To be lucky

Weather is rarely ideal for the hunter to rely only on Saturday — Sunday. So this weekend. Saturday morning was like a perfect newly-fallen snow, but still got to land, the wind rose — almost knocks down.

To be luckyPhoto: Mikhail Semin

In the evening, a snowstorm began, and so all night Melo that go nowhere worth. But we went. Go hard. Wet snow that fell just stopped in the morning, on the knee, where the wind and walked plenty, it do not exist. But still. And keep hot. So try to please the man, then it’s hot, it’s cold!
«Dead» newly-fallen snow. Checked fondest fox space, but empty and empty. The case by the evening, and the strength is almost gone.
– Well, what proposals will be? – I asked Michael and Alexander.
– Can, «our» grove check? – Bear pulls uncertainly.
– A power-on the big corral enough?
– I have enough – Bodrov said.
He has a small dog: Dachshund no fee, no hound hound – always keeps such dogs! But chasing short-circuited, even occasionally on vzlaivaet «hot». At Sasha messenger thoroughbred three months old, and a serious hunt until we, of course, do not take. Windchill disembark before Mikhail solid reeds, bushes and alder. Go to it half a kilometer or two. In normal road – half an hour. Only can there be in the swamp with hummocky thickets and solid, laden with snow, the normal way?
And we with Sasha bypass this array – five minutes. There currently is adjacent to the swamp woods of oak and aspen. We disagree, each believing the place best. Mikhail precisely timed and barely taking a position, I hear his sonorous voice:
– Hop hop hop! Come on, come on, come on!
The calculation is, of course, a fox. They are here for the day are always going to adjacent fields and meadows. Bunny happen here too often, but where is it now you find? Swamp along and across the indented drainage canals, which settled beavers. Therefore, in addition to other problems, at the Bears have the opportunity to swim. I did last year, fell to his chest and, when hurried to the car, exhausted, because skiing turned into forty-pound weights for adhering snow, and without them I sank through a step on the belt.
Bear goes well! Tries. Only his voice is getting closer, and the desired promelka red skins in Reed Progal still no. He goes right between us, although it does not know exactly how we stood. I fully hear it and I’m going to get out to the car. And suddenly…
– Here, here, here! Rick! Come on, come on!
– Well well! Why would he? After the pen over.
– Look! Hare! Come on, come on, come on!
Wow! Hare in this weather, after an overnight snowstorm, is as dead. Kick raise necessary.
– Come on, Rick, come on! – invigorates Bear dog. Polutaks screams a few times and stops.
I appeal to the whole hearing. His eyes searched the neighborhood – nothing! But the trail-now how to print, and Bear barely dragging his feet. Exactly! Sasha came on, zagomonili. Eh! There would be a hound dog, like Nicholas! Yes, but he is now with another team in the neighboring district left. Wait for nothing more – I go out to meet friends.
– Here it is, ten meters from me lay, – Sasha excitedly waving his arms. – And when popped up, I did not see!
Mikhail look scary: steam knocks as on a racehorse. Sashka leg hardly bends. Daughters-in-law to move to the seventh floor helped.
– Let’s become. Let’s try to outwit him.
Oh, the dog! Chasing the hare, she did not, but it was trampled and the trace of the soul. But we are not so easy to fool, and I easily find the gumption where the dog should be returned, and the hare is already one. Hare! Similarly, he said. There’s paws are! And circling the swamp. Rusak have long been in the field chesanul. Podshumeli vain, as if in another array is not passed.
– Oh, oh, oh, oh! – I give voice not worse zapravskogo messenger. Let eared know that we, too, something can.
A hare circles the bush so that I continually risk being left without an eye.
– Oh, oh, oh, oh! – hare goes right onto the hard-packed ground me where I was waiting for him in the paddock Mishkin. Turn right. This is bad – my boys are waiting for him on the other side.
– Oh, oh, oh, oh! – can not be! Should he turn back! Exactly. Rotates.
– Ah, ah, ah! – sweat trickling out and flowing back. Great! Already today kilogrammchikov five, their familiar in the office, I’m sure going to fold.
– Ah, ah, ah! – and that it took it into my head to work under the hound? Maybe a longing for a long time not heard this Gon? Go! Good going! In men, for sure. Well, where’s the shot? No shot. Now I, too, could barely move around. I will not give up this trail. I’ll drive to the long-eared shooters. I am a hunter, and therefore, no worse than a dog!
Next comes the old clearing where there is Sasha. Hare crosses his tracks for the third round. Soon I understand them I can not. Is that stand on all fours and drag the nostrils smell? But it is unlikely to succeed.
– Ah, ah, ah! – Bunny, dragging me through the horrible windbreaks, goes to the edge, and running a couple of hundred meters, turn ninety degrees. In the left! So, after all podshumeli.
Is hare? Slowly delirium to the car. Alexander comes out to greet me.
– A hundred meters from me was!
– Hare?
– No, hare!
I do not want to believe. It can not hare much time to wind through the swamp. Bear waiting near the car. Near the tail stump flailed happily polutaks. Of course! Where is the rabbit it will come when the dog next to the guard. Instead of hares to chase!
Hare crosses the field, a paved road and go into the meadows.
– Well, can you? – I appeal to Michael.
– Come on, come on! Really throw? In such weather raised the hare!
We’re leaving forward Alexander.
– Here! – I show in the reedy shore ducts. – If it comes out, it is only here!
– Well, of course! – readily agrees Sasha.
The only bad thing that the two men are nowhere to stand, and my friend spent generously on the other side of the coastal shrubs. There’s a deep snow, and the hare certainly prefer a flat expanse of frozen water.
Michael is still far away, but I can see the distant traffic on the strip of snow-white lake. Something light, weightless and blurred distance darted toward us. Is he! No one else. On my white suit «blown snow»Making indiscernible against the background of my figure, but I still take a step back and really hidden behind reeds. Now I do not see that happening in the distance. If he does not swerve, then it will appear at a distance of a reliable shot. Indefinitely extend seconds. Really turned away? Hare at full speed crashes thirty meters from me. Dry-click a shot, and the charge «Deuce» reaches the goal. It was not in vain! Relaxation, a short jog to the trophy. Congratulations «with field». Still, I was right – hare!
Red head, and the skin is still a smoky touch. How long something is molted. While even after November. Lucky? Of course luck! And we are quite happy and exhausted, we go to the car, where we are waiting for very strong tea with brandy.

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