All to the shelter!

In accordance with the Rules of hunting in the spring hunter can hunt drakes with a stool pigeon only shelter. Therefore, his presence — a mandatory attribute of the hunt.

All to the shelter!


 Skradok, ambush and tent almost synonymous — Hunters use it alone, the other names. Titles «skradok» and «ambush» relatively new, you will not find them neither ST Aksakov, no LP Sabaneev nor VI Dahl, although the latter is the explanation hunting term «conceal».

But in the modern dictionary TF Ephraim «ambush — it is shelter for observation of animals, birds, etc. for podkaraulivaniya beast, game, etc. (in speech naturalists and hunters)»And about skradke — not a word.

 Let us, as most hunters assume that skradok and ambush — synonyms, and more often used in relation to artificial portable shelters. Some hunters made their own, the majority prefer to buy in shops.

Hunting with decoy duck — ancient way of spring hunting drakes. In the XIX century it were mainly engaged in rural hunters and trappers industrialists in floodplains. These people lived by hunting, selling game on the market in large quantities. LP Sabaneyev wrote that was developed especially strongly hunting decoy in the form of fishing in the Penza province, the rivers Moksha and Sura, where some hunters industrialists earn up to $ 100 in the spring. In some places the spring drakes harvested for future use — smoked or frozen in glaciers.

All to the shelter!

For spring hunting kept specially selected vociferous stool pigeons with good working qualities. «Fatherland and circular weft is considered a hotbed of Tula, why the best CRICOVA duck called Tula. Penza circular duck better Tula and valued dearly. For good ducks breed primarily paid in gold». — He writes LP Sabaneyev in its «Hunting calendar».

Hunting for drakes with arrival and held until the summer until the end of the XIX century were not adopted a law on hunting and hunting regulations that restrict the terms of spring hunting on the drakes in the central provinces 1 (14) of May. Hunting with decoy, as a kind of sports and amateur hunting, has become particularly popular among our hunters in the prewar and early postwar years. Hunt then resolved with the arrival and until the 20 of May.

All to the shelter!

In 1936, the first championship in the United States Manco. The winner of the championship was Tom Welch — the first and only winner of these Championships, who used only his own voice!

Obviously, since in many regions of Russia preserved the tradition to build this hunting quite spacious tents. They were built of poles and branches. In the forest zone and strengthening basic camouflage material was spruce, rarely pine spruce branches. Where there was a shortage of coniferous trees, using a straw, hay, last year’s rush.

We have, in the floodplain of the Klyazma, spring hunting with decoy was very popular. And those who now holds the decoy ducks, still rely mostly huts of twigs spruce. This tradition was passed on to us from our ancestors. In March, even in the snow, skiing spruce branches were brought to a place of the future of hunting. In line with the terrain, land knowledge and years of experience, tents set on raised ground before the flood.

For many years, we use welded a metal rod frames that replace both longitudinal and transverse poles. It remains only to braid frame spruce spruce branches, and weave over and disguise his green hay, straw or dry last year’s grass. Around the hut stuck twigs of willow, wild cherry and other trees and shrubs that grow here.

It happens that at the end of the hunting season, they take root, and a blank sheet. Of course, a tent should be relatively free access to the hunter was able to get out in time to untangle the decoy, to pick up the waves carried away broken or drake, hearing the cries of the incident at hand jamb geese, prepare to fire.

All tents and skradka to hunt drakes should be completely closed to the top. Shoot the entry of the spring, even for a single drakes can not.

The simplest version skradka — the skeleton of a zherdnyaka draped over his camouflage net. Only need to remember that the conical frame dramatically reduces the internal volume of the shelter, constraining movement of the hunter in him. Therefore, the poles are placed vertically, and on top of the branches and twigs is thick roof. Inside the skeleton poles attached to the hoop. It not only strengthens the skeleton itself, but can also serve as a support for the gun when firing drakes.

When installing skradka with camouflage net, there is one caveat — the front wall may be somewhat slack mouth, but not stretched. Otherwise, some particularly careful drakes will skradka afraid of. When choosing a network it is necessary to pay attention to the mesh size. It happens that the stick shafts, especially vertikalka not always easy. In this case, cut slits. In any case, need more masking grid dry grass.

All to the shelter!

Decoy ON MILLION.Horosho made and tuned duck decoy is an effective means of attracting birds on spring hunting. Duck decoys are made of wood and plastic. It is believed that the wooden decoy softer and more natural sounding voice more pleasant, more alive duck. The nature of the sound decoy depends on wood. Monkey are two and odnoyazychkovye. As materials for the manufacture of modern duck decoy used plastic and solid wood, often exotic species.

In the spring, especially in the flood, the water level is constantly changing, at first quickly enough water comes, and after three or four days of peak flood begins to subside. Hut regularly have to drag it out of the water on a dry place, on the contrary, when the water recedes, closer to the water.

Hut built on poles, fenced in the land, we have almost completely dismantled and re-set. Framing huts easier, you can drag and drop without breaking. But there is one hunter is difficult to make: a large tent with a woven in a spruce branches and twigs, often to the same soaked rain is heavy. So you have to carry it alone.

Man-portable skradka in this respect is much more convenient. I am now in its third season use such shelters. For sale is a lot of variants. For me, one of the main conditions — Lightweight and compact, as in our case often have to deliver them on his land, or, in extreme cases, to drag from the house to the boat.

And then there was a basket with a couple of decoy, and 15 pieces−20 different kinds of stuffed ducks, equipped with weights, not to mention the ax, binoculars, cameras, cartridges, thermos, flashlight and other necessary attributes this hunt. The second important condition to skradok can be collected in a few minutes in the dark. It is known that in the morning you come to this hunting long before sunrise in order to catch the first, the strongest expansion of drakes, which occurs as soon as the little glimmer dawn.

There skradka that put almost instantly, there are when we first collect krakas and put on a camouflage fabric, or insert prefabricated arc guide grooves at the base skradka. The fabric is attached to the ground and along the length of the supports skradka. Ideally, a shelter should be slowly gathering once in the daytime and leave in place, and then on other days before the hunt only to endure.

But, unfortunately, education and culture are our hunters that rely on the safety for the sake of a rather expensive skradka dare not every hunter. Talk about that before, in Soviet times, culture was higher, too, is not necessary.

Older hunters told me that after the war, and often there are also those who set fire to the huts have very successful hunters of envy. A hunt with a decoy without shelter possible. Here and now we have to bear every time hunting with an artificial skradok and install it.

One of the drawbacks of portable skradka — their instability in high winds. Although sometimes spills can be such winds that overturned even heavy tents on a metal frame.

All to the shelter!

Making a tent improvised — a pleasant process, but takes a long time.

Still, the main requirement for skradka — its tightness and camouflage. There are shelter-type tents made of thin translucent camouflage fabric. Look out the sun, and the hunter in him as in an aquarium can be seen not only his movement, but also the silhouette. Drake will cheat circles over the hut, but if you sit down and then far beyond a reliable shot.

Masking dense fabric skradka in conjunction with volume deployments such as bark or bast simulating last year sedge or reed, is more preferable. Oddly enough, but the type of camouflage fabric bolonevoy not deterred drakes, although some hunters expressed concern that it supposedly gives glimpses of the sun.

Such shelter drakes swam close, and sometimes even tried to look at himself skradok if this time I used the decoy. It is only necessary to remember that after the rain skradok equipped born, it is necessary to dry in the wind or in the room.

Good skradok should not scare drakes, not only in the evening, but during the day, a sunny day, when the birds are well notice the danger and the most careful. It is of great importance and the choice of location for installation skradka. Better if it will stand next to shrubs, trees or weeds curtain wall. Standing alone on a small island skradok, surrounded on all sides by water, may cause suspicion in drakes.

Therefore it is better that this island was bigger and partially covered with shrubs or trees. Well put skradok the water so that the rear portion has considerable undrowned land. In any case, desirable to further camouflage skradka stuck around branches and other natural materials.

Skradka door must be kept tightly closed, may be a lot of loopholes, but they must be narrow enough and conveniently located at eye level hunter sitting on a chair inside. As the seats are very comfortable fishing Seats with backrest and armrests. They should not be too low, so that the hunter does not numb legs after sitting in skradke accounted for 5 to 7 hours.

All to the shelter!

TIPS UTYaTNIKA.Boynitsy shelter should be located against the dawn. Decoy ducks are placed in the water at a distance of 8-12 meters from the shore. The best years of drakes occurs in the twilight — in the evening or dawn. Podsevshih drake need to beat clean. Wounded animal should be sought immediately. On the hunt for ducks use a fraction №№ 5,4,3. Consider for — water can carry away extracted drake. Dress warmly — like any spring hunting, which have long to wait. Waders are required — get extracted game, go shallow waters to evacuate in time when the rise of water. Do not forget a flashlight — to illuminate the road to the hut and back.

The hunting literature insists that the spring in addition to the stool enough to land only 1–2 stuffed duck, but you can do without them. At its experience that it is not. The more stuffed floats around the hut, the better. This is due to two reasons. First, it creates a greater effect on attracting wild drakes.

Accumulations of sitting ducks on the water, combined with the voice of decoy signal that this place kormno and safely. Secondly, the spring is produced not only mallard drakes, but other species of ducks. They sit down to a live decoy mallard duck-only group. Arrange around the hut stuffed teal, Wigeons, Pintail, Tufted ducks and other increases the likelihood of attracting «his» type drakes.

It is especially well in combination with these kinds of lures. In my skradke special cheholchike have for this monkey on pintail, wigeon, teal and Pochard. Buy them now is not a problem. Drakes different species differ in behavior and response to danger. The most careful mallard and pintail, teal more trusting of both species, especially Shoveler and Wigeon.

Ducks have excellent color vision, and therefore he has to be a hunter dressed in soft clothes, preferably of the same color as the skradok. It should not rustle and be warm enough, as the hunting season dawns, and even on the water is very cold. I myself prefer to sit in skradke or hunting jacket winter camouflage colors, or in an elongated jacket of cloth greatcoat.

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