Jacket for the gentleman

Lexus LX 570, a survivor of a nearly six-year history of one light restyling and threatening a couple of years to surprise the audience with his second generation, something is definitely inferior to European competitors.

Jacket for the gentleman

Not all stylistic interior solutions the LX 570 will satisfy the refined taste. But this car is not It becomes less luxurious.

But and advantages over them is a lot. He might even most of all-terrain SUVs, whose price surpasses the mark 4 000 000. …

And certainly — quietest. That, however, is not surprising. Mark generally known for its noise insulation achievements. A so when it comes to its flagship model, and then say no about what.

Returning to this full-size «adventurer»Just need to emphasize that on a level highway, and to mediocre public road, and on the most broken country or drebenyah one of the riders «Japanese» (even if it is settled in third row) are not no bother the incoming wind, the noise of the motor-wheels, or beating of bottom stones.

Sit yourself and if you do not enjoy landscapes, the features premium audio system Mark Levinson (CD / MP3 / WMA / DVD) with 19-speaker (rear passenger services with multimedia complex and two monitors wireless headphones).

Jacket for the gentleman

Get behind the wheel of the LX 570 will be able to any driver, regardless of the complexion. Even though the range of adjustment driver’s seat for quite a few cars in its class.

Jacket for the gentleman

Jacket for the gentleman

At the same time the smooth progress of the huge frame of the machine (no newfangled monocoque) on any surface not concede even the latest innovations from Mercedes or Range Rover — Thanks active suspension, which is not Only able to adjust ground clearance, but and successfully adapt to the terrain, taking all the vicissitudes of Russian destinations.

The car bumps just «does not see», And in most cases, regardless of their shape and size. By the way, this thing is all pretty funny, since no controls only the strength and amplitude damping, but and independently monitors the clearance. AT Specifically, in highway driving, at speeds over 90 km / h, it pushes the body to on the road 2 cm, while reducing the speed in returning it starting position, and Lexus parked down by 5 cm in order to facilitate land-load.

At the same time your correspondent optimal suspension tuning seemed mode Comfort. AND Absolutely not because no LX 570 capable dynamic driving — he was just ready to fight (including traffic light) and many competitors analogs, except maybe in ottyuningovat his courtiers company representatives «Three big German».

And it seems to me, is not all. It is enough to select Sport, go to manual shift and press the POWER … But Comfort is so comfortable that delivers a sensual pleasure that forgets about all «rasseyskih» road ambushes and swim, no distracted by Only the waves of their thoughts, feelings, aspirations, and plans.

Although there more serious reason not drivers. Aspirated V8 in volume of 5.7 liters, 367 liters capacity. from. but accelerates more than 3-ton colossus, like a feather (7.5 up to 100 km / h, as a producer and assures almost not disingenuous; «maksimalka» while electronically limited 220 km / h), but «eating» while shamelessly! For many experiments and On clear roads, and when driving on capital «stoppers», and Mixed mode, and at different speeds, given the sad result — at the average Lexus consumes 30 liters of gasoline for hundred. What here shumaherstvo …

And by the way, deciding on the purchase of this miracle of the Japanese auto industry, the choice of equipment should immediately decide that you economy is more necessary — extra row of seats or increased by 45 liters (to the existing staff of 95-year-liter) fuel tank. At the same time, the two can not combine pleasure. And, perhaps, for the hunting pleasures rather extended range, and giant loading space (in nominal — 700 liters). But with the third-row seat room for luggage even when the most serious shopping or transportation in suburban belongings trunk remain fairly (259 liters). Moreover, with the seats folded and third the second series «working volume» It is already 1267 liters, and honest, and not «when booting up roof level». However, «gallery» It will be fitting if hunting-fishing to send a large company. Refuel in any case have to often.

The main thing that places where you climb, was where the refill gorjuchki. Because the LX 570 is able to make you at least a on line middle of nowhere. It is easy to overcome a ford deep 70 cm; without interrupting the rear wheels during diagonal display takes up to obstacles 63 cm; raises the body on maximum and almost best-in class of 29 cm; automatically adjusts the position of each wheel relative to the ground, improving manageability any surface. A More from Lexus has such «chip», as «off-road cruise». Crawl Control System works only on reduced number and It allows you to select the optimal site-specific off-road speed 1 or 3 or 5 km / h, and Only then twist «steering wheel», not wondering where rev and where to brake. What We have to adjust torque and Electronic brake force will be, and the steering provided a full opportunity, forgetting pedals go around obstacles. At the same time, and traction brake system automatically adjusts braking and gas, however, to this you have to specify the type of car cover: «dirt / sand». «gravel» or «mogul», what in Translated into human language is — «large stones». The management of all off-road capabilities of the machine in this case is simple: for «ponizhaykoy», Height adjustment, and Damping, Crawl Control function meet four toggle switches. Locking center differential also includes «manually»…

However, some experts say it seems to be insufficient protection «belly» by car Compared with more recent counterparts from other brands. No, the exhaust system and transmission components and properly buried «lose» especially in overcoming their evil gullies virtually impossible. But Here powerplant protects not inspires respect piece of tin. Not I know, maybe it so, but After about 600 km snowy, eerie lanes and rut graders Tver Region, including winter road from the broken-down The Great Lakes, I personally doubt Reliability installed «armor» not I had to. Indeed, in deep snow can probably lose rear bumpers but … it should be indeed very deep snow, though not much fresh, packed and the original (home yet) installation: be sure to run the tractor. AND then it seems to me appropriate to quote the Internet revelation of one of the owners of Lexus LX 570, vydernuvshego this winter out of the ditch loaded «lawn»! Here is the story with very minor cuts. «Forest barely shelled the road that blocked «lawn» (about 7 tons firewood), and in Christmas! Knowing that the road is not boasts the capital’s traffic, you realize that the aid — it’s you and there is!

Jacket for the gentleman

Choosing a modification, decide that for you urgent — third row of seats or additional tank capacity of 45 liters.

Jacket for the gentleman

AT head rests thoughts about flying kebabs, which are displaced and trying to remember dial phone acquaintances from the nearest village. Messages come dismal one tractor to wife Moscow, a second home, but on Wed, Hb (as his wife told the tractor, which Wed-Hb). What should I do? Began to establish contact with locals. The population of the truck are two alien beings, on the the exterior of which was difficult to determine from which they galaxy. The fact remains that this humanoids. Although, seeing how they managed to fly off the road, I was doubted, but there is, after all humanoids. Anyway. After examining briefly GAS I realized that my cable may be used only as a gallows for the two astronauts. Using a military course introduction in credibility local people have fished humanoids their rope. I got to lay under the left wheel track of firewood undermine the forward beam. Translated selector suspension position HI, the cable does not pokotsat front bumper. Switch to position L4. Included in the Crawl Control sand. Everyone interest observed that I there do. Facial expressions were so, which meets with the full hopelessness. But I knew that me in the trunk has another secret weapon, and namely chain from the Swedish manufacturer. After a brief wobble truck caught on the track and woodburning we have fun began popping up out of the ditch».

…Of course, Lexus LX 570 — not standard luxury SUV as business class car for the boss (although, for example, a split four-zone climate control can not boast all «Classmates». A space for legs and shoulders of passengers of the second row there is greater than anyone). Yes, it can be accused of several legkovat handlebars Demolition bulkhead at the entrance to the overly frisky turn and such trifles as not very ergonomic placement of some service keys. None However, taking into account the excellent off-road capability with the highest level of comfort (in the based inter alia has four zone heating and All electric seats, the front also ventilation, bi-xenon headlights, navigation, sky cameras, door and electric tailgate) — This is a serious competitor for the majority well-known manufacturers. A considering the price, he all leaves from many rivals White Castle.

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