Grandma — catchability nozzle

     The right choice of bait is often the most important factor for successful fishing, but fishing only teaches those anglers who want to learn.

     Visit some ponds fisherman can remember with great difficulty, and the other trips are stored in memory for all and all for just one event, so I can not forget the Eagle River.
     To others in the same year I went for a few hours, just to socialize because we had not seen each other for a long time, and that’s on the phone agreed to meet.
     The weather was perfect, and we are talking to him in the arbor of the garden, we sat longer than expected, and when I was about to leave, suddenly came running from somewhere in the clouds. The sun disappeared and a heavy rain, which then moved to the small and boring. The clouds seemed stuck in one place and so low that it seemed to them, you can reach out a hand. Dusk was falling very early, and one said:
— Where do you go in this weather? To be the best I have to spend the night, and tomorrow morning we go fishing together and then you go home with their catch.
— Yes, I have a rod with no — I tried to argue.
— I’ll give you my …
     Seduce fishing easy, tell him only about fishing, and he agreed to everything.
Rain walked most of the night and in the morning when I opened my eyes, the window the sun shone brightly, and on the table stood tomorrow. During breakfast came disappointing news — a friend was urgently summoned to work.
— You’ll have to go fishing alone. The water in the river after this rain is slightly turbid, and now in the wiring should be perfectly peck roaches. Do not miss this opportunity.
     His proposal interested me. Roach anglers called ide weighing about 0.5 kg.
— You know perfectly well that the ide that fish for which the choice of the nozzle is largely dependent on the season, local conditions, weather. Today, based on my experience, in our river roaches have a good bite into the wiring at the grandmother. Take provodochnuyu fishing rod tip I’m prepared, and do not stay without a catch. Just remember that if you’re lucky, can bite and this ide, and then you have to hope not tackle, but on his ability — finished one.
     Provodochnaya rod, which he gave me, was equipped with a fishing line with a diameter of 0.2 mm, without a leash, thin hook number 4 on the national numbering short forearm. Float high antenna.
     Whirlpool was not wide, but long. Catching roaches friend advised at the beginning of the pool, at low current, where the depth is about 2.5 m. The opposite bank was steep and clay. Fish I had in zabrodku. I planted on the hook and threw his grandmother. Float swam a lot and went under water. Hooking proved effective.
«Roach» — I thought was wrong. It was a bream. Again, throw, silver bream bite again. Silver bream bite me in the morning as the minnows. And the roaches I never has caught, but managed to get ashore and take a big ide.
When I showed my friend the catch, it is also very surprised.

     Grandma fishermen called larva butterflies mayflies, which is an excellent angling nozzle at almost all river fish. Larvae size 1-3 cm. Thickness 3-5 mm. Larvae live in flowing waters and develop in water. Despite the large variety of forms, according to some typical features they can always be easily distinguished from other aquatic organisms. The main feature — it’s long tail thread. They are usually three, sometimes only two. Larvae of different species behave under water in its own way: some crawl among the thickets of aquatic plants, the other — construct burrows in the steep shores, there are forms of digging in the mud, and there are living under rocks, etc.
     They feed the larvae in different ways. Some of them are predators, and many feed on decaying remains.
Living larvae lasts 2-3 years and during this period it repeatedly molts. Authentically noted about 20 molts and more. When the larva reaches its final dimensions, it turns into an adult insect.
     There are many methods of conversion. For example, larvae of mayflies living in the fast rivers, crawl ashore or onto any object sticking out of the water very quickly turn into winged insects, which will soon take off.
     The most difficult thing when angling at grandmother — it self exploration and production of larvae. In the rivers of the colony the larvae are looking for in the steep banks of the muddy, underwater part of which is dotted with small holes like a sieve size of a match. These burrows and live larvae. Mined grandmother follows. Fisherman, armed with a shovel, cut a lump of clay and make the shore. Then, the ball should be carefully break, take your fingers behind the head of the larva and put in a container, the bottom of which must be damp cloth.
     Grandmother Store in a cool place and not to give opportunities to get off the larvae into a ball. On the hook is pushed from the head of his grandmother, and the sting of the hook hidden in the tail section. Small larvae on the hook, it is desirable to string on several pieces, piercing each across, but be sure to leave one on the sting. In this case, it remains alive for a long time, in addition to provoking the fish hold.

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