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Captive cough

US vets isolated group of viral diseases "Associated respiratory infections" for dogs of group content.Photo xcode / flickr.com Infectious tracheobronchitis dog – syndrome that develops in acute respiratory infection that is caused by viruses or bacteria. Known by various names: complex captive cough complex infectious tracheobronchitis, cough kennels and others. Withudorozhny dry cough in violation of the general condition of the dog easily goes into severe pneumonia with a lethal outcome. With the development of pneumonia radiographically detected focal or diffuse shading. Read more [...]
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How to get to Ushytsya ruffs?

The largest ruffs (by the way, and minnows) found in ponds with standing water, and not rivers. Those anglers who catch specially ruff and refer to him as a fish noteworthy, well aware that the catch in ruffs not the middle of winter so simple. Moreover, now generally quite difficult to call good «ershiny» water. Apparently, in the overall decline in population ruff influenced several environmental factors. Of great interest causes Fishermen called «royal» ruff. There are still bodies of water, Read more [...]
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Night acquaintance

One night, one of the shifts, I was lucky to get acquainted with the smallest representative of the weasel family, not the least of audacity and courage of a predator - a caress. Our acquaintance was on the side of a snow-covered road, almost in the city. The camera was with me. Lusk discovered quite by chance, darting just a meter away from me, lost in the snow burrows, but just as suddenly appears in another. For it was impossible to keep track of movements. Nimble snow-white animal with a short tail lost in snow. Only betrayed his swift movement.To better see me, weasel ran Read more [...]
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Berlozhnaya profit

"The wind blows from the east, he svezhiy.Skoro Ichigo obuet noga.Skoro human blood and wash medvezheyBudet holy taiga ..."L.GumilevPhoto by Yuri Loginov Staying without a working dog — mountain. A for the hunter-fishers — especially. Although long known that good long dog live. Busey was still alive, but to work longer He suited. MALES he was noble, Petrovic was already the second in the fall of Busko Buseya renamed to have been respectful. So he bastard on Klitschko and older ceased to respond. He knew his worth! Read more [...]
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April, with water — May with herbs

Passed last decade of April - a real spring water. Her torrents washed away the final remnants of blackened snow, noisy spring storms and rains that fill the life-giving water the earth and all that dwell therein. Starts movement from birch sap, that's why one of the ancient names April, it was berezozol. Photo by Anton Zhuravkova Value April of water for nature is reflected in the national signs: «Wet April – good arable land». «April does not like lazy, agile Blue». And interesting age-old observation of natural phenomena, which should take note, Read more [...]
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Hunter — about ballistics

Hardly anyone doubts the need for a hunter knowledge of ballistics, both external and internal. Of particular interest is the external ballistics owners rifle. Indeed, knowledge of the behavior of bullets after leaving the barrel often depends on the result of the shot.Photo dreamstime.com Hunters are often the question arises: «How does the bullet when firing «cool down» and «steeply»When vysit when nizit?» This is especially interesting for owners and fans of rifle shooting from ambush. If you do not take into account the participation in that Read more [...]
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On the eve of the flood

Roach and ide move in the spring river, if not met by artificial barriers in the form of dams and networksPhoto: Anatoly Mailkov Around in mid-March fishing on the environment, there are fermentation about where to go to fishing, since the spring warmth opens up new possibilities. FROM on the one hand, I want to get on biting bream and pike-perch with last ice. FROM the other, the practice of previous years suggests that maybe it is time to the mouth of the river to watch the beginning of the famous course and ide roach.Therefore, Read more [...]
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Kuchumchik or ten days in the woods toropskih

Dedicated faithful friend VN Shcherbakov. Article TwoPhoto by Sergey Shaparenko One day we had a funny incident on the hunt. Half a day passed quietly, as it happens when dogs work. We sat down to smoke. For the rest chose inclined birch. Guns put to another tree, and themselves settled on this birch tree, lit a cigarette and sitting on her rocking. Dogs immediately next. It took about 10 minutes–15. It is time to move on. We get up this birch trees and suddenly we see from under her white hair falls out vershinki. One could expect anything, but not this. For a moment, everything Read more [...]
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Chevitsa river Langeree

Taimen is found throughout the basin Tymi. This fish loves bright cold water.Photo Nicholas Gornastaleva.V Tymi usual large noble fish salmon trout. Meat trout is white and tender, is a delicacy. Intrigued by this powerful and quite rare even for the Sakhalin fish, I once with my partner Anatoly Jakubowski purposefully went to Langeree. This is a very beautiful mountain river with and numerous rifts deep holes in the north of the island. The river flows in the mountains, and one portion of it, about 35–40 km long was rarely visited Read more [...]
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In the good old days familiarity determines everything, or nearly everything. An acquaintance could have both deficits and service. Well, almost as now, only now it's for the money.Photo by Vitaly Koshkin A close acquaintance with the local ranger gave us the opportunity to hunt wild boar with a warehouse. we – it's me and my companion, who was 20 years younger than me, but he was a master of the sport of clay pigeon shooting. Huntsman has written two trips, I gave two licenses for wild boar and wished to close them, if we're lucky. The place was familiar, and we went for Read more [...]
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The weather this season is clearly not pleased fans tread hare on newly-fallen snow. The snow that fell the seventh of December, two days allowed all leave their mark on it, and then, after zero temperature, the frost hit, and the crust is almost sinking under the paws of animals such as foxes. But nothing of cautious rabbit, weighing less and legs wider, and can not speak.On this day, after several unsuccessful «the blind» pens, our team of three men really wanted to raise the long-eared. As a result, we managed to find the road sledok that svidetelstval that hare Read more [...]
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On the nature of a profit

With the arrival of sunny days of summer there are more opportunities for outdoor activitiesHunting or fishing in the warm weather adds to the pleasure of the country conducted by time. In addition, during the summer days become passable, many protected corners where it was not possible to get to the other seasons. To get to them, in most cases, requires an appropriate vehicle. High popularity among fans of country trips are SUVs because of the good permeability. However, regular trips require considerable costs, which could spoil the mood avid nature. Save succeed in reducing the number Read more [...]
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Quails my uncle

Uncle Ahmad - bedanaboz, and in Russian - Sparrowhawk. With the onset of spring gardens and streets of our village filled with sonorous pereschelkom quail. My uncle was a master at catching these birds.Photo YIM Hafiz / flickr.com (CC BY 2.0) For ravine on clover field he set snares and often brought home feathered captives. Ahmad gave me the females and males kept the vociferous. Novoselov, I put in a cage, watered with spring water, fed millet. And after a while I quietly let them back into the wild. When my uncle was interested, as they say, are faring my quail, I put aside Read more [...]
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Bell hope

"If the echo of far away - frost grow stronger," - I remembered the words of his grandfather Normaykina, returning to zimovё. I turned my head and I saw with shore in a hurry to see me Koresh. Running up, he lifted his face and I looked: «Say, what name? ..»— Not I am running about whether that day? — I patted his withers. — Enough already.Coat the dog was elastic, dense, like wolf. — Wow the Wolf! — I sincerely admired and his tireless and broad chest, and, most importantly, — Read more [...]
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Evaluation of the accuracy of shooting

On the accuracy of firearms influenced by many factors. They can be divided into three groups. The first - a reason related to the difference in muzzle velocity. Second - subekivnye reasons depend on strelka.Tretya - external conditions, such as temperature, wind force and air pressure. First bullet velocity differences may be related to used ammunition. It is clear that even if the machine production can not achieve 100 percent matching and ammunition. Differences may occur in geometric dimensions and bullets sleeves, their shape, weight, with­osnosti bullets sleeve, Read more [...]
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Running rifled

A lot of broken copy on the need to break-rifled barrel. There are diametrically opposing views: the process can improve accuracy of rifles and break-barrel spoils or, at least, is completely useless.«Question running rifles is more a matter of faith, but not the actual benefits». In practice, I Be sure to get improved accuracy is not obtained always, and the improvement is insignificant and Here achieve better cleaning of the weapon, or rather simplification and acceleration cleaning can be considerably. In addition, it reduced copper Read more [...]
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The first voice of spring

Spring came to the Great Russian PlainRight in arable land hides shylyA wandering – and for half an hour,Like winged bells,Slowly she goes to heaven.Sergei Smirnov. Lark.The clouds thinned and the sunshine faltered ice «coat of mail» fields, the first "black island" open land in the endless "sea of ​​snow." All day spring sun struggles to expand the boundaries of the "islands" to win another piece in white spaces, raising clouds of steam into the air. The earth seemed to breathe, just about ready to wake up from a long winter sleep. This vapor rises higher and sits on the Read more [...]
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How to store weapons?

Law of the Russian Federation does not prohibit private individuals to own weapons, but it points to the need for a license for its acquisitionAt the same time, even if you are allowed to buy a gun, you can not just hang it on a wall or hiding under the bed.There is the Russian Interior Ministry order №288, which regulates the trafficking of arms and the rules of its storage.Firearms and rules of its storage under the laws of the Russian FederationThere are rules for the storage of firearms, and they must comply with. Order №288 "About storage of firearms" It defines the basic parameters Read more [...]
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Wings over the silver country

Hunting trips outside Russia exclusively for the hunting of the pen is still uncommon for our huntersThere are, of course, fans of bird hunting, traveling regularly to them in the Old World, mainly in the Balkans. But the undisputed leader in providing a wide variety of bird hunting, is today the new lights and indicators, and especially Argentina. Simple arithmetic calculations show that hunting in this country today is not more expensive hunting trip to Belarus, which is often chosen pen lovers from Russia in the last decade. But the Belarusian prices every year all the more painful bite, and Read more [...]
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Magic spring

Of all the guns in Russia today Webley&Scott I am most interested in the model 812. This model has several advantages that make it particularly interesting in our market.Photo: FOTOLIA.COM  Getting To Know submitted­governmental in Sales of the model showed that not so easy today to find weapons inertial reloading, and even well-known brand, for an amount close to thirty 000 rubles.The gun is a classic semi-automatic, easy, handiness; tubular magazine holds four cartridges. By default Shop inserted on the stopper two cartridges. Read more [...]
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