Spring hunting

Winter this year was not going to give way to the spring song of a lark. The weather changed dramatically, the snow would cover not yet warmed by the sun the earth, that the wind was raging sweeping blue heights heavy gray clouds, everything was like in the old fairy tale in which the girl could not collect his basket with snowdrops. And according to this, and the dogs to prepare properly did not have time.

Spring hunting

In the evening, the dogs in the woods practiced on the elementary Oporto, adjusted «poslushku» restraint. They taught not to be greedy for each other carcass, and joint efforts to please their owners — hunters.

Emotional charges were early in the season, time ran with irresistible speed, vanity strained, squeaking door of the safe, native IL-27 and added a picture of a dog tramp. Today, we are open! But the bird, still, scares after yesterday cannonades.


It’s a shame, a shame that sometimes turns into the discovery of firing, but the deed is done, with the field of all hunters !!! And of course pleased to see more and more golden retrievers to hunt. As early as 4 years old we hunt with golden retriever, hunting dog comfortable and not drawn on looms and the carcass, and will bring a wounded animal and a bird on the wing lift. The habit has become to bring a camera, shoot everything and birds and nature, and marsh and frog in it.

Spring hunting

Sometimes you look at the picture and give the impression that the picture is, in fact, does not carry any meaning, but it is not. Sometimes people from outside do not really understand how much emotion for one or another picture as the brightest moments of unrest …

We always see websites only the best, winning, achievement, but hardly anyone thinks about how much was invested in all of this work. Ordinary everyday this experience and this is priceless, this any victory, vivid productive hunt, brings much more joy.

April 25, Thursday. Outside, overcast, drumming on the window slopes rain, puppies quacking in the arena, the dogs sleeping in the top of the belly … … Familiar sounds idyll violates a phone call, going through 40 minutes drive to the Noginsk district. Weather whispers … I think …. but where to go, the season ends in 4 days, is short, it is necessary to give the dogs a chance to work. Introduce ourselves land in such weather, brewed with cranberry tea.

Spring hunting

20. By 00 arrived on the scene, it was dark, I realized that nothing is taken with a camera, take pictures does not succeed, the rain intensified, the wind picked up. In Noginsk hunting area quite often, a place familiar and favorite, rose ….. hour silence on the horizon, not a living soul, I start to understand that clothing, like a sponge, absorbs moisture, and wind pierces its pressure.

The mood is changeable dogs, then warily examined, listened, then depart comb near swamps. By the end of the second hour we stretched 2 motley weevil, took out of nowhere and disappeared sharply in the already dark night. All the will of God.

That came to an end of our spring marathon, almost every night we were standing on valdshnepinoy thrust and beckon handsome drakes duck Manco. Today, like last night, moved into place on the last draft decided to go earlier than usual, had daylight, I prolong the pleasure as much as possible and make a few photos on the theme of «hunting sketches.»

Spring hunting

Dogs worked together, our goal is accomplished in this short season, it is nice to see when dogs hunt in pairs, without disturbing or interrupting each other. On the way to the place settled on the swamp, and that it is time to come … of a thousand frogs croaking chants interrupting forest birds. Verba has taken its first leaves, nature spreading its wings after a long, exhausting winter, it shakes off the last dust washes spring rain! Under his feet through the thick dry punched rare, single blade of grass, and there are smiling inflorescence mother and -machehi.

The weather was amazing, the evening air was filled with a touch of frost, the sky fell crimson sunset, and the entire west side burst into pink veil, midges fussed over the low bushes, small forests gossip or does not want to calm down. The forest was silent today, so that the silence was pressing on the ears, at first it seemed that nature mourns the end of the season giving a minute of silence. Lonely forest birds ripped the sky and only aircraft broke the silence of its mechanical steel-hum. Dogs today are grave, not fussed and waited …

Spring hunting

It’s getting dark, he heard noises from far away — the dog is alert, cheerful kurtshaar ran with his master hunter check on the situation, and that friends were tightened after a long day, no one wanted to miss the latest draft. Wood began to revive ….

Everything in its place — waiting, but the forest and bird lived quite his usual life and to hunters, they were not already the case, we decided to retire and not to interfere with them to build a family home. Bonfire lit fast, high flames, the flames in the darkness resembled bizarre form, as seen bony hands in the air, it is unclear to me the outlines of unknown creatures.

Spring hunting

Sergei cleverly skewers prepared and widely ramified branches, light snack sausage baked in the fire, and the conversation flowed itself .. song ….

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