Hot «Chinese» in the cold North

Cars from China, especially in the segment of off-road vehicles, tougher competition with domestic «crooks». Low cost, good military, unpretentious, they are more likely to attract the attention of hunters and fishermen, hunted in godforsaken distant expanses and road builders.


In the Russian market SUVs H3 (c this year called Hover H3 Great Wall H3) are in steady demand from lovers ride on and lanes off-road.

Vortices ability we have seen in the prohvatit restyled Hover H3 New, in including New version of the H3 TURBO at Arkhangelsk province. A column of participants of the tour company «Irito», The exclusive distributor of the Chinese carmakers Great Wall, produced in Russia and build popular SUV Hover and «all-terrain pickup» Wingle, move in a hurry Arkhangelsk to Moscow flights.

We vigorously for pylili grader, suddenly in front of the machine track once ordinary and even flew lazily plump grouse, recalling that we were leaving the region, where hunting and Fishing is really still fishing.


WE ALL ROADS ROADS … sand friable forest paths are typical for the Russian North. And riding on this «road» no pleasure. And not just in the car with them cope. But this is not about our «Chinese.» With these lines he copes igryuchi, with virtually no loss of driving komfrta.

And from behind We left almost 1,500 km roads is very sparsely populated east of the Arkhangelsk region and adjacent to it «slices» Komi Republic. The concept here is pretty specific road — Asphalt really not. There are only a grader. Or groomed gravel, or rather loose coating, sand and ridges loam. A occurs highly «soft» — insidious, sometimes wet, sandy, with rutted, mostly not processed knife grader.


H3 New, and on the forest road looks dull brutal fighter.

The rain, which summer these places suddenly swoops and then It lasts all day, those with I may say, the roads become and slippery, and from «traps» wet sand clay. A at dry weather dusty curtain car in front does not visible and 15 meters. Wooden bridge over the many streams with apothecary clean water are often asked to repair or not at all. AND then go wading and congresses to it is often preceded by a deep pit. AND often to Get down on a ferry long steep, rutted slope. AND So — hundreds of kilometers. Through the tundra through luxurious pine forests, dances birch, aspen wedges with dense undergrowth, in hills and villages, in some places rocky rapids and sliced walls. Or along the full-flowing and fast Pinega, Mezen, Kymu through which their way of pontoon ferry or paromchikah-barzhonkah with pusher tug side…

In other words, This wilderness, pleasing the eye breathtaking views of the untouched nature of the Russian North, where track meet most unpretentious and correct uazovsky «loaf» and much less «Niva» or «Patriot» and very rarely Togliatti passenger car or some Russian «foreigner»Was where actually experience the Chinese news.

In the Arkhangelsk region every third SUV — «Chinese». By understandable because they, despite gradual but a real improvement of the quality of assembly and components remain the full sense of the budget. And if we talk about hero of our test, the consumer properties (frame, continuous rear axle, comfortable interior volume, 240 mm «under the keel»2-liter dvigun, «ponizhaykoy»All-wheel drive) and, most importantly, for price / quality ratio is more than worthy of competing and with UAS Patriot, and from «Niwa», and Shevy with Niva. All the more so Hover H3 «refreshed», at salons have Dealers have appeared restyled H3 New, in September will go on Sale and New version of the H3 TURBO.

Together with novelties our northern press tour in as technical support machines were first generation and H3 pickup Wingle 5, one of which had electric winch — a couple of times had to use it.


H3 always looked nice, and after face-lifting on it is not the way and learns It does not react with due respect only completely indifferent motorist: massive, like visor medieval knight, richly chromed grill fascia grille gives the appearance H3 not only reliability, but and brutality, and aggressiveness, which is consistent with the nature of turboversii. Another form, with noticeable ledge below, got a block linzovannaya head lights changed protivotumanok niche. Behind a new bumper (not much, though, as our experience, strong), the rear lights have become more expressive, and opener tailgate opens elegantly unobtrusive buttons.

One of the main outcomes of the restyling — A new center console. If you go down the it downward, then at first glance stops narrow slit, covered canopy in which hide the display on-board computer, it will show a compass direction, altitude, barometric pressure, pressure tires, the current consumption of gasoline (alas, average!); but, Unfortunately, not Time will tell.


The new console in the cabin H3 New with multimedia system — a useful and pleasant thing in all respects.

The following notice large touch screen multimedia system good opportunities — USB- and there AUX-plugs, it is also working with Bluetooth, reads SD-card, there is

SD-card slot for loading maps and navigation other «Baubles». However, in sunny weather «touchscreen» much glare and very pale tsiferki bortkompyutera simply visible. But the very bottom, under the intricate small screen climate control system, there was a shelf rubber bottom — lest sliding cell phones and glasses.
Although a plastic saloon and not luxuriously soft but quite tolerable, pleasant to touch. AND All collected very well, without unnecessary gaps, and well tailored sewn about the way in Japanese SUV decade ago. Immediately, I note that dash, and All interior panels, and he body at any shaking no scratches, knocks and Other alien noise not issue.

To finish with salon, I note that there is still no rear seats are formed so as to obtain a flat floor — drag and lengthy non-folding bulk cargo or sleep properly in spacious cabin is not succeed. But in the complete with Super Lux Seat Power and no mats, and covered with a decent synthetic leather, and even elegantly stitched red thread. Although Overall I would like to give them an anatomical profile and strengthen support — because the machine is designed for long travel problematic roads.

But it is time to talk and how ezdilos. Restyling not touched powerplant and suspension New chassis H3 — the car is still good as SUV within their means, limited to the atmospheric engine 116 force (175 Nm). Power on bottoms sometimes enough, difficult road conditions, the engine must be in every way to tighten up, often work side scene KP.

None Still, all the vicissitudes of the northern road test cars have passed since the participation of the plug case and front axle «ponizhaykoy»Famously overcame difficult, steep and Wet clay coastal slopes that had to wade to go around the broken bridge. Well, once or twice boarded in the belly deep sandy ruts, but These were errors of drivers.


Crossing the column on a pontoon bridge over the powerful and fast Pinega.

And quite different, as they say, calico — cut at off-road driving H3 New Turbo! It may be recalled that the cunning old H3 owners resorted to tricks such as chip tuning used additives gasoline or mechanical compressor, to add the engine extremely scarce «horses» and torque.
In the end, the Chinese manufacturer has listened to Russian consumer and moans commissioned by the Great Wall Shanghai branch of Mitsubishi, the company is Shanghai MHI Turbocharger Co (guaranteed!), began to deliver a 2-liter turbocharged petrol unit capacity of 177 hp from torque in the good 250 Nm. Here it is allowed to continue to use the 92-m benzinchikom. It’s nice and that is mounted to the engine have 6-speed manual with extra-long transmissions, and that appetite He stayed at Compared with aspirated, it was a fair price per 100 km of difficult slopes —13.5 liters.

Of course, the turbocharged engine poshumnee and he has, as expected, «turboyamu»Somewhere in area 2500. / min., and therefore wet solid or broken grader or wet grass, if the rev, then already third gear rear axle can break in slip. A press the gas pedal to the engine constantly seduces — by ukatannomu grader 120−130 km / h for N3 Turbo — cruising speed, good, all the bumps and suspension pit eats completely unnoticed.

And sandy alluvial deposits in the northern paths, and mud clay slopes of the mighty engine shoveled sand up the solid support or, as specialists, «dry a little» energetic ground slip. A If the buttons on the go four-wheel drive or «ponizhaykoy»Then N3T as hippopotamus, will persist and slowly drag on any dirt or sand — but would not to put it completely on belly…


Hospitality hospitable northerners easily relieve fatigue, even after the heaviest hauls …

Reystaling clearly went to NC favor and turbo attract new fans of this popular among We SUV. A at Later you could wish to receive N3T reinforced springs and shock absorbers, the system of exchange rate stabilization and diesel by H5. It is desirable for the old price.

Michael Rostarchuk17 October 2014 at 00:00

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