm, is closed and does not bleed, which naturally makes it difficult to find a wounded animal, especially chernotropu. Based on the above, for zverovoy preferred hunting weapon 9mm. Given that the mass of an animal of 100 kg and above, and the resistance to the wound from the same boar is much higher than in humans, it’s worth thinking about weapons of caliber 9 mm, if you want a guaranteed result.  
So, what I’m writing, it has been known for a hundred years! On one of the most difficult and powerful bullets of this caliber (our three-linear rifle) I had in 1895 made a series of experiments, mainly on their elk hunts and experienced core, but the results were significantly inferior to even the knockdown battle Berdan rifle bullet.  
SA Buturlin. Let me remind you that the bullet caliber rifle Berdan is 10.67 mm without shell, with an initial speed of 437 m / s and a mass ’24  So think about what you choose. The cartridges and weapons for these cartridges will talk next time.

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