Autumn on the other side of the Don

Autumn on the other side of the Don

There, the bend should be the pit

Wherever you look — everywhere autumn. Autumn in everyday clothes, fall outside the window, fall fishing. But I wonder, what is the fall on the other side of the river? For a long time I was planning to pass on the right bank of the Don from the crossing in the village Trehostrovskaya to the place opposite the farm Vertyachiy.
And I stare at the road with the help of the Internet in pictures from space to your browser scoring the necessary points forks and a boat ramp. Now, when the low water level in the river has broken every conceivable record, there is a high probability that the road there on the shore, under the chalk mountains. And so it happened. We took a ferry at 7:15 am on the right side and went on the road along the groomed beach. After the village Nezhnegerasimovskoy track was not so thumb. True, it became noticeably cleaner. We have strayed a little bit, trying to find the exit to the Don himself, but did not find anything better than to leave the car in front of the dry lake, take a fishing belongings, food, wear boots and walk 400 meters, passing a dried-up lake, woods, reeds and coastal windbreak.

«A dream come true idiot!»

Yes. It is the place of the island, opposite the tourist centers in Vertyachiy. Of trails on conditional Peninsula – Only animal. According to him, in fact, we have to break through the wall through the reeds. On the bank quite simply charming snags! Smooth barrels go into the water beneath them for sastrugi forms and return. Zander What else do you want? However, first the black porolonku tempted pike. A small, 800 grams with clasp Kukan. Villages hooks only the third attempt. A pike would not be caught nor I, nor Igor, who was unconditionally join me in this adventure. The course made it impossible to catch at least 25 cargo, Igor quickly switched to catching chub and now releases the second free. To put the fish on Kukan and torture her until the evening for some reason did not want on this sunny day, and asp was not close. Igor said that the strikes were, he felt, kilogram fishes, but only small hooks pinpoint zhereshata.

«Sing to us, the wind, about the forest thicket, about animal tangled trail…»

But downstream have a deep pit! There’s more, maybe for not so strong. It should certainly go all the opposite shore of the island, past which sailed many times with someone on the boat. After catching a boat and from the shore – quite different fishing! Well, we went. However, not all so simple. There are no trails, paths for boar – even crawl on all fours, and yet still spinning with that and tries to cling to the branches of trees and bushes is a tulip, the coil. Thin elastic shoots and strives hlestanut the face or spinning. But does it stop? Over there, behind the trees – pit. The water turns the surface of the water and then boil the interference of waves of different nature. On pit some fisherman, a tambourine on the nose curse binds another bait. Yeah, so, pit zakoryazhena! And now for my fish foam someone «strapped» no bite. However, just and it broke, alone. Do not disturb the angler I became. According to him, nicking sudachok rare, but hooks – just horror! I go further, where a few years ago we were waist-deep in the water and catch perch along the ending of the peninsula.

Reached! And I, and Igor. Tired as «Bobik». On the way Igor caught pike-perch on green twister. We sat and drank some water. But still go back!
Pike near snags cherished not got caught. And no wonder. If we compare the then and current water level – once all becomes clear. Too small in that groove, where he was caught a few years ago. However, it is time to go back. Suddenly a thought occurred that catch something left quite a bit of time! While return to the top of the peninsula until the sexes until we get to the machine through a dried-up lake, which still need to bypass… But the pit, we still decided to podzhigovat, for the angler must cut all already there, and left the place.

 Autumn on the other side of the Don

Sudachok from the koryazhki. Clearly less 38 cm.

Literally, in his place in the second wiring with a clear bite catch pike-perch. Small. Pomeroy hand – clearly less than 38 cm, which is the limit for catches in the Don Basin our area.
Back were not boar trails and out of the forest and went along the dry lake, beating impassable bushes and reeds, braided blackberries.

«Herman is coming too, and midnight – all there!»

How could I not want to leave! Sun has been steadily rolling to the horizon. There, in the direction Peskovatka. It is still warm, and smooth trunks of the trees still warm. Igor is one of villages and gave thoughtful catching zhereshat. He caught and released, caught and released. I rallied, dragged himself through the thick reeds to the beginning of the peninsula, there are no perches have not found, but the reward I came across a whole family of oyster mushrooms. Well, not with empty hands go home! In offset pound pike for some of the grandmothers at the door, half a package of oyster mushrooms and lots of pictures of the fall of the Don, where it is impossible to find any plastic bottles or abandoned packs of cigarettes.

Autumn on the other side of the Don

Igor surrendered thoughtful catching zhereshat

We had no problems on the last ferry and even dark yet podzhigovali from the left bank. So do not want that to this day came to an end, because on Sunday has promised frost. I filled the tank washer antifreeze liquid, we breathed a lungful of clean air and the fall of the Don went back to the city. 

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