Light, shadow and biting predator

Light, shadow and biting predatorPerhaps pike on sunny days spent on the deeper places that gets less sveta.Foto author

The sun came out — peck ceased. Common situation?
Or vice versa: the sun came out — and fish one after another, one after another… Obviously, the sun is somehow able to influence nibble. AND We, the fishermen, it is necessary to take into account «solar activity» and make any lessons from these episodes.

Once I caught two pike interval minute, and These are the only fine day for the bite occurred in the the time that the sun was absent because nowhere grafted clouds. There are also Conversely, the fish more active when on a cloudy day short periods of sun came out.
Some fish like light, some — not highly. Some fish love the sun and sunlight and exhibit the highest activity under the bright sun. Others prefer to sit in shadows It did not seem his nose at lit places. The degree depends on the mood and lighting Activity of such fish.

The impact extends to the sun fish if they are to relatively small areas. At a depth of, say, more than 8—9 meters, in some water bodies with opaque water and even less, the solar influence is not so strong, how to shallow depth.
Now consider the effect of the sun on biting various predators.

Asp loves the sun, but is caught Cloudy weather

The most prominent representative of solntselyubov — asp. He most of his life spent in the upper water layers. But how sunlight helps us? On actually the majority of cases is attempting to catch the sun left on asp hunt in vain.
Asp cleverly uses the sun. He throws a flock of fishes closer to surface always attack them from «dead» zone — from the party that controls the worst fry, then have to Sunny. Zherehovy boiler is formed spontaneously, but in bright sunny days to catch asp is happening on zhor Middle Volga more than in cloudy. Of particular interest in This term days with Clear. Roll over «navel» middle Volga, bleak, sabrefish gulls. All shows that chub somewhere nearby, but he is not It gives its presence. So often it happens when cloudy. It is necessary to enter the some period of time the sun — then it all comes to life. The noise of the blows water, restless gulls who diligently suggest to us where to throw the bait. But a paradoxical situation — asp easier to catch when no Surge or the activity of gulls, the there «overcast» time. Such fishing blind with has thrown randomly gives a better result.
The sun, though asp to stimulate activity, but together with it plays against us. Obviously, when sunlight is better asp notices the boat and see the line I do not trust too great bait.

Fishing in days with variable cloudiness similar to hunting. Let’s still overcast. By some criteria to identify potential clusters place asp (roll, small fry horse, gulls, even sitting on water), we get up to anchor on a sufficient distance so as not to frighten the flock, and We are trying to understand where now can be asp. He usually holds (it is likely that more and hunting!) a little deeper than usual. Question — how to identify? Asp — he is a predator, though Pelagic, but still a predator, and ambush — edge, pits, wall algae — he did not alien. First you need to identify these places. It is best to handle jig. On It often happens, and the first bite. However, it will be better after the determination of the potential places to put compact-type spinner «kastmaster» or some similar «section». These spinners are quite suitable for posting in water column and at the bottom. Asp may be there there. Further — Fishing, as I I call it, «by brute force». Blind check all the possible places like brovok and seaweed until We catch. Usually not asp have to wait long. Well, if it is possible to obrybitsya how to come out of the clouds the sun. As it comes out, we’re on the same asp bursts know exactly where it was necessary to throw. You can certainly try to catch asp the sun, but, in my experience, it is better to go shore or At least a couple of hundred meters away from the battlefield and watching from afar. This is done in order not to frighten the flock, which now, after the sun came out, stood closer to surface Now, thanks to the sun, we see well. It remains to wait for the next cloud.

Another interesting point: in asp life there are times when it is perfectly caught on jig baits have the bottom. So, this «jig-oriented» asp best picks sunny days, and overcast — very poor. And the sun which appeared not calls in asp the upper water layers.

With IDE SOLNTSELYUB Night Oddities

Ide — fish is amazing. AT daytime it is best fished in noon, when the sun Conditional «zenith». But addiction is not sunny It prevents him perfectly and peck at night when no to the sun — no moon!
On the Volga reservoirs ides form dense flocks. Typically, «weight categories». AT or cloudy days are the most in the early morning, when the sun has not yet shining, flock and passive Absolutely not responsive to spinning lures. But It is to go to the sun — and start of the race. For bait ides are collectively and their perfectly clear. With polarized sunglasses can be seen and ides in cloudy weather, that’s just for the bait they are not chase — little notice it.

A typical case occurred in me in September last year. One week it rained and the weather was cloudy. I caught in a shallow backwater and I was looking for most of the pike. AT some point clouds parted and the sun came out, illuminating the right portion of catching up the bottom. The sun was shining not more than an hour, and During this time, I took five bites, which have resulted in four kilogram ide. Once again clouds covered the sun, went exclusively pike bite — no more one to ide the evening…

Light, shadow and biting predator

Sun, shade and SchUKA.Gde something to 14:00 pike caught with the left edge of the shore, and in the evening — from the right. The logic is simple: the left bank is located on the east side, that is, from the rising sun and shade under the curve of there until about two in the afternoon, while the right bank all lit by the sun. In the evening, when the sun sets, the shadow appears at the right bank and disappears under the curve of the left bank.

Not to say that in cloudy weather ide is not caught. I’m fishing blog: over the last year has caught on spinning 42 ide, of which only 13 (31%) — on days with overcast weather, the greater part, almost 70%— in sunny.
Addiction bronzovobokih fish to the sun does not bother to catch ide in the same places at night on the lure.
Influence of the sun on the bite mark and ide poplavochniki at the Kuibyshev Reservoir ides activated in sunny weather, while in cloudy prevails roach and ide in most cases and is not visible.

A lover of SHADOWS — PIKE

Everyone knows that pike weather — cloudy, gray, rainy. AT some cloudy days have I have created the impression that no matter where Kinh — pike bite all happen. Other fishing sunny weather: pike have to search long and finding — exact feeding her bait. AT Lately I came to concluded that pike activity does not associated with sun. AT cloudy and sunny weather pike caught the same way, a greater impact on biting her have the lunar phase. With the benefit of­pleasant phase pike any weather caught equally well in adverse — respectively equally bad. From the sun depends only model of behavior: if cloudy weather pike scattered across the entire water area, then in sunny — stands shadows rarely goes out. Shade can be created by anything: the pile bridge, trees, snags, bottom topography. Good shade and under «caps» algae and reeds, duckweed on surface under the carpet of fallen leaves. If in cloudy weather pike bite is not tied to specific places, the in sunny, on the contrary, solely on the pike bite shaded parts of the reservoir, which is also search is necessary.

Not far from my house runs a shallow river. Around the open field: no trees or homes — In short, anything that would create a shadow on surface. So, in sunny days at the coastal pike focuses brow. This is, like the brow right and near the left bank.
In the summer sunny days Volga pike water­storage clogged by algae. In We have areas with algae that stretch for many kilometers, and water is reminiscent of thick soup. AND at places pike likes to concentrate, especially in sunny weather. Perhaps for the same reason, pike sunny days spent on the deeper places that gets less light.


In the summer, when the water is well warmed up, perch, standing on shallow places, sunny days are also looking for shady areas. At night, by contrast, uses a hunting perch on all but the light itself favor. This was particularly noticeable during the construction of the port in the Kuibyshev reservoir. Burning in night lights is clearly attracted to Statement walleye, which in the spotlight was obviously easier to navigate and catching small chehonku. I fish in these places for a long time, but up port construction walleye are never It was. Perhaps, also played other factors, but I believe that it is to perches and light dragged here at night.

Light, shadow and biting predator

In cloudy weather, the pike is dispersed across the waters on a sunny — standing in the shadows and rarely goes out.

When fishing with boat on a sunny day, I small jigs fished bottom «navels» from different angles, changing the position of the boat. Bites usually occur only in the one narrow sector. AT Nine times out of ten such an effective area of ​​the shadow provided «navel».
The same «shadow» mood to Incidentally, in the similar «navels» adheres asp. This fish is often a by-catch in Sudak, especially if catch on wobbler. But if the perch is in the shade itself, then asp could find themselves on the border and shadows lit water. AT shadows loves to stand and Bersh.
So bottom attractions to be fished with the different parties, especially focusing on the shadow side. At the same time we must not forget that the sun constant motion, and there can be such that the main pack of walleye, though slightly, but shift in side.


Chubs small rivers are not They love to advertise their presence. Once I I was on bank of the river Ugra flowing not far from a village. The river seemed completely lifeless. Yes, we are scurrying to and fro, and peskariki bleak, but «adult» the fish could not see It was. Small fish can be seen even without polarizing glasses — the depth of something very small. Imagine my surprise when I I took hand spinning and After several postings polukilogrammovogo caught chub and then a couple more. It turned out the whole chub in this river was hanging in the shade water and bushes Absolutely not It is shown on the sunlit places. This is a typical attitude of a small river chub sun. On the major rivers and reservoirs, especially in shallows, chub is quite tolerant sun and well caught with open shallow water areas.

On small rivers chub particularly attracted to areas where low-hanging in the bush water. Perhaps this is not Only his love shadows, but and in that bushes falling constantly all sorts of goodies — from bugs and caterpillars up berries as favorite chub.

The shadow of the bushes is rarely solid: in some places and the sun is progalchik It gets the same on surface. AND If you notice a gap in the sun shadows, then be sure to spend through the bait. Very often bite chub should the moment when the lure passes this clearance. She is on momentarily illuminated by the sun becomes more noticeable on background shadows immediately attracted the attention of chub standing nearby.

In those places where a lot of sunny spaces, happens more bites.
At high water, the behavior of other chub. Sun and sunlight it virtually confused. I I saw only one change. AT bright sunny days chubs go somewhat lower, closer to the bottom, and in those days often it happens to catch a chub jig, bottom bait.

Indifferent PERCH

The only predator from I do not able to identify explicit bias towards light and shade, it perch. I can remember a couple of cases where the perch is clearly avoided the shade or go to the sun. The only important point: on bait undertaken by border and light shadows, perch respond better than if it was just for the bait shadow or just sunny side.

About masking

One of the drawbacks in the sun that the fish in bright light and better fishing spots his tackle. Even the most shade-loving fish are not accept one shadow — the shadow of the fisherman. So it is better not advertise their presence on the and pond try to catch because of the shelters, sitting on squatting or standing knee. Worst of all, when a shadow falls on a Fishing water directly into fishing grounds — at such cases, the fish are extremely cautious and mistrustful, and If pike Perch can not yet leave their habitat, the asp and ide necessarily go away. It is better if the sun is shining us eyes or is on the side.

On sunny days, at We have an ally — wind. Wind creates on surface waves that allow the fish a good look at objects in shore. Before So far I have I remember long been fishing when sunny day in high winds literally two or three meters from the shore caught a few dozen large chub. The wind then was really a very strong (10 meters—15 second), even the 30-gram spoon flew not Next 30 meters from the shore. I am sure that is not whether in The day of strong wind — not would have caught remembered by a tenth of the catch. Asp always hit there one spot near the shore, but On windless days, he almost nobody I caught.

In addition, the wind influence directly and the activity of the fish. I have not just have to watch the variety of hunting predators Volga coastal waters. Strong, almost gale-force winds drove to shore shoals of fry and high wave disoriented them space. Such helplessness enjoyed fry chub, chubs, ides, perch, pike and pike — almost all the predators! AT these days even ardent antagonists, pike and perch, they were caught together, and on very small depth. However, a strong wind is very difficult to find such «boilers». But discovery will be remembered for a long time — shuffled the pack of predators, and this «Assorted predatory» It will be caught without any complexes in the coast — waves because they are not notice and bring happiness to even the most inexperienced spinning.

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