VIP-poachers soon sent to prison for ten years to prevent them from hunters

Moscow Region Prosecutor’s Office approved the indictment in the case against Alexander Dovydenko hunters who held VIP-poachers, however, he found himself accused. In the previous five cases the supervisory authority refused to transfer the materials to the court, but the situation changed when it is almost completely changed direction.

Told "Rosbalt" Alexander Dovydenko, the first victory in the courts VIP-poachers have already won. Trouble hunters began after he detained at the exit of the forest group of security officials and senior executives "Gazprom" with their accompanying persons transporting carcasses of elk. Among the offenders were unemployed Shennikov Vadim, who eventually took all the blame. He said that alone "I flunked" elk, and "vipy" It happened to be nearby and just taken the carcass out of the woods. By the illegal hunting they allegedly had one relationship. As a result, Dmitrov Shchennikova court sentenced only to a fine of 20 thousand. Rubles. Dovydenko appealed this decision in different instances, up to the Supreme Court.

Hunters insisted that the case against him and the illegal shooting of elk have to be combined, as is directly linked to each other. Dovydenko also insisted that the responsible should be held not only Shennikov, but a person whom he accompanied. "There are federal law "On Wildlife"On which a similar law was passed in the Moscow region, — Dovydenko said. — It clearly states that no citizen has no right to take the body of wild animals of the forest — their transportation equated to illegal hunting.

Accordingly, even if Shennikov took all the blame in the shooting of the moose, the ones I caught with the carcasses, too, should be judged. However, these arguments do not listen to no one wants. Officers suits the position of the investigation that poaching takes one Shennikov and VIP-guests just walking in the woods with guns".

As a result, the Supreme Court upheld the verdict Shchennikova in force, other members of illegal hunting in front of the servants of Themis will not appear.

But over by Dovydenko soon begin trial. GSM RF IC for Moscow Region believes that the detention of Shchennikova and his friends hunting expert exceeded the powers (Art. 286 of the Criminal Code), and he faces up to ten years in prison. "VIP-poachers need a guilty verdict against me, even give a suspended sentence, and then I can no longer hold office.

A VIP-poachers unfold on "full steam". Dmitrov district — one of their favorite places. They still have large animals (such as elk and wild boar), and hunting them is not necessary to fly to Altai or Kamchatka. High-hunters just like big game that was a lot of blood, a large carcass, etc. Trifle not suit them. Before the Dmitrov district of Moscow to go about forty minutes, and you can immediately begin shooting.

The only one who constantly interferes with such entertainment, — it’s me. Now the situation with the number of animals in the area is very sad, especially ungulates. But for the sake of "vipam" These data are almost never shown. Those already in the region are trying to hunt with helicopters. We are with his technique similar helicopter barely able to hold".

It is worth noting that the result of five times before trying to send the case against Dovydenko in court, but the first deputy prosecutor of the Moscow region Viktor Nasedkin and head of this department, Alexander Anikin each time refused to confirm the indictment. However, both in their jobs are no longer working. Nasedkin became prosecutor of the Arkhangelsk region and Anikin resigned. Without them, the Moscow Region Prosecutor’s Office immediately decided to transfer the case against Dovydenko court.

"Rosbalt" He has in detail told about the story. Sixth February 2010 game manager Alexander Dovydenko saw out of the woods at the garden of the partnership "Glider"Located in the Dmitrov district of Moscow region, a group of people went snowmobiling and sleigh. They are boxes with hunting dogs and moose carcasses on which hunting is permitted only until 31 December. Dovydenko decided to detain the men, but they tried to escape.

In particular, in his car tried to escape the head of the industrial geology and mining of "Gazprom" Gennady Kucherov, but game manager detained him. A few participants "safari" We tried to escape to "Burani". Dovydenko tried to stop snowmobiles, clinging hands on the car, but they just dragged him through the snow. After that hunters had to make a few shots in the air.

Among those detained was also a local gamekeeper, who immediately announced that prevented hunt Dovydenko "very big people". Later, witnesses claimed that on the day in the woods, in addition to a top manager "Gazprom" and several local businessmen were police general — Head of one of the ORB the Interior Ministry and other police officials and their accompanying persons.

To place emergency gathered six police cars. But the presence of men in uniform did not confuse hunters who frightened Dovydenko troubles threatened him. Hunters still wrote a letter of poaching had taken place, was prosecuted under Art. 285 of the Criminal Code (illegal hunting).

"After that I was in the Dmitrov district police department, and the local prosecutor’s office repeatedly offered "on good terms" take a statement, but I refused". — Dovydenko said earlier. Further, according to him, a senior police chief said: "Then we’ll put yourself".

Soon after the start of the threat to come true — against hunters were prosecuted for abuse of office. The reason for this was the fact that a month after the incident, the driver of a snowmobile Kiselev wrote a letter like Dovydenko shot at him to kill and injured finger.

As a result, the investigation has built the next version. Hunters Dovydenko without good reason began firing on civilians who are not hunted, but simply walking along the forest with dogs, guns and moose carcasses. Dead animals, these civilians were allegedly transported, at the request of the local gamekeeper. No VIP-persons among poachers in the RF IC is also not found. A final Dovydenko incriminated h. 3 tablespoons. 286 of the Criminal Code (abuse of power, resulting in grave consequences).

With regard to the investigation of illegal hunting, the Dmitrov district police department investigators have put forward the theory that the hunters in the animal did not shoot, but just came across in the forest on moose carcass, after which — like good citizens — We decided to pass them to the appropriate authorities.

Probably, this version would remain in the case file, and the killing of moose blamed on unknown attackers, but flunked Dovydenko police complaints, demanding a thorough investigation the fact of poaching.

As a result, the light of a new version: in animals shot Vadim Shennikov unemployed, who then called on the radio the other participants "safari"Including the local gamekeeper. And by the order of the last hunters all together somewhere drove the dead moose. Shennikov fully admitted his guilt, he was one officially charged.

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