On a groan

The weather was excellent, the soul reigned festive mood and a sense of puppy enthusiasm from the upcoming hunt.

On a groan

The weather was excellent, the soul reigned festive mood and a sense of puppy enthusiasm from the upcoming hunt. The road passed quickly, and with a stay of Chasseurs table with an appetite by eating cooked pickles, we listened to the stories about Victor’s plans for the evening. But nature has played a cruel joke with us. In the afternoon, the sky was shrouded by clouds, blowing a strong north-easterly wind, drizzling rain. But do not become discouraged in our rules, and we went in the evening to get acquainted with the land, which will hunt. We could not wait to see and hear everything – After all, we are on the prowl, and she is not only a shot at the beast.

The vast drained marsh, overgrown with aspen and willows, stretched for many kilometers around, creating the perfect protection forest giants. Here moose find their own food, they fought for his love, played weddings and withdrawn offspring. We went on a GAZ-66 to the place where had to hunt one of us. According huntsman morning elk was moaning in this area, and if the weather does not spoil, we would have heard it.

Coming out of the car immediately saw a young aspen bushes trimmed and packed path from the swamp on the edge of the field.
– There are two clearing – Victor whispered, – to them he is spinning! And then the place even more interesting! – intriguing voice, he continued.
But I have some force pulling stay:
– You Ride! And I’ll stand listen, but as it was dark, he’ll come. I know the way, do not get lost!
– As you want! – Victor said, sitting behind the wheel.

Waving departing guys charge on the shotgun just in case I fell silent, listening to the rustle of leaves. Cold wind, driving across the sky gray clouds and bringing the smell of rotten leaves and wet grass blew in the face. Time passed imperceptibly dusk. I’ve wanted to go forward, he heard a suspicious rustling. Something startled me: it was too does not seem like it was a rustle in the wind! Crunch skusyvaemyh branches dispelled my doubts: is Moose! Roy spun thoughts in my head. How to proceed?

Weather ports on the eyes – and suddenly pour rain? What if this is my only chance? Besides, it was not clear, it is a cow or bull. After a few cautious steps to the left, I hid behind a small bush willow. The wind was blowing from the elk, so the chances I have had some good. Even if he tries to get around me on the wind, you still come out between the bushes, substituting side. Time stood still, in slow motion. Holding my breath, I broke a branch of the bush to hide behind me. Moose immediately calmed down, stopped chewing. I broke another branch and immediately heard a rustle of steps toward me and soon saw a hefty elk head, crowned with the crown of horns. The beast stared at me, noisily sucking air. It divides us thirty meters, shotgun hanging on the shoulder, and I was afraid to move, because he understood: if I have to shoot, I simply do not have time. The sight without light while removing it from the shoulder, while the sight … It could end badly! Los trying to determine who in front of him, and I took off the safety, Bates multiplicity at gunpoint carbine slung over his shoulder. Prongs turned and started to pass me on the right. Quietly exhale, I removed the shotgun barrel and sent between the bushes. Los froze, turning his head in my direction, and listened intently. I looked in the optical sight, but on a dark body black beast «stump» crosshair is not visible. Pointing to the white legs, finally saw the crosshair and then lost it, raising the trunk up. Quickly turned on its hind legs and then to the front, and halfway finger pressed the trigger. A shot rang out. Moose, turned one hundred eighty degrees, ran off with a bang breaking bushes. I tried listening to track the direction of the fleeing beast. After about a hundred meters crackling verse. After standing for a few minutes, making sure that they no longer hear any movement, he hung up his gloves in the bush, because of which the shooting, and moved to the village. After some discussion, we decided not to pursue a wounded moose darker, not to miss the coveted trophy.
Early in the morning we stood on the site of an arrow. Taking off his glove branches showed rangers Victor and Vadim direction of movement after the shot elk. Having defined the guidelines, loaded the gun and moved forward chain. I was walking in the middle of the chain, holding the gun at the shoulder, ready to fire at any time. A hundred meters I saw lying on the side of the moose. «Eliminated!» – I burst out of my chest.
Prostrate elk, maybe not a giant, but it was my first elk, though not classically produced a moan, but still in a fair fight.
– One two Three – Six processes! – Victor thought aloud. – On the field!
Congratulating me, I shook his hand and Vadim. And only at the table under the liver after drinking on a pile of blood, once again told that experienced yesterday, I finally realized I had fallen on good luck. Indeed, this exit was lucky only to me. Spoil the weather did not give a chance to my friends, and I am once again convinced that if, in the evening, I did everything right.

Dmitry Vasiliev
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November 3, 2011 at 15:16

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