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Nine years ago — a swan, cancer and pike?

Readers edition offers the material that came out nine years ago under the title: "In Russia, created the Department of hunting". What has changed during this time, for better or worse, what issues we cared then and now, what course do we go?

Nine years ago - a swan, cancer and pike?

Collage: Michael Semin


June 23 Russian Minister of Agriculture AV Gordeev convened a meeting on the establishment of a specialized department of the Russian Federation of hunting.

At the meeting on «On the state of Hunting of the Russian Federation and improving governance» The Ministry of Agriculture in Russia invited leading experts hunting, head of the Department of Veterinary and Livestock, the Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Supervision, Ministry of Natural Resources of Russia, representatives of hunting supervision of subjects of the Russian Federation, the media, academia and the public hunting organizations.

Opening the meeting, Alexei V. complained that hunting involves a huge Russian underrated natural resource. State policy on hunting economy in recent years has been lost. The ministry were more global problems of meat, grain, and I must admit that before hunting, he simply did not get around. Currently, hunting – it is not only the hunting but also the one hand, the way of life for many people in Russia, on the other hand – popular, historically hobby of Russians, the third – hunting business.

Who is inherited from the Soviet Union framework Hunting outdated. It is contrary to the system of management, and is a mere formality at both federal and regional. It should be formed to deal with the kind of triangle: hunting associations of public organizations, business structures and public hunting.

«I was able to report to the President on the status of agriculture separately highlight the problem of hunting, – the minister said. – He had previously been informed and knew that not everything is in order. Therefore, the President gave the green light to the creation of a specialized agency of the Department of hunting.

The main thing here – the creation of structures at the level of the federal government. I believe that this is necessary and specialized Council for Hunting in the Ministry of Agriculture with the assistance of Russian experts and all stakeholders».

A report on the situation in hunting in Russia and the prospects of its improvement was made by Head of the hunting resources of the Department of Veterinary and Livestock VV Melnikov. He emphasized that the analysis of the current state of Hunting of the Russian Federation after the administrative reform and the elimination of state hunting management has shown:

1. Hunting management at the federal level as well as in the Russian Federation is virtually nonexistent. At the Russian Ministry of Agriculture has no territorial bodies and entities not entitled to the full powers of a corresponding.

2. There is a clear disparity in the supervisory and control functions.

3. Presidential Decree on the separation of commercial functions from the functions of supervision and control in the sphere of hunting is not executed.

4. Lack of basic regulations: Federal Law «On hunting and hunting». «Terms of hunting in the territory of the Russian Federation»Corresponding to the current legislation. In addition, more than 90 legal acts require the processing and align.

5. There are problems of target financing of protection and accounting of game animals.

6. The resources of game animals is significantly underutilized. The present level of development of hunting does not meet the Russian national wealth of hunting resources. The need for state environmental expertise limits the production of game animals at the federal level does not allow rationally and efficiently use their resources.

7. No control of the federal nature reserves.

8. It is impossible to conduct management activities of harmful animals (wolf hoodie).

9. The current level of development of hunting does not meet the possible Russia’s economic potential.

10. An intensive outflow of qualified professionals from the industry.

Nine years ago - a swan, cancer and pike?

Photo: Ilya Magrycheva

Considering the above, the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia appealed to the President of the Russian Federation with a request to re-establish the relevant department within the Ministry. The organization of the Department and the need to implement the distinction redistribution of powers between the Department and Rosselkhoznadzor, as now due to lack of hunting management Rosselkhoznadzor and its territorial bodies are forced to perform the functions of the former Ohotdepartamenta that contradicts the current legislation.

Creating a new Department of hunting will: restore the environmental role of hunting, to coordinate the relevant structures hunting management in the Russian Federation, conducting public accounting, inventory and monitoring of wildlife, of game, to harmonize hunting legislation to increase the investment attractiveness of hunting economy, promote the development of hunting tourism, increase rural employment, to solve the employment and welfare of indigenous peoples of the Far North and the Far East.

In the discussion of the report and the future role of the Department in the development of hunting Hunting Russia participated actively in the meeting.

IN AND. Foppish deputy. Director for Science National Park «Zavidovo»Doctor of Biological Sciences, has long worked in senior positions in Glavohote RSFSR. He stressed that in the 80s of the last century Glavohota – the prototype of the restored department had 92 industrial enterprises, system koopzveropromhozov, fisheries and hunting farms, which conducted commercial hunting, preparation of meat and furs, mushrooms, berries and other products.

At present, all this has sunk in the past. Now hunting, fishing, gathering mushrooms and berries – is primarily a historically Leisure and Entertainment population. Hunting has a great and invaluable socio-economic factor. Destruction Hunting – This genocide of the Russian people. Restoration of competent environmental management, competent game management – our first priority.

Therefore, the creation of the Department of hunting and hunting resources needed.

Commenting on this performance, AV Gordeyev said that the structure of the Department will be established Research Center for hunting. By the way, the minister said, we envisage giving the status of scientific and experimental state hunting farms, which will focus on hunting management science.

PN Gusev, editor in chief «Russian Hunting Newspaper» He noted that now on regulatory issues of hunting, we find ourselves in a kind «catch-up mode» (Already adopted by the Water Code, the Forest Code adopted on first reading and will be listening to his second option, for 13 years is being prepared, but not adopted «Law on Hunting»).

Hunting society needs a single public organization uniting all unions, societies, hunting clubs into a single structure. It should be a real assistant to the state of hunting, the education of young hunters, hunting right propaganda.

Deprivation of Jaeger-ended public hunting organizations actually control the land and draw up reports on violators of hunting regulations led to impunity for poachers. Involve police raids and representatives gosohotnadzora is not always possible. It is therefore necessary to restore the status of public rangers.

Another wish of the new department: among workers hunting farms would like to see experts, professionals.

And at the head of the Department – competent expert Game Biologists.

Nine years ago - a swan, cancer and pike?

Photo: Ilya Magrycheva

AP Kaledin, chairman of the Moscow City Society of Hunters convinced that without the participation of public hunting organizations restoration Hunting Russia is impossible. Historically, that in Russia it is a hunting community took responsibility for hunting. All-Russian Congresses of hunters in the history of Russia there were two: in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. Now there is a need to convene the Third All-Russian Congress of the hunters.

AV Gordeev, a leading meeting supported the idea of ​​the congress and expressed the opinion that the Russian Ministry of Agriculture to support its holding. This convention could be collected at the beginning of next year.

VV Caplin, chairman of the Vologda regional society of hunters complained that the long discussion between RosOkhotRybolovSoyuz and Ohotdepartamentom to anything constructive failed. Reading the interview in hunting magazines with leading officials of state hunting, there is a belief that they do not understand the problem of hunting in Russia.

It should be noted that we have developed multistructural Hunting (society of hunters, in fact private hunting grounds, departmental and state hunting farm). This should be taken into account in the formulation of a new policy of hunting economy of Russia. I would like in the new structure of the Department see the like-minded.

On behalf of the hunters of the Vologda region would like to request the new department to help determine quotas of licensed animal species. Promptly determine quotas, which will in time without delay to open the hunting season. Since July 1, 2004, the entire structure of society Jaeger actually eliminated from the hunting grounds. According to my data, about 25 thousand Russian rangers have been unable to draw up reports on violators. It is necessary to restore the rights of public associations of gamekeepers.

ON. Smoked deputy. Chairman of the Association of the CPU «RosOkhotRybolovSoyuz» He pointed out that it is very important what will be the position of the department. It is necessary to emphasize the independence of the industry. Requires specialized council at the Ministry of Agriculture with the assistance of leading specialists and heads of the main users of hunting grounds. The first task – protect the interests of the industry in the Forest Code, the second hearing of which will take place in the near future.

AV Pronyaev, director of the Federal Tsentrohotkontrol, Sc.D. noted that in hunting Russia there are two groups of objects of hunting. For the first of them may conduct biotechnical activities (wild boar, sika and red deer, roe deer) and dicherazvedenie (only mallard and pheasant). All others are free-living population and their state to be monitored. Therefore, speaking of biotechnological and dicherazvedenii in hunting grounds, it is necessary to bear in mind only these animal species. According to the director of Moscow’s leading hunting management institutions, the focus should be directed to the monitoring of resources of game animals. It is a practice used in the leading European countries hunting.

VP Kuzenko, Deputy Chairman of the Inter-Regional Society of Hunters and Fishermen of the Central Organ of the Defence Ministry is concerned about the personnel policy in the Russian Federation and the vertical between the department and its entities. When he asked how soon will create a new department, AV Gordeyev said: «We will try to meet within a month. But the Expediency Council to convene once every three months».

Well, let’s hope that the establishment of the Department of hunting will help to revive the economy and hunting tidy hunting in Russia. Note that the decision to create a new specialized department initiated hunting experts hunting, hunters, hunters, sponsored in STET burning «HORN». We believe that this important nationwide actually have considerable merit, and you, our dear readers. Your letters in «HORN» and your articles finally listened hunting officials and state officials.

Thanks you!

Author: Sergey Fokin

June 28, 2006

July 9th, 2015 at 00:02

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