Interview with Vladimir E. Flint

March 14 prominent Russian zoologist, doctor of biological sciences, academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences VE Flint would have turned 90 years

Interview with Vladimir E. Flint

Ten years ago, on the eve of the 80th anniversary of a scientist, I was lucky enough to interview him, which was published in the March issue «HORN» 2004. The interview was devoted to spring hunting and attacks on its opponents of hunting.

Vladimir E. seriously ill, and a few days later he was gone. I think his opinion today is relevant not only for all hunters Russia, but also for those scientists and hunters, are in favor of closing the spring hunting.

Sergey Fokin

Spring – on the doorstep, but because the subject of our interview, we chose the spring hunt. In Vladimir Ye she is the favorite of all the other hunting seasons. However, our conversation began with a discussion of issues.

Vladimir, is now once again raised a new wave of attacks on spring hunting. Initiate this discussion «green»And, oddly enough, some ornithologists. Russian Bird Conservation Union, you are headed for a long time, and is now its honorary chairman, wrote appeals to the relevant authorities with an appeal to completely cover the entire spring hunting in Russia. What is your opinion on this matter and as a scientist and as a hunter?

— Spring hunting has always been some public figures like a red rag to a bull. In Russia, the debate on this issue was raised repeatedly throughout the last century. It seems that now this wave rise and subside once writes itself into an asset in the fight for shares of the ban spring hunting, and everything will return to normal. It is no secret that these antiohotnichi actions financed primarily from abroad. This, in my opinion, is the whole root of their struggles with us.

Everyone who calls to ban spring hunting, the main goal sees here an opportunity to show. No benefit, no influence they will have. But most importantly, they do not know what the spring hunting, because they can not hunters and experience this feeling of oneness with the hunter’s spring awakening nature it was not possible. Seeing extracted bird hunter, they exclaim: «Oh, he killed a bird in the spring!» And they do not understand what is behind this. Maybe they do and be forgiven, because they are not laid by the Lord God a passion for hunting.

— Some «conservationists» its call complete ban hunting as spring, and all other.

— We must remember this «defenders»That engage ohotoy- right of a citizen of Russia, and no one has canceled. If this right is taken away from him, he will defend his illegal means, as many hunters can not imagine a life without hunting.

— What for you is the spring hunting?

— Not only for me, but for all of these hunters, spring ohota- this first meeting with the spring, with the awakening of nature. I’m not a fan of the collective hunts, where much depends not on you personally, as the composition of the hunting team of rangers and third parties, where there is little or no possibility of unity with nature. I am a lover of individual hunting.

— How do you think the spring hunting affects the population of game before the breeding season?

— A long time — a long time, scientists have shown that a limited (compared to the total population), selective shooting drakes ducks, male capercaillie, black grouse and woodcock does not affect the breeding success of the game in this season. This issue was the subject of special research biologists known YS Rusanov AM Chel’tsov and many other scientists. Furthermore, if we assume to ban spring hunting, it will first of all harm to reproduction of the game.

Do not be surprised, I will explain. Who will leave the land in the case of the ban? First vsego disciplined hunters who follow the rules, and hunting, and mining regulations, and most importantly have a conscience. After the conscience – this is important to the individual hunt, which is the spring hunting. For a man who truly loves spring hunting, which rose with the spring hunting, loss of spring hunting – is the loss of half of the meaning of life.

Spring is always waiting with great impatience, and if spring hunting is not otkryvaetsya- a huge moral tragedy for this hunter. It is such correct hunters even by their presence in the lands constrain brakonerov- fans to shoot every living thing. If I’m standing in the clearing waiting for traction and hear someone nearby excessively early start to shoot before the summer woodcock, I would definitely check it out and find out what was the matter and find out whether the hunter ohotbilet, permit or authorization hunting.

— And what is your attitude to the spring hunting of geese?

— We in Russia have always been the traditional four species in the spring ohoty- capercaillie, black grouse, woodcock and drakes. All of them are produced only by males. Hunting the goose has never been this mass, as in recent years. To begin with, it is now the only kind of spring hunting, shooting and where the females. In geese normal couples are formed once in a lifetime. Even if it is shot out of a pair of gander, his female probably will not arrange the nest this season. At the time, I learned a good hunt geese in the fall in the Volga delta.

I noticed that even before the departure for the winter, in the case of a pair of goose shooting remaining bird circling over the long hunters with provocatively shouting. Many hunters probably watched single geese Mota spring spill. Sometimes they are held in the same place for several days. I do not think that this goose, lags behind the pack. Most likely this bird has lost a partner in the pair.

Of course, such a scene heavy for a true hunter. Therefore, from the point of view of the ethics of hunting, hunting for geese is quite problematic. I have many friends – gooseries good hunters, specifically the spring goose hunt using decoys, Profile, shelter. But I do not agree with them and I believe that it is only in the spring goose hunt to be closed.

— In this spring for the first time in recent years, will be closed spring hunting in southern Russia. What is your attitude to this?

— Here there is a negative element. We still have to check how it will affect the factor of poaching. The formal prohibition of hunting in the land will not allow a law-abiding hunters. A small number of rangers and hunting supervision service workers is clearly not enough to control, for example, the entire territory of Kalmykia.

— Which of the spring hunting you value above all else?

— Spring hunting for me, are one of the four sostavlyayuschih- traction, capercaillie and black grouse current and stool. A lot of luck, if the territorial hunting ground is the same with them. 2-3 Good morning dawn capercaillie devote current, then sit on a stool and grouse. And every evening – for traction. I find it difficult to answer some of these hunts for me favorite.

Many skazhut- Flint for the very first ohota- on capercaillie current. This is true, but even if after a wonderful traction currents are poor not be able to hunt with a decoy or not hunting for grouse – season for me would be spoiled. All these hunting harmonically related to each other, one moves to another. I like very much traction woodcocks, do not miss a single spring evening. And my first acquaintance with the spring hunting as a child began to thrust.

— When did you start to hunt?

— The first rifle I was given when I was 12 years old. Then almost all of the young hunters began with odnostvolok. And at the time I was an easy 20-gauge single-barreled gun Izhevsk. It cost cheap, but that was the first real gun. My first production was the forty and first in game – Oystercatcher Chernyshov. For a long time I wept over nim- it was so sorry for him. And then in my game bag and got a real dich- grouse. And I took it in the spring.

— Spring grouse?

— Then, in the 30’s, spring hunting grouse was officially opened, and grouse fit into a trip. As I remember, it was the spring of 1936. This is my first spring hunting took place near the station at the border Obozerskaya Vologda and Arkhangelsk regions.

— How did you get on the capercaillie currents for all the hunting life?

— I took 78 grouse. And I remember almost everyone. Hunting each spring, with the exception of the three years of war. Winter of 1942, my father went to the evacuation to the Urals, where it was transferred to the laboratory, which began to work for the defense industry. Taking with him a gun and did not regret it. Current there have been numerous.

Then, in the spring of 1942, I took it about a dozen grouse. These I do not include in this list «seventy-eight»Since it was not a special hunting trips – I worked there first as a turner, zatem- electrician. Hunting was one of the sources of subsistence. They worked 10 hours a day, but no matter how tired in the morning ran on capercailye current. They were near the domom- go over the field, come into the forest and listen.

— Remember your very first wood grouse?

— Yes. It was there in the Urals, I killed my first life capercaillie. We went with his father. When approached tokovischu, he was on the edge, and I went to the current one. I took the capercaillie by all the rules, classically «the song» even in the dark, but on the ground, which is quite rare in the practice of hunting. There was a lot of grouse and hunters than us — no one.

— Tell us about the war years.

— In August 1942, I was drafted into the Red Army after the end of the tank school, I received a military specialty of the driver and radio operator T-34 tank. In February 1943, he came to the front. In the battle of Sumy I got a heavy concussion in the destroyed tank and ended up in hospital. Then – again the front. To force the Oder in the post of assistant commander of a platoon of machine gunners. And the war ended in Czechoslovakia. Houses in Moscow, there was only in March 1946. After that I never missed a spring hunting.

— Do you think that the percentage of male grouse can be taken from one of the current?

— About any percentage can be no question. We must look at the current itself, its size, structure and location. With proper hunting can be hunted each year without compromising power. In recent years, we went to the current Nelidovsky District of Tver region. There we took a current. They hunted him only we take 2-4 cock annually for 10 years. Jaegers on current account is not conducted by trusting us. We took care of this current.

Every year, I wrote down the number tokuyuschih birds and transmit the record rangers. Notes that tokovalo 10-12 males. And then the senior ranger decided to check our data and sent his employees to see whether current Flint so stable. And immediately we discovered that this is not the current 12 capercaillie, as noted in my raportichke, and more than 20. Thereafter, they are literally piled on top of this current, whereby it has been almost completely broken.

— What are you hunting rifles?

— I had a lot of guns, and my father knew a lot about them and kept a good collection of guns. We had «Holland-Holland» 12 gauge with one trigger on both barrels. This father bought a gun from the famous zoologist Sergei Ivanovich Ognev. When we left the evacuation, I could not find it (when the war began, all the guns we had hidden in a safe place in the village). Then he found, but unfortunately, this is a gun has become a «scrap». They repair it, but it was not the former «Holland».

Second «Holland» It was a 20 caliber, but when his father stopped to hunt, we sold it. When introduced registration of weapons, the police always find fault with the large number of guns in the hands of a hunter. We also had a very original trigger vertikalka 16 caliber with strong chokes. None of the friends did not believe that there Triggers vertikalka, but we have it really was.

But the most favorite for me was and still is the third «Holland-Holland» 12 caliber release mid-1930s. It was just the time when the firm was doing its best guns. Since I bought it, I loved so much that hunted only with the gun, and all the rest of my guns remained at home.

— Vladimir, you have a very unusual and rare surname.

— My distant ancestors were British. «Flint» in English means «flint». One day, while in England, I got to spend the night in the village inn. In his spare time he decided to read, but no books in the room was not. Drawer tumbochki- there was the Bible printed in Gothic type, and the local telephone directory. Looking at him, I have found there are three pages of people with the surname Flint!

My first ancestor, whom we know was an assistant to the American Fulton, who invented the steamboat. All my paternal ancestors were also mechanics. While Napoleon was planning to land troops in England. The Americans did not like the English, and Fulton wanted to give his first boat to Napoleon. Fulton my ancestors came to France and had a long conversation with Napoleon. Bonaparte did not accept the gift. Fulton was offended and left, and Flint in that time managed to find a life partner, a Frenchwoman, and stayed in France.

Since then gave way to Flint 5 generations of French origin. And my great-grandfather emigrated Russia. It is known that he was French champion in shooting in St. Petersburg came to work in the wool-spinning factory. In St. Petersburg, he opened the shooting range, which is visited by Alexander the second. He supported him and became the center of the shooting sports bullet shooting in the capital of Russia.

— And the last question, Vladimir E.. Do you think that hunting passion inherited?

— Absolutely. In my memory Flint all the men in the family were hunters, at least in the fifth generation. This can be traced in many other hunting dynasties. However, sometimes in neohotnichih families suddenly appear genes ancestors.

— Vladimir, let me on behalf of all readers of our newspaper hunters congratulate you on your jubilee and wish you good health, longevity and success!

Interviewed by Sergey Fokin
March 2004

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