For roach and bream with bezmotylkoy

For roach and bream with bezmotylkoy

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Just as Volgograd spring fishermen go for roach below Astrakhan as stand shoulder to shoulder on the banks of the Volga during the course of the Caspian herring, same harvest happens on the last ice on Tsimlyansk reservoir. This reservoir is still the most of all the fish in the Russian Federation. But to go there in the spring – flour. Roads limp on a huge reservoir of wind can move the ice in one direction or another. Well, I, unlike many anglers do not need a lot of fish. In these reasons, I prefer all the same Karpovskiy reservoir, which is closer and where I the last ice guaranteed catch their 6-8 kg of roach and bream.

Where to find a roach in the reservoir Karpovsky – the question is ridiculously simple. Catching should be where all are caught. The people on the ice a lot. Are the tents of those who come on a fishing trip with an overnight stay. Clearly visible in the form of old wells muddy correct circles on the ice. Traces of bait, which is frozen into the ice next to the hole. In general, we, without thinking twice, head to a place and look for cherished wells. The depth is usually about 6 m. I still can not understand what attracts roach and white bream more — Reach the bottom of wavy or permanent feeding, which is being massively since January. In the same places the fishermen pour approximately one kilogram of bait. And this happens every weekend.

I usually take with them the bait, but I use it very rarely and only in the event that has brought me far away from the main crowd and I found the fish. I’m trying to keep it on the site. But more often I check the old, someone zakormlennye last weekend wells. Most often it is «Night wells»With traces of melted wax from the candles and melted traces of tents or heater. Under such holes the fish is almost guaranteed. Not the fact that it will bite on bloodworms, or maggots, but bezmotylku persuade her — a piece of cake.

Imagine the scene: Monday, you come on the ice, reamed over the past weekend in a sieve. Even the ice screws with no need to take, as a weak cold night to grab a little hole, and they can penetrate a foot. People in everyday life, of course, less than a weekend, so the lack of old wells is absolutely no. Here we are in such wells, and walk with a friend, checking one by one. It works especially well hole where the fish were fed some steamed grains: wheat, barley, oat-flakes. In this case, the bait eventually begins to play the role of bait, and this is what you need. Roach shifted towards more affordable granular baits and large fish more often visited by grain lured to the place, but well worth it.

About wiring can talk very long. everyday – is a drawing game. This year, to surprise everybody, even myself, worked well slow climb without any hesitation. Of course, a change of pace and frequency when posting markedly activates fish, but most of the bites occurred precisely on a slow rise without swaying or shaking. I often catch on the classic imp. He is black, oblong, with hooks have a round bend. Interestingly, my friend, with whom we often went fishing and caught on very well «witch»But because of the small size of the hooks that dangle like tentacles of an octopus (sometimes still called «Octopussy»), A lot of gatherings of large fish.

I have long ceased to strive for quantity, and prefer quality, so try to catch a known large features, goats or jig. At the same time I use the line 0.128 mm. With a fishing line and can compete pound bream and perch under the shelf to lift without any problems. However, the perch for me – quite the topic of the last ice.

In conclusion, I want to open a secret one, referring to the last ice. Once you capture and close the season before putting ice screws on the mezzanine or drive to the garage – Lubricate the screws on the knife, and sharpen knives themselves or screw the new ones. First ice is usually the case with the Russian people will come unexpectedly, and the first ice – not the last, transparent strong monolith drill it!

Vitaly Ashmarin26 March 2015 at 17:23

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