Gladkostvolka and optics — not a couple!

The increased distance of the guaranteed best shot, the possibility of aimed fire at dusk, when the usual sights are useless, more comfortable aiming, reduced requirements for visually impaired shooter — all this has created and brought to the battlefield completely new figure: the sniper.

Gladkostvolka and optics - not a couple!

Photo: Vladimir Motkova

Sniping as a form of martial arts was later appreciated and in demand. But what is most surprising, is the fact that over time, despite the rapid development of the wide variety of all kinds of other arms, a human figure with a sniper rifle now does not look anachronistic. On the contrary, it becomes more meaningful and significant, and sometimes even indispensable, both in the battlefield and in the solution of special tasks outside it.

The above advantages of the complex: «rifled ranged weapon + optical sight» around the world were evaluated immediately and hunters, and producers (opto-mechanical industry). This naturally led to a rapid increase in the production of hunting optics and its continuous improvement.

And (this trend was noticed by analysts repeatedly) the quality and characteristics of hunting sights is often superior to those of their military counterparts. With hunting rifles sight migrated to the pool, shotguns and then it was the turn gladkostvolok.


Of course, a distance of shooting on the battlefield and in the hunt (except for hunting in the mountains) are incommensurable, and the challenges faced by a sniper and hunter, are completely different.

On the battlefield — a removal of the enemy out of action, and its defeat is not necessarily fatal. Wounded enemy can no longer continue to actively and effectively participate in the battle, and virtually no danger. Distance direct shot at War is a few hundred meters, because no matter where the enemy struck: on the forehead, neck, chest or abdomen.

On the hunt — the defeat of the beast is on slaughter place. This is called humane shot that leads to a rapid (ideally — in an instant) death, saving the animal from suffering, and hunters on a long and arduous process of selecting a wounded animal. Distance direct shot on the hunt small consequence. Therefore rifled carbine optics, the bullet is flying through the flat trajectory, is the perfect weapon for the job.

But in our case it is not a carbine and a gladkostvolke. The trajectory of a bullet fired from a smooth barrel, in the majority of cases, can not boast of their grazing And about accuracy and can not speak. Some rare exceptions — do not count.)

Discussion on the feasibility of using hunting complex «gladkostvolka Optics +» it calms down, then flares up with new force has been for several decades. Fans scopes with unflagging enthusiasm to prove his innocence, and their opponents are absolutely convinced of the opposite.

I remember twenty years ago next boom swept across America. Manufacturers of optical sights urged hunters and shooters to put any (with single magnification) on shotguns, offering them their products.

Then replace the optical collimator sights come with its vibrant brand and minimal dimensions.

Let’s try to look at this issue systemically, namely the assessment of the positive and negative aspects of equipment gladkostvolki optics.

SO plus

1. Ease aiming at stationary or slow-moving target, because the arrow need to combine the only two clearly visible elements: the reticle and the target.

2. The possibility of aiming at a fixed target at dusk.

And it’s all!

And here list of cons It looks much more impressive. Here he is:

1. Very narrow the feasibility of a shotgun as a weapon Shirokouniversalny as effectively shoot it shot in flight, and even more so without thinking becomes impossible. The fact that the zone of sight over the bar gun, alas, closed bracket mounting optics.

2. If you try to shoot in flight, aiming through the optics, the arrows face the following disadvantages:

2.1. Difficulties in the correct and uniform vskidku weapons with optics, when the eye needle should always be provided strictly on the axis of sight of 70-80 mm from the eyepiece.

The fact that every vskidku weapons will be the same pantomime. First cheek shooter familiar and clearly fall on the part of the stock (it is purely a reflex movement, and nothing you can not do anything with him), in contact with which his eyes will be on the line «rib-fly». Then the shooter to find his pupil Exit pupil sight will be forced to raise his head a few centimeters up, then to his eyes reached the level of the axis of the optical sight, and at the same time … to the left, as if not to take on the butt cheek, the head of the arrow (with upwards) must inevitably slide on the upper left part of the stock right. And if the sight is mounted above the bar high enough, then the cheek shooter may even lose contact with the rifle butt. That this pantomime and will leave precious seconds (I have not made a reservation, it is a second rather than their share!).

2.2. The continuation of the above pantomime is that for a few seconds to leave «yaw» sight (arms) in the direction of fast-moving target, as long as it will not be caught in the field of view.

Note: And then calculate how much a great chance to take the trophy will you lost, when instead of instant shot without thinking you will have to catch the eye of the damn exit pupil optics, and then the very purpose? I can assure you, is almost 100%.

3. Increase the weight of your arms through the weight of the optical sight and mounts to accommodate it.

4. Change the balance and posadistost weapons (about «handiness» mentioned above).

5. Change the size of your arms. Alas, that is tolerant to cut Carbines (highly specialized gun), shotgun looks frank nonsense.

6. The weapon becomes extremely inconvenient to carry in their hands, because it is in that part of the weapon, which usually covers the hand of an arrow will be the bracket securing optics.

7. The need to re-shoot guns (each time !!!) after the optics mounted and dismounted (for example, for the transportation of weapons). Alas, unlike the rifle mount system optics shotguns are far from perfect. And about homemade brackets and say no!

Gladkostvolka and optics - not a couple!

Photo: Vladimir Motkova

At the beginning of this article, I briefly mentioned the reflex sight. Once they were a rarity, but now these sights are well known and their individual dignity, in general, appreciated. List these advantages:

— small size,

— light weight,

— a one-time increase

— bright reticle,

— no parallax.

That is in relation to the shotgun, they certainly preferable scopes. True, in the ointment has a fly in the ointment. The fact that the axis passing through the center of conditionally sight collimator sight (arrow eye must be in the area of ​​the axis) as that of the optical sight is a few centimeters above the line «rib — fly».

Consequently, any gun, equipped with red-dot sight, will have drawbacks (see. Point 2), which has a rifle equipped with a telescopic sight. The only exception might be just what the arrows, shooting by a collimator sight binocular (with two open eyes), problems finding the target in the field of testing will not.

And what? Do you think that the case is hopeless? Certainly not! Desperate situations, usually do not exist. In our case, it is clearly seen two possible solutions to this issue.


To invent such an optical (collimator) sight axis after mounting it on the weapons would be at a distance of no more than 3 mm from the upper surface of the sight leaf. Then, by firing arrows at random will not experience any discomfort as his eyes which automatically will be on the axis of sight. Alas, these sights while I personally never met, although its design seems to me not so complicated.


Equip your rifle butt with adjustable crest. Stocks of such structures for sporting weapons have long made the company: Perazza, Fabarm, Browning and others. But you have to pay for everything, and universalism, too. View from rifles butts which have the ridges, of course, terrible. But there is a possibility to adjust the position of the ridge as much in two planes for each individual firing of this rifle individual. Cheap and cheerful (order individual boxes will cost much more expensive).

But what is acceptable to the Sporting classes, alas, is completely unacceptable for hunting. The gap between the comb and butt butt is always something to fall. Moreover, according to the law of meanness, your gun will continue to cling to bushes, reeds, etc. And taking into account that a lot of hunters, barely gathered in the grounds of a gun, it immediately charged and removed from the fuse, and then close up woes.

Then there are also the most simple solution, namely primotat tape to the crest of your gun appropriately shaped blotch foam, God bless her, with aesthetics. But with an eye!

My friends, the hunters! What you have just read, written by a man, to establish many hundreds of pieces of hunting weapons (and all different) exactly the same number of sights (and all different). The author has worked for thirty years in «defense industry» on optical-mechanical plant, of which twenty-five headed pilot experimental unit. So, by the nature of his work, he was fortunate to (and fun!) To try out and experience almost all of what ever was issued for parts of sights (both regular and special). And his personal hunting experience is almost forty years.

And therefore, my view is completely defined and unambiguous: Optics GLADKOSTVOLKE — SUBJECT totally unnecessary !!!

And what would not sang sweet songs advertisers factories producing optical (and collimator) sights in their brochures and on the pages of periodicals weapons, do not be so gullible! Be aware, make a fool of our brother!

Do not believe me? Check!

RS Even in American action films directed by passion as love ponaveshat to scorching in the hands of good and bad characters, and all sorts of shotguns different bells and whistles, the optical sight of them will not see. Directors and consultants know that sophisticated American audience for anything that will not believe!

R.R.S. The only thing I would advise owners of shotguns: equip their guns super-bright fluorescing flies. It fluorescent and phosphorescent not. The effect in practice — simply stunning. But that’s a topic for another conversation.

Alexander Posudin14 September 2013 at 00:00

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