A few days of life

«It’s really Prokopic sighed when he saw the sugar-sable fresh trail with sweeping escort dog paws. For a while he looked at the trail sable. There was so much splendor in the rapid dash between pairs of footprints in the most of this pairing, and each pair of oblique stretching, preserving all over volatile synchronicity. On the bottom is necessary to distinguish fingerprints pads, and the whole framed oval crust and soft edges were in gentle Scherbinka. «(M. Tarkovsky» Yenisei, let me go! «)

A few days of lifePhoto by the author

— Is that snow? What is the snow for the end of October? Should alreadyóH Foot-be! — Sergei roaring, kicking toe chubby, night had fallen snow.
But on the snow He did not offense and I am falling, falling, falling, so to first days of November roads since hodilos difficulty. A Then came the turning point, the beginning of the warm up, the sky in at night it was not frosty starry and cotton-blind, It’s muggy. AND Snow opal. Not melted, and I cringed caked. Blew away the down pillows on Roads, even forming a broad whitefish, and under the cedar almost indecently bared mosses.
Taiga is strikingly different from the usual I Altai cedar — Forest cluttered and trees, stretching upwards, almost without branches, only to top as Siberian palm puzzled carrying a bundle of furry paws on lichen.
— Uh-uh-Eeeh and zelenush-sh-shshy forest once stood, — Serge sighed again, risking to beat in This very Titova — kolotóINEC! AND which dries something? What he did not hvatat? AND we wandered from AM to pm quiet forest near the indignant cries of the ubiquitous and pikas We grieved by this silence up As long as no Taiga He lit up the dog barking. Or booming and echoing, Novik is barking, or high, but measured is Umka, or acute nervous, hasty, frequent, so the animal driven label. AND then the time to stop and compressed into quick step or running as the terrain allows, during sudden stops and attempts to determine the direction of the barking, and heart and breath drowned all sounds hundreds of miles around, and Only a deep breath to help vytayat This noise window to make sure that the dog still call us.
Today decided to go to Willow. It’s not far, about four kilometers from the hard labor. There Desyatov cabin, where he sawed the trail should be easy to go, and there he saw a couple of sable tracks.
As usual, on the left top profile and slightly passed it until turned on trail. Dogs are lost elsewhere in the profile, not even Catherine checked. Sergei tells me about how they were cut profile eighties. Going on trail down easily, and we expect to quickly reach wintering, making it a small passage to a nearby brook, Proksch.
Laika we heard the conversation barely. Tag! Her voice and manner not confused with whom. Laika calls, gambling, almost hysterical, without peremolchek. Getting off trail, we go relatively clean wood. I leave him at living forest edge, and — what a joy! Tag rages on small dry Kedrina without tops, very close. So, do not climb deep have to!

A few days of life

Photo avtoraShkurka proteins is always a price. If the price of the acceptance of more than 200 proteins rubles, the hunter engaged belkovaniem profitable.

Tree without branches, so sable or it, or … have to skedaddle to all blades, leaving fool three dogs (Umka, and Tag Katerina — today Bogatov «Women’s output») and two hunters. Latrines meters and ten from Dereviny I shot three bullet cartridge for suspicious holes in the bare top. Without result…
Serge spread a smoky campfire under a tree, so that the smoke is sucked in, and climbing the trunk of the about, tapping his ax. Dogs almost bark, watching us.
Uh-Eeeh, ran to see, sobolek!
Well no! After another eloquent torrents in the trunk is heard quietly but rumbling disturbed. Here!
But to enjoy a second sooner. Above Human growth trunk several small hollows, get out there, jump — and write-gone. By the same reason, to cut risky. A around the trunk a few logs, piled on different heights so that by them it is necessary that penetrate, then jump if you want to bypass the terms and Only dogs almost unimpeded namyali circles of his five fingers. At the bottom, where delays smoke too few otnorkov but this puzzle still somehow can be solved. AND we decided. Poskidyvali upper jacket, stuffed them Sergei as he could, at the bottom of the hole. Fire pelted with snow, so as not to singe of clothes. On the remaining two holes went backpack.
In half a meter from the ground Serge expand naturally hollow and I began to feel it inside. Suddenly he swore, shoved his hands deeper, trying to something to reach out … It turns out, sable already managed to get down Seeking a way out, and Bogatov only last minute frightened him.
We have condensed as much as possible, things plugging vents, hoping to find them all, and Vadimych began to cut down on the hole breast height, and I got to tozovkoy opposite hollows — shoot the emphasis of the shot would not be the most common thing to do.
Pointing guns at fresh hollow, the size of just five in ten centimeters, I I watched for the animal, and to swear in every way rumbling on We dereviny us out. From under the blade of the ax flew in all directions, splinters, and I was not more than meter from the trunk, and most of them are getting any on my share. Therefore I had to hold a gun in one hand, and the second closing of the chips. AT not hollow nothing could be seen. Dogs are no longer fed voice, catching our every move, and literally devouring the eyes of the tree from the roots up crown.
More is not to expand the hollow cost, but not all animal He appeared. Sergei, obazartivshis, began to cut a hollow on the other hand and higher. Then I was able to take the gun with both hands and somehow stretch your arm completely numb, a closer look into the dark hole. It seemed to me that there is something flashed, but continued to fly from the top and trash small chips.
Desperately afraid that sable slipped down, I asked catkins on minute stop making noise. We froze. For a moment or two there was absolute silence. Dogs were frozen around the tree in unimaginable poses and even he seemed to be holding their breath. AT dimness seemed hollow barrel tip of the nose, followed by the whole predatory muzzle. Quiet cotton tozovskoy melkashki … Took!
And then everything exploded sounds. Serge shouted, repeating several times his initial diagnosis: «Well, you and fartoo-of-ooovaya!» Whining, barking dogs, rushing for fresh splinters around the trunk, and even the forest in front of us as if the exhaled noisily as necessary.
Very pleased with each other we Earring pulled our jackets and backpack out of the hollow, brushed off as we could, from chips and rot, light brown admired sobolyushkoy. The day has just begun, we have not yet proteins shot, so the dogs got on and polsuharya and plenty of praise compliments.
Today we are going to extract «my» Sable. All previous days Vadimych said:
— That ‘s get a little for the seed, and you can start to hunt you … Now, sobolyushku fishing …
And we have them extracted. AND half — out of Novik. A when he zonked on what did the dog sniffed the sable next planted them, which drove three half kilometers, rich respectfully handed:
— Uh-eeee … Yes you are, it turns out, dog! ..
And it sounded like — «I dedicate to you Knights …».
On this day, we came late, almost twelve. Not even heat, and just hot. Thermometer showed three, snow grains and caked with branches dripping. November, however …

A few days of life

Photo Tatiana Desyatov

Dogs on the left trail. We stand on Trail at Grass, leaning on staff. We are waiting. Listen. Sergei left the trail. After half an hour of silence suddenly ran Novik bottom, but the strange thing, though tail and swerved, yes, they say, I know and not approached. Stopped nearby villages, head of side of a steep and this kind of dog puzzled. While we were so-so were deciding what to do next, top whistled Serge. Hearing him, Novik jumped like a firecracker blew it, and I sped on napryamki vote. I — followed, although not argue. Three hundred meters on the left Earrings, view at which was a hair’s breadth, as in Novick. AND was a what.
As he cut a small section, sable literally jumped on it. I raced meters and three disappeared, followed by a symbolic salute tozovki. While Sergei came to the yourself while calling me while waiting for he just as suddenly jumped Novik, ponyuhtil circle track and picked up steam He sped away.
— Oh, sorry, your left sable, only waved his tail. Not He sits down on the this snow. Kotishka already mahah went. Well, let’s go, or what …
But not minutes more than five, there was a bassist in barrel, the barking dog.
Disbelief, we came almost level with the other dogs.
— Lucky! .. Well, lucky! .. These … Sable should simply have run away!
So that «my» sable I waited. Me and Novick.
What, though, we all know that «All good things come to end yes». Therefore, the temperature, hard to climb the entire second half of our «convict» life completely melted the snow, It freezes at night just enough to morning form stable hard whitefish centimeters Two thick and Icicles stretched almost to ground. All dogs except weightless Catherine, have long differed in trail of blood due to the peculiarities of paws, but left on based resented infringement of their rights and duties. But a sable snow kept firmly.
Full day Hard labor. Due to the weather the day appointed tabor, because the spring came. On Vadimych mood is affected depressing, so the dog does not get out from under the bunk. We have changed all that set aside on later; subdued smoky chimney, pinned stack of firewood, outfitted with Bogatov fifty rounds, put things in order in and flock came to concluded that «tabor days» exhausting their idleness is worse than the most difficult hikes.
In the morning protopili lishniyny cabin just to potatoes under the bunks are not pomerzla and set off way. In Typte drove to Sanaa Titov, find out the rest. AT This year, many hunters have come to their land, as the cost of furs rose slightly, even went to the protein promhoze on half a ruble. Now, all as Bogatov, made them a little break and We are waiting for the snow to come again.
And morning — final chord — surrender of fur agreement. Bunches of proteins discreetly shimmering tails lay on desk receptionist, she laid them on the grades and defects concentration considered, calculated interest. AND It emanated from all around the individual, and this firm, and I did not want to think about that all is inexorably crumbling, that the majority of people in a world where it was time to go back, no longer no need This furs or the taiga, or this simple, honest life.

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