On the morning of the roe deer

Summer nights are short. And in Latvia in particular. Briefly set down the wrong dim twilight, and after a few hours the sky turn gray and begin again the dawn is near …

On the morning of the roe deer

Returning exhausted from the evening hunt, falling on the bed to an hour — half rise again on the morning dawn, and so is repeated every day, unconsciously want to see this crazy kaleidoscope stopped briefly, allowing at least five of hours of respite. But time does not stop. Dawns. Shuffled crawl up the stairs to the lawn in front of the hotel.

On an asphalt parking lot is already pickup «Mitsubishi». Throwing back the front seat and wrapped in a jacket in the cabin sleeps huntsman Einar. Loudly knock on the glass. Pozёvyvaya my «pieych» He gets out of the car. «Well, that, according to the horses?» — «Go…»

The first popadyutsya boars. What are they doing in the rapeseed field? Under cover crops jutting out into the forest area is ideally go for a shot. EDM shows two hundred meters. I slowly crept to a pile of boulders, and, perched boltovik wet from the morning dew rocks, taking in the sight of three large, more shaggy with winter pig. Two of them are exactly the pigs, but the latest we can not decide. Chopper or a pig? Ainars, leaning on the binoculars, the whole in doubt: like, like a wild boar sekachika, but a large distance can not be determined for sure. I twist to the maximum multiplicity of their sight» and, after looking instead «brush» Boar clearly see the bed of the nipples. Everything — all clear, we go further…

Hour after hour spend searching for roe deer. On rare stubble fields empty, and in the overgrown with grass to the waist is not much of a chance to observe deer, not to mention the wild boar. The sun was high and begins to bake. Soon the end of the hunt. Luck go round the last two collective field that recently decimated «a zero». Climbing up the hill, looked through binoculars first. Empty. Only lanky stork is important to pace the smooth as a golf course, plain and gathered for the unexpected feast of worms eat up crested lapwings …

We sat in the car and slowly popylili on country rising above the distance to the Kolka woods. Behind it was our last chance – Fresh meadow on the left side of the road and climbing green tufts sprouting corn on the right.

On the morning of the roe deer

Here in front and forest. Over the chatter we almost slipped two deer, zakrayki left on the field that we have just examined. Goat and goat, looking up, closely followed by pronёsshimsya pickup. After driving into the woods about a hundred meters, Einar killed the engine. The rest was a matter of technique. Silently walking on a dirt road, we came to the edge carefully. Nothing unsuspecting deer peacefully grazing nearby. Huntsman pitched his tripod, and putting it on a carbine, I took aim.

-Well, that’ll shoot?

-…I think no. Too young goat, horns quite frail.

-Well, it’s up. Come on, let’s see what’s on the last field.

In the last box was empty. Not a forest stretching along the strip of spring maize nor outgoing upward sloping hillock bald mow. At the beginning of the ninth hour. It’s time to end the hunt.

We turned back to the car left in the woods. It was a bit disappointing and sad that today we come back empty, but when I leaned wearily on the front seat, the dream of a steaming breakfast and sleep soon overshadowed everything else. The rustle of gravel, «Mitsubishi» bore us to the house past the cornfield from which we returned. As if in a dream, again the same thing happened in the forest abandoned collective farm field. Two deer – male and female, came out of the forest for maize, watched the our car. In order not to frighten the animals, we drove forward about two hundred meters until crops jutting out into the corner of the forest is not shut us. After consulting with the wind, we jumped on the side of the road and of opposites, being covered with weeds on the roadside, they began to approach. Where on all fours, where almost crawling, we quickly cut separates us from the animals away. Finally we were, exactly, in front of them. Gatehouse deer apparently became suspicious, pressed close to the edge of the forest, ready at any moment to embark their heels.

On the morning of the roe deer

-«Good goat, it is necessary to take»- Summed Ainars, watching the goats through the bundles of roadside grass. «As you are ready, stand up and shoot».
Catching his breath, I slowly rose from the ground. Roe, frozen sculptures, intensely watching me. Slowly, one long stretched movement, I made boltovik on male and when sailing on the skin of the animal cross the sight touched the blade shot. Giving pushed in the shoulder, and for a moment I lost sight of the deer. When I again caught sight spot where it was a small deer, he was not there. Only swayed uneasily violet-red crown thickets of willow-herb. Looking closely, among fireweed stems on the ground, I noticed something reddish-white…

On the morning of the roe deer

On the morning of the roe deer


Dmitry Kashirin22 July 2014 at 00:00

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