Nut-Zuevskaya exhibition

Nut-Zuevskaya exhibition

Photo by Sergey Fokin

For those in the hunting dog breeding is not part of the person, there is nothing remarkable. However, not every district society of hunters and fishermen, even in the Moscow region boasts not only the presence of dog clubs, but also the knowledge of canine works at a fairly high level.

Without exaggeration, I will say: we, the people, in love with hunting dogs, are very fortunate that the board ROOiR consists of committed and enthusiastic hunters, who do not see access to land without a hunting dog, whether husky, hound, setter or spaniel.

Chairman of the Board, who is also canine expert the All category EZ Rodionov is an avid hunter and dog breeder, has always strongly supported entuziactov, helping to develop, preserve and improve the quality of livestock hunting dogs in our area. So, spaniels and setters for the sake of Orekhovo-Zuyevo ROOiR set aside special areas for nataski and testing, where hunting is prohibited, which contributes to maintaining and increasing the populations of game species.

For huskies and burrowing rebuilt ITS «North»In which the owners of huskies, taxes, can not only yagdtererov pritravit their pets in various types of animals, but also put them to the test, as the base periodically, on certain days, experts come.

For hounds allocated areas with the presence of a rabbit, and a venue for nagonki and tests are adjusted according to the needs of hunters. This is due to the fact that road and settlements literally «come» on land, displacing hunting species of animals outside the area. More recently began testing for protein huskies – I agree that it is a rarity!

In the spring of this year we held the first brood huskies. Every year a brood of young spaniel section. In a word, no matter how varied our life and other circumstances, the policy board of the company has always aimed at maintaining the breeders and to provide them with the most favorable conditions. But demand from breeders also have: for the first year in our society, the rule adopted by the general meeting of the dog section, of non-admission in «preferential hunting» dogs with pedigrees documents, but do not have certificates for quality of work after the age of three.

In our ROOiR always in great demand puppies because Many hunters from our area, and of others too, know in our breeding approach: first of all, the quality of work! Once and for all abolished biological mating and breeding sectors sections comply with the law.

Our hounds cops repeatedly won and win at national competitions, and Flushing for the second year confirmed the high level, adequately representing their team at the national and regional markets, especially on the duck, continuing a long tradition. No wonder Orekhov spaniels at all times be considered a true utyatnikami.

Returning to the show, I hasten to mention that last season «I have confused all the cards» dog breeders who are used to conduct the regional exhibition in early June, to the center, the Moscow inter-regional. It was decided to hold an exhibition in the autumn.

Yes, many dog ​​perelinke someone obstrizhen someone had left on a long hunt, but… We decided and spent. And, in my opinion, very dignified. How else? The only thing that upset, – a small number of dogs of all breeds, except for spaniels. Well, spaniels on a special account, a little later.

So the exhibition opened, as always, the section chief dog, an expert on the cops and beagle VM City of Tshwane Metropolitan Municipality. There were Christmas greetings – exhibition, wishes everyone good luck in the ring and a good, cheerful mood, especially since the weather was favorable: Morning clouds scattered and gave way to the horizon of even heating the September sun.

After the official part, the participants went to the ring. Now, looking «Bering» recording, hunters want to thank for the fact that they honor and preserve the traditions of their breeds, even in such a seemingly small matter as the nicknames of dogs. Look how beautiful sound of these nicknames! Hounds: Plakun, rises, Rogue, Budilo, crybaby; Laika: Shah, Boyar, Kungur, cloud; Pointing: Archie Gray, Eustace, Bertha, Hector and Margo. A Flushing? – Ars, Bim, Dean…

Nut-Zuevskaya exhibition famous not only for the fact that the Regulation on it there is always a point of rewarding dogs class «elite» and a first-class pedigree. We also honor the veterans, giving them a special place during the opening ceremony of the exhibition; in recent years began to invite and young puppies do for them, our future participation in the exhibition free of charge, and leaving them in the memory of a small, but I think such nice gifts to each owner.

More and more hunters to come to an understanding that the exhibition, showing the dog must be prepared in advance. So they try: comb, wash, clean their eared hang their medals on the chest, put on airs – because the show was and remains a celebration of dialogue, holiday field merit a valuable breeding activity. And experts, as hunters, too, can not fail to notice the effort the owners, although sometimes turn a blind eye on the appearance (operating condition, cropped ears) of its exhibitors, realizing that many dogs come into the ring with a literally fields.

In total, this year the exhibition was attended by a little more than fifty dogs. Of these, 26 Russian Spaniel, 9 Russian hounds, huskies 5, 7 drathaar 4 pointer, 1 English Setter and English Setter 1. They were on display, and puppies up to 10 months: ROS 5, 1 and 1 drathaar English setter. Dogs were mostly vysokoporodnyh had only minor defects and received top marks for conformation in their age groups. In the breeding class situation also I had very good dogs without pedigree certificates or II class was very small, and they are mainly in the younger group.

Rings spaniels replete with a variety of colors, attracting the attention of the audience and were very lively. Still would! Arrived «kids»Gathered elite and first-class dogs and their descendants… And the expert team we have this year is unique: our guests have arrived experts and trainees from Moscow, Saratov, Samara and Kaluga.

I, as chairman of the section, both worried and proud of presenting their court their livestock, their «creations». It is also encouraging that in the ring, except ours, the walnut Zuevsky spaniels, pets, and exhibited other sections, making it possible to compare different breeding dogs.

After all the setups and descriptions gathered for the award. Applause and congratulations greeted each exhibitor. Especially brightly and warmly congratulated the owners of the dogs entered in this year’s class «elite». And there were four, and three of them – walnut-Zuevo section. Nicely? Highly!

His field diplomas our spaniels and their descendants earn championships conducted annually by section «field» and duck, as well as regional and all-Russian competitions. Each year, the section carries brood of young, field trips, and this year started to work with the young by providing them with employment decoy quails, pheasants and ducks, so that owners can prepare in advance their spaniels to their main occupation – hunting.

We hope and trust in each owner, to invest their strength in education and the cultivation of a hunting dog. Our expectations are justified on «excellent»For they kowtow and appreciation.

We express our gratitude to the exhibition committee, the Management Board of the organization of the event, as well as sponsor «Best of the best» (1st place in class «elite») For providing prizes – lightweight and comfortable PVC boots, so necessary to each hunter.

Join us! Crank Me eared assistant for hunting! Come join us next year! We are always glad to you and the success of your dogs!

To view the results of Orekhovo-Zuyevo hunting breed dog show
8 September 2012, click on

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