Again, hot summer?

June first is cool, nelaskov. Unstable weather is typical for the first two pyatidnevok.

Again, hot summer?

According to national signs, summer begins with flowering rose hips (6 June), summer begins at the phenology of the third five-day week, with flowering viburnum (June 13). Astronomically, summer begins with the solstice, June 22, when the Sun passes from the southern to the northern hemisphere. Normally less changeable summer than winter and spring, and up to its «average» appearance.

Folk omens for this summer

If the cold in January, July is hot and dry. In January, a lot of frequent and long icicles, the harvest will be good. January was cold, as it should be, but there was no icicles.

Want to know what will be the summer? Look closely at the birches! «Opushatsya earlier maple) — dry, later — rainy. If early spring birch alder throw leaves — Summer is dry and if alder first bloom, tortured and cold showers». — popular wisdom. In our part of the promise of birch, dry summers.

  • snowy winter — to the long spring and rainy summer. This winter, the snow was not enough.
  • If the January cold — July is hot and dry, do not wait until the autumn mushrooms. January was cold, within the long-term average temperature.
  • If the winter is dry and cold — Summer is dry and hot. It was quite chilly and cold.
  • Winter snow — summer rainy. Winter snow was not.
  • In January frequent snowfalls and snowstorms in July frequent rains. Blizzards and frequent snowfall was not.
  • Not only snow in the winter — summer with occasional rain. In Moscow there was less snow than usual, and in other areas of European Russia, it seems, as always.
  • Heavy snowfall in early winter — to strong rains in early summer. There was heavy snowfall
  • February cold — a favorable summer. February was a cold.
  • If February is rainy, then the same can be expected in the spring and summer, and if «pogodlivy», It portends drought. February this year was mainly «pogodlivy».
  • February cold, dry — August is hot.
  • The frequent fogs in March herald the rainy summer. Part of the nebula was not.
  • If ractsvel dandelion early spring — short summer. We can assume that the dandelions in our region (Obninsk) blossomed on time.
  • In May, a lot of cranes — drought. On the familiar slots «extra» No cranes.

What does the folk calendar?

  • 27.09. Vozdvizhenie. In Zdvizhene Seaver, so the summer heat will be. The air temperature in the ETR all positive, «Siver» It was not.
  • 19.12. Nicholas the Wonderworker. What a day in the winter Nikola such and Nikola year. Rime Nikola — to harvest. In the European part of Russia (ETR) was always warm cloudy. Snowfalls occurred just north of St. Petersburg.
  • 31.12. Folk omens say that, starting from December 26 until the date of the Nativity (ie from 26.12 to 07.01 and the New Year), the weather shows the weather each day of the next month. Thus, the day of December 31 shows how the weather will be in June. On this day, the EPR was observed partly cloudy, locally heavy rainfall occurred (snow and rain) at a temperature of 0 to 3 degrees.
  • 1.01. Day shows what will be in July. ETP was located in the north-western periphery of the anticyclone, observed partly cloudy weather, no precipitations, and temperature from 1 to 3 degrees below zero.
  • 2.01. Day shows what will be in August. ETP located on the north-western area of ​​the anticyclone, outlines the isobar 1030 hPa. There was cloudy weather, no precipitations, with light winds.
  • 7.01. Christmas. The manuscript of the XV century «Kolyadniki» He brought us a sign: «On the Nativity in some day will». «A Christmas ashche happen on Tuesday (2014) — snowy winter, spring is wet, good summer, but dry».
  • 19.01. Epiphany. Epiphany frosts. Noticed that if Epiphany clear and cold weather — arid to fly; Cloudy and snow — an abundant harvest. On ETR weather that day was influenced by the anticyclone ridge, located on the north-west, dominated by overcast weather with temperatures from 19 to 22 degrees below zero.
  • 21.01. Yemelyan-perezimniki. Koli wind from the south — Summer terrible. Above the central zone of the ETP was a small anticyclone with light winds of 0-2 m / s.
  • 23.01. Gregory-letoukazatel. The day long and with frost ryasen — year term will be foul weather. By hoarfrost notice it, what summer will be dry or rainy. Went to look at the haystacks and grain stacks, and if you have seen that they have a frost is predicted gray and wet summer.
  • At night and in the early afternoon in the northwest of European Russia in the area of ​​the hollow cyclone observed snowfall, temperatures up to 22 degrees below zero. In the central zone of the ETP was overcast weather with temperatures of 22 below zero, in the southern regions of GAD weather determined the cyclone. He led a full cloudy with snowfall and the temperature of the air 12–16 degrees below zero. By the evening of the entire ETR dominated complete with snowfall cloudy with wind northerly direction 2–4 m / s and temperatures of 13–20 degrees below zero.
  • 25.01. Tatiana Epiphany. Snow on Tatiana — summer rainy. The snow on this day was celebrated in the northwest ETR north of St. Petersburg, in Moscow and in other regions of European Russia prevailed overcast weather with temperatures of 16–24 degrees below zero.
  • 28.01. Paul Fiversky. Koli wind — year will be crude. Strong wind was not.
  • 31.01. Afanasy- clematis. On the day Ofanasev prigrevina on the walls, so this year to green. Over ETP anticyclone located. He led cloudy weather with air temperature 21–24, sometimes 29 degrees below zero.
  • 10.02. Ephrem the Syrian. On Ephraim vetroduy — to wet fly. The wind was weak.
  • 18.02. Agatha-korovnitsa, pominalnitsa. Frosts in the day portend stormy spring, dry and hot summer. Morozov in the ETP that day was not. Temperature everywhere +1 3°.
  • 13.03. Basil-drip. On this day, always thaw. New month for Evdokia (14.03) with rain — be wet fly. On ETR rain was just north of St. Petersburg, and the temperature was 2–3 degrees of heat.
  • 14.03. Evdokia-Plyushchikha. It is believed that this day is reputed letoukazatelem. «What Evdokeya, so is the summer». If Evdokia clear wonderful year; If cloudy, bad year. «Look at Evdokia summer: on Evdokia snow and rain and the warm wind — a wet summer and the cold and the north wind — the summer cold». If Rooks Have Arrived until March 14 — be a wet summer, and the snow come down early. Weather on the ETP on this day defined anticyclone ridge, located on the south. He identified throughout the warm weather, cloudy with rain with temperatures of +2 in the district of St. Petersburg and up to four° Kursk from the south. And all the birds in the spring flew 7–10 days earlier.
  • 7.04. Annunciation. Spring to the Annunciation — many cold front. At the Annunciation storm — fly to warm. Wet Annunciation — mushroom summer. At the Annunciation the sky is cloudless, the sun bright — be a terrible summer. There was cloudy weather, light rain in places, storms were not.
  • 21.04. Rodion-ledolom. On Rodion-ledoloma meeting the sun with a good month — a clear day and a good summer, thin — bad weather and poor summer. On ETR observed mainly cloudless weather with a gentle breeze, and in the central region and temperatures up to 21 seats°.
  • 11.05. Max and Jason. The warm and starry night – to harvest, and a clear sunrise – windy summer. The night was warm in spring and sunrise clear.
  • 13.05. Yakov. Warm evening star and a quiet night — to Vedren, dry summer. Bright sunrise — Vedren summer. ETP was under the influence of the cyclone with atmospheric fronts. Over most of the observed complete Cloudy with rain in the area of ​​fronts. The evening was warm, but the stars could be seen. Sunrise was also hidden by dense clouds.
  • 14.05. Eremia-zapryagalnik. Warm evening and quiet starry night — Vedren a dry fly. The evening is warm and quiet and starry night. Only in the area of ​​St. Petersburg and to the north of the night it was cloudy with rains and south all was cloudy and warm.


In terms of the signs of promise that summer will come in time, and on the cloud will be, as always. As the air temperature will most favored for warm and even hot summer, and most of the precipitation is still «promise» not just a little precipitation, and «voted» of the dry summer. June you can expect warm with conventional or near normal rainfall. July and August are likely to be hot and dry.

From the Editor

Observations of our old author, phenology and specialist weather Revnuta Grigorievich Golovko always interesting to readers. However, unfortunately, in recent years many people are not always signs «work». The reason of that — global climate change is primarily due to the impact of human activity on the environment.

Note the signs themselves, recorded by the author in the vicinity of the city of Obninsk, Kaluga region, can not be extrapolated to the whole of Central Russia.

For example, this year in the Vladimir region alder first time in many years of observations blossomed before birch, there was little beetles. This — signs of the rainy summer. We will be glad if such observations, we will send our readers naturalists from other regions of Russia.

Sergey Fokin

Revnut Golovko1 June 2014 at 00:00

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