Annals of Russian hunting books

Circulations of modern hunting books usually range between 1000-2000 copies. Surprisingly, more than one hundred years ago in the semi-literate peasant Russian edition for hunters came out about the same amount.

Their average price was at a considerable the time sum — the ruble and a half, but All books are the reader. A placed on spread information about Some of them give an idea of ​​the wide palette of the then hunting literature.

131. Kashkarov D. Allowance for hunting teams. The collection of data necessary for the lower ranks, and Chiefs of these teams.
SPb., 1890, 238 pp., 120, 1 rub. 50 kopecks.
A well-written book, but hunting department is weak in not for me paid due attention to the hunting laws.

Annals of Russian hunting books

132. Edward Laverack. Setter. With prisovokupleniem notes about the main currently existing rocks; instructions to conduct, education and training of dogs; dog shows, field trials, the overall care of the dogs, etc. Trans. from English S. M-sky, corrected IE Zabelskim.M., 1890, 84 pp., 120.Knizhka published as an annex to the «Journal of hunting» AE Korsch and became the first edition in Russian, dedicated setters.

 133. Dmitri Obolensky, Prince. Hunting and memories sketches.
M, 1890, 142 pp., 80, 1 rub.
The essay tells the story of meetings with known hunters and canids horse lovers.

Annals of Russian hunting books

134. Album sobak.Prilozhenie types of hunting to the magazine «Russian hunter» in 1891 in folio, 4 rubles., After 1 rub. 50 kop.Vosem lithographed images of dogs, some poorly drawn.

Annals of Russian hunting books

135. Almanac «Russian hunter» with the hunting calendar and address book on the 1891 god.M. 1891, 42 ± 5 sec., 50 kop.V almanac put the best articles, stories, poems and drawings from the magazine «Russian hunter» 1891 GV 1892 and 1894. similar anthologies were published a small volume, and in the annex to the 1894 edition of the price list was placed weapons department store «Muir and Meriliz» (future Central Department Store).

136. Bushman, Lieutenant. Collection military-hunting information. (The experience of systematic guidance for hunting teams).
Warsaw, 1891, VIII + 277 ± 5 seconds. +1 Plan + 3 liters. Fig. 80, 2 rubles., t. 1000 copies.
Quite a detailed tutorial for the game of military commands. Compilation work.

137. Dombrowski FV Hunter home, field in forest and water. For beginners to hunt gun dog, and traps fishing rods. AT seven parts. FROM 97 Fig. at text.
Pb. 1891, X + 76 + 32 + 74 64 + 70 + 64 + 40 sec., 80.

«This book would have been better not to title «Hunter», a «Industrialist home, field in forest and afloat». Compiled no not a word mention of that there is hunting laws, Ethics is not about hunting It has no idea and so April to shoot woodcock and vysypkah moreover, with dog. AT May shoot rabbits, quail and snipe at current in June hunts ducks, rabbits catches and traps etc. Figures in Department of hunting almost there, but many of them in the description of traps and traps. Not intelligent, mischievous book» (NY Anofriev).

G. Training 138. Duval sporting dog. Trans. from French. FROM 10 Fig. on one table.
Pb. 1891, 31 pp., 80.
Short, but for their time extremely useful guide.

Annals of Russian hunting books

139. Rosen GD Baron. Outline of the history of greyhound dogs. The publication of the magazine «Russian hunter» .M., 1891, 80 pp., 80, 1 rub., Vol. 600 ekz.Pervaya book in Russian, devoted to greyhounds. Known pooches hunter attempted to summarize their own experience with individual publications and fragmentary information from previously published books.

Annals of Russian hunting books

140. Svechin FA Sketches from real life. The collection of hunting and other rasskazov.M. 1891, IV-159 pp., 80, 1 rub. 25 kopecks., Vol. 2000 ekz.Avtor — Tula landowner, the leader of the provincial nobility familiar LN Tolstoy. F. Svechin owned a hunting with hounds, had a reputation for serious breeders. His stories were published in sabaneevskoy «Nature and Hunting» and separate editions. Proceeds from the sale of the book was meant farmers affected by crop failure in 1891. Story FA Svechin «Two Souls» refers to the classics of the hunting genre in literature. In my copy on the cover of the publication, the title and the text of pink oval stamp with the initials «IG» and possessory inscription largest hunter-bibliophile pre-revolutionary times Guchkov.

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