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In the seventies of the last century I Fishing conducted in society Leonid Fedorovich Riverside, fishermen and hunters in the tenth generation. In the vicinity of the memorable Slavyansk-on-Kuban. The carp ponds meter in size and weighing 15-20 kg were many.

Experienced local fishermen catch these «monsters» primitive bottom gear. Number perevertok load-feeders at the bottom of the reservoir corresponds to the theory of probability is 50 percent. Anglers this fact does not confuse. Five of the ten donok abandoned — worked … and kind of goodness no one was looking. And I’ve always loved experimenting fishing above the most fishing. Together (with LF Shore) has been developed and successfully tested a universal gear for catching trophy fish. One hundred and casting tackle not given any perevertki lying on the bottom of the snap — in stagnant water, and in the flow. Tackle even we checked visually. Applying flippers and mask … on sandy spits with a depth of 1.5-2.0 meters. Developed tackle was also surprisingly catchability. Maybe we came close to perfection. But … everything is known well if well laid out — consistently and methodically.
Fishing is not something separate from the laws of physics. It is clear that any form of a spherical body roll on the bottom of the reservoir under the action of an applied force, such as current. The same can say with regard to the bodies of cylindrical shape. Spheres and cylinders, as a form of sinkers Donkey for rapid flow in tackles for no good reason. The ribbon structure of Georgia for three decades during the testing mountain rivers broke. Perevertki observed. This option is a snap, of course, structurally inferior to even the well-known «companion.» The solution seemed impossible. Many anglers, judging by the publications in the fishing periodicals can not solve it today.
A casket just opened! Displacement of the center of gravity down.
The sale of such goods is not. They have to be cast out of the lead in aluminum tins. The device molds for casting sinkers is clear from Figure 1.
Device gear assembly shown in Fig. 2. From Fig. 2. it is clear that the node 3 does not allow fully tighten the loop 5, intended to retain the bar meal (in the cut) on the load. Figure 3 shows the device in the tackle position.
* When catching carp to «nipple» in the loop 5 is installed a spring, a diameter of 8-12 mm and a length of 30-40 mm, a wire diameter of about 1 mm.
Bread, mixed with roasted sunflower seeds, greatly exceeds the cake. Fishing should grab a scrap board, a meat grinder, a loaf of bread and a cup of roasted sunflower seeds. Mincer screwed to the board, bread, cut into chunks, moistened in water reservoir, carefully pressed and passed twice through a meat grinder with addition of roasted seeds. Seeds from the husks are not cleaned! Cooked weight reminiscent of clay and has an excellent flavor. This mass is stuffed spring and obleplivaetsya top. Hooks stuck on top. Couples leashes — enough. Top leashes — silk, pulled out of the parachute straps. When casting cake or a spring with a nozzle serve as a stabilizer. Shoot down the nozzle hit the water impossible, and hooks to clear the nozzle — even more so. Tested by hundreds of fishings!
If the pond has over and caught carp or carp of average weight (5-6 kg), it suffices to apply the primary forest of 0.5 mm diameter. Apply the braid is not recommended. Monofilament forests better soften the jerks big fish that is often critical when playing.
Angler should not forget that the depth near the shore at the place vyvazhivaniya not be less than 1.5-2.0 meters. In small places inevitable gatherings, breaks leashes and breakage hooks. Hooks should be used for the specialized carp fishing. The use of large hooks is not justified. Only when catching very large individuals can apply hooks number 9 on the domestic classification. Common option — hooks № 6-8.
Flexible freshly cut rod about a meter long, stuck vertically into the bank and entwined with fishing line, completes the simple and effective snap sazanyatnika, extinguishing jerks even the largest trophy specimens.
Podsak sazanyatnika — the basis of success. Round hoop diameter to 0.8-1.0 meters is preferred. A fine mesh landing net with large cells and the length of the grid (bunt) — more than 1.2 meters. And landing net handle must not be less than 1.5 meters.
In the hunt for the trophy carp, carp, grass carp or buffalo are no trifles, as well as guarantees for the angler. No one is immune from error when playing a fish. What I can not say about the fish. She angler «vyvazhivaet» carefully and vigilantly, realizing in their favor human slightest mistake …
Anatoly Gogol, Stary Oskol

June 19, 2007 at 13:43

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