Fishing in the mountains

Abridged translation from Norwegian Natalia Budur, published for the first time

Fishing in the mountainsWe went further up the river. Shore near the plant were often very vertical. On one such ravine I threw the bait into a large whirlpool and led the forest downstream.

Finally I I reached Atna station, make a transition through the mountains of Rondane. AND I went further south on rail in Koppang and then moved to and vehicle soon he was on Farm Aasheim on the northern tip of Lake Stora in Upper Valley Ren. That’s where I I was going to stay a few days and relish fish.

ESA runs here on Mystras deep, overgrown with trees in the gorge Sulenskih the western slope of the mountains, a long way on the a wide plateau on north. It winds through a narrow wooded valley, more like narrow the gap in rocks, and down to beautiful lake in Stora Ren Valley.
In the upper reaches of the usual excellent trout, and I was going to catch it, that’s just good to know we had the river because there is a lot of small places and only local might tell you where holding a big fish.

— Well, — Olav Aasheim smiled, and my friend the owner hung up the phone, — lucky you. I I could not agree with excellent conductor. This is a tailor from the village, there is no better fisherman. He said that the weather today is excellent and ready to keep you company. Here it is only available to the hour, and Then you will be able to meet at Misteregga.

It suited me, because I and he is still going to do something.

— Can you take is my son, Olav, a little, he will lead you the shortest route through the forest.

— Tailor lame, — After a short pause added Olav, — and the one leg He badly bent. But you do not frightened — He climbs mountains, like a boy, and in the woods behind it is not keep up. It is better to have a hunter we did not to find.

At noon we Olav went to the small- way. First, we had to wade cross the river Rena, because the bridge demolished spring flood, and then we went on forest. It was a terrible heat — and I undressed, took off all that he could. The closer we got to the the venue, the more I wanted to look at mysterious tailor.

Finally, the trees seemed at home Misteregga, we went to turn the high road — and a rose sitting on the curb grass man and warmly greeted us.

It was pretty, pretty young man, strongly built, medium-sized or slightly below average growth, brown suit with hunting short trousers, clean-shaven, but with light tanks and laughing kind eyes.

Tailor Rickard Kvernes or Ricardo Cape, as he was nicknamed by the location of his home on the northern tip of Lake Lomnes, come on bike. FROM He brought a long bamboo rod with turntable.

We went further on foot hills, East. Despite his injured leg, was very easy to tailor. It seemed that he was not It is easy to go to one with I pace.

We walked half an hour so, and then turned into a side and Steel for wooded slope down in a narrow valley, on the the bottom of which gleamed Mistra.

This river runs a fairly quiet, but on large stones and foam around them large cap. AT these places found only young trout. A Here where the river slows its furious running and this does not happen so often produce large, deep creek in and that inhabits a large trout.

With difficulty descending from steep cliff, we were finally, river.
Taylor suggested to start up the downstream from the plant to the backwaters, and then back down. So we We received, but no big fish are not caught.

Fishing in the mountains

Fish circled, circled on the reaches and become tired and then went to the beach, where I picked her net. It was a trout and a half kilograms.

It was very stuffy and hot. Over the mountains on East hung heavy dark clouds. It hovered, apparently soon had to break out the storm.
However, these clouds hid the sun, so that the afternoon fishing was quite pleasant. I I tried to catch on fly and then we have to use as bait to live roach — there’s a tailor proved himself a virtuoso. But the fish is not She bites.

From production I managed only to see a large capercaillie, who noise bumped into my rod, I stood on rock in the middle of the river. His driven from wooden dog jumped out to Beach behind me. I I fool like lasso line, but then changed his mind, and He flew down current, and then disappeared into pine forest on across the river. A In fact, from a «fish» I not refused! I and I saw him beating wings, water and jerked his head to the fishing line around the throat, and I tightens his spinning turntable. It would be a real fight!

Mosquitoes then flew whole hordes of biting the face, neck, arms and feet, stand still on stone and still keep the bait was almost impossible.

But the first heavy drops fell, and immediately on we hit a solid wall of rain. A Sound of Thunder and echo profusely mountains, surrounded the narrow valley. The blow followed blow, and The lightning flash and then thunder followed almost simultaneously.

Taylor said that it was clear why the fish are not It was, and Now lure the fish and so you can not do anything.

We climbed the wooded slope and We took refuge from the rain in woodcutters hut. It’s time to have a meal. It was decided to wait out the storm, and then again to try to catch trout — maybe after the rain it will go on way.

When the storm subsided, we again went down to the River. But Fish still not She bites. Then we decided to make another attempt and ascended flow up to Large factory. Tailor is located in bottom thereof, and I decided to try my luck higher. AND suddenly its forest huddled big fish — where the current was the fastest. She rushed down the river, Coil began frantically unwound. Taylor ran after trout leaping from Stone on stone, often failures in water, and water sometimes reached up to him belt. Suddenly he fell pit, stepping down in of water shoulders, but fishing rod out of the hands is not issued and He climbed to and boulder continued «chase».

When it was over too strong, he rushed to the Bank and I grabbed the ledge in cliff. Then I I grabbed the net and I rushed to the it on help.
He was able to go even further down the current and even a little, and I rolled up the fishing line I began to slowly pull the fish, the more so for there was more calm, but still pretty strong.

Finally, he pulled the fish to shore. I I tried several times to pick up her net, but she kept dodging, rushing from side to side, and He went further and farther.

Here she became tired and surrender and even turned belly-up. Taylor pulled her back to shore, and I «identified» in its net. Excellent trout! Oily and large, with small head. Not less than three kilograms.

Tailor solemnly raised trout and I handed it to me — at gift, he said. Once again, we climbed up the River. Taylor scored on a fishing rod old place, and I — a little higher. AND again at He pecked. But big fish fell, but he saw its tail — huge!

— Yes, and Olav-he, too little seen. If not trout fell, you would know what to Our river is found a big fish! — He tale. − She was much more than that, I I caught a couple of days ago, and in weight It was not less than five pounds! But such a big fish bite once. If we fell, the again get. It is necessary to take a break, and then come back here to way back.

Fishing in the mountains

You had to keep your eyes open and in any case do not let go of the bait and try to go down. I tried to pull the fish to the shore.

We went further up the River. Shore near the plant were often very vertical. FROM I have one such ravine He threw the bait in and a large whirlpool led by the forest flow. Splash! Jerk was so strong that I almost have my hands are not It yanked the rod which is highly arched, and I almost I fell into water. Woods just vibrating with tension and unwinds with breakneck pace with coil. Fish wanted to go on rapids. You had to keep your eyes open and no no case let go of the bait and try to come down. I I am trying to pull the fish shore, and he cautiously climbed down to River.

Fish circled, circled by Pleso I began to tire, and then walked to the shore, where I She picked up her net. It was a trout half a kilogram.
Luck then we left as up whirlpools we do not river tried… We decided to go back down, because it was quite late. There was still hope that disrupt tailor trout bite — but and then we do not lucky. We had to turn back home.
We climbed the wooded slope up woodcutters hut where dinner. Olav caught on a small- Fly a few small trout soaking wet, but the whole day long kept a stiff upper lip.

We rested a bit and began to rise in mountains soon he came to a road that would lead us home.
Taylor said he injured his foot on one of these hillsides.

— I I am driving on cycling and suddenly hill something happened with brake pedal and even jumped off, and that’s I ran at full steam on these hills.
— A why do not you I turned to the right on the road soft grass?
— What grass ?! There is always so sharp stones and large boulders that I I decided to try to cope with bike.
— But because at This slope at You must have been a terrifying speed?
— Needless to say, the rate was great.
— Yes, people who have seen you then, tell me that you’re just flying by.
— It happened not far from the bend in the road where you left off luggage correct people who were going to mountain pasture. I even I shouted at them when flying by, but they do not heard.
— well and unless they do not We suspected that something was wrong?
— No, thought I always well noshus on mountains. And I myself decided that handle, here’s the thing. But out on steep slope that the speed became quite mad, and after the second turn on the the road was a large stone, I’m right and I bumped into it. I I flew out of the saddle, and fell He broke his leg at once two places — above the knee and lower. It is clear that I stand could not. But I was lucky. Not Barely hour, at road appeared a man who was driving the to the cart pasture.
— It hurt?
— No, not I can say that much unbearable, but How to reach home immediately and Blood went. Good thing the doctor was excellent. He cured my leg. But He said that now I come to my fishing and the end of the hunt. And I’m not on the bike ride. But then the doctor made a mistake.
— But after all you and before that leg was crippled?
— A then how… I accidentally stabbed himself in the Axe leg, treated me bad, result of knee bend ceased.
In Misteregga we said goodbye. Taylor picked up his bike and I rolled on it home. It is not clear how he managed to pedal because he could pedal with one leg.
We are a Olav went to the small- Lake Stora. I I kept thinking about the amazing tailor. What force will have to be be it!

To be continued.

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