Random cartridges — not casual slips

Of course, at the present time, few Tutor ammunition cartridges. But with such a valuable hunting lodge and game, like geese, this work is very rewarding. Among my fellow gooseries majority equip themselves cartridges. From this (if you want to achieve the best fight of the trunk) does not leave anyone … Otherwise, as they say, random bullets — nonrandom wounded animal …

Random cartridges - not casual slips

His conscience had laws

But one dear to me, though Slash.

I do not believe in ready-made cartridges,

When you come out to the line.

(Mikhail Smirnov)

It has long been verified – the best shock absorber for the fraction is starch (when arming at home). For 12 gauge is required for one round 1.2–1.5 g of starch. You can shell layers pour starch followed by a tap. I make easier – pre-roll in the bank is mixed with starch. When equips a lot of bullets, nor to fiddle with each cartridge.

I stress that the starch fully give a positive result, if the fraction is aligned with the bore.

Agreed whether shot – the easiest way to test empirically. The muzzle of the barrel to the need to fill the wad shot in a single layer. The method is old but reliable. This layer should be no voids or conversely, pellets should not bulge

There is a simple way to improve the obturation – increase the diameter of the wads. But it becomes barrel-shaped holder and is inserted tightly into the chamber. There may then be problems with extraction … A self-charging are generally not acceptable cartridges – there will be delays in the submission.

Exit – in the application of plastic obturators. Some cardboard boxes and wads are not enough. I have a matrix with punches pressing with tanks from the autos obturators for bore 18.2 mm and 18.5 mm. Felt wads should also be of different diameters. To bore 18.2–18.9 mm, 18.5 mm bore – 19.2 mm (cardboard gaskets of 0.3 mm less in diameter).

The inner diameter of the sleeve should match the diameter of the barrel. Non-compliance leads to excessive wrinkling shot to slug input

The length of the liner must conform to the length of the chamber. If the sleeve is shorter than the chamber can break gas and a decrease in the quality of the fight, accuracy in such cases may fall to 4–6%. Especially when used wads, not containers … Recently even firm «Browning« I began to warn that their passport combat shotguns can only be achieved if the length of the sleeve corresponds to the length of the chamber … and in advertisements, many managers are advised not to pay attention to these details …

Powder gases after the shot exit has about 46 cm have an impact on the projectile. There are even specific data on how many at this further increases the speed of the projectile. If wads heavy, they are catching up with the shot column and penetrating into it, pushing fraction. Naturally, the accuracy of combat that will decline. To reduce this negative moment I cut lengthwise into 4 sectors felt wads.

When gear cartridge buckshot at home container, as mentioned earlier, is not used. It is important that the front wad could block the entrance slug earlier than the rear wad leave sleeve. To avoid breaking gases before fraction.

Gunpowder, I use only «Falcon». , Fast-powder «Sunar». «Leopard» and others are sensitive to various components cartridges snaryadki method, the Component compression cartridge in the sleeve, the sleeve seal method.

To obtain sufficient initial velocity of the mass fraction of powder I increases slightly (by 5–10 %). It turns on the label.

The most important question of internal ballistics – provide good cushioning fraction. It was found that the deformed roll will always worse accuracy, sharpness worse, the worse the uniformity of the fight. Main crushing pellets occurs even in the pocket of 50 mm from the treasury. So the question rests on the possibility of depreciation wads. Tight wads are not suitable.

For shooting geese should not take too large a fraction. At № 00,000,0000 – the number of pellets in the projectile will be less than that № 1,0 and portages will be more. The overall effectiveness of fire at long range will be lower.

It should be borne in mind that the main compression of all the components of the cartridge – gunpowder, wads, shot – occurs when the sealing liner dulcitol. The factory is adjusted according to the force of the elastic-plastic wads containers and their height – progress matrix when terminating dulcitol. At home, help the experience and successful adaptations for equipment cartridges.

In the heat of passions reinforced shells in the chamber 76 and 89 mm should not forget that the greater the height of the shot column in the sleeve, the greater the fraction will be deformed. And here is a little help and a good cushioning wads and starch … To successfully produce geese do not need to rely on an enlarged shell. A good cartridge 12 gauge, with a sleeve of 70 mm, barrel length 700–750 mm, 1.0 mm choke with proper implementation of other necessary conditions to goose hunting – provide a reliable defeat game

Work osalennogo Felt wad during firing smokeless powder to stabilize intraballistic process is not very suitable. If you put the powder directly to good shutters, the use neosalennyh felt wads (especially extra) is justified.

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