Annals of Russian hunting books

The presented in the publication of books should highlight the 1st edition of «Hunting calendar» LP Sabaneev remaining to this day a reference book of Russian hunters, and the classic work by VV Greener «Rifle».

Annals of Russian hunting books

Interestingly, in 1880, a member of the Press Council and the Ministry of Interior in fact Russia has been the main censor VM Lazarev, a passionate hunter, a close friend of the poet NA Nekrasov and author of a remarkable monograph on the wolf (№ 86 «Chronicle»).

 Annals of Russian hunting books

112. Sabaneyev LP Hunting calendar. The two parts 382 Fig. Award of the magazine «Nature and Hunting» on 1885 GM, XVI + XI + LXXII + 254 + 52 + 10 + 41 + 4 + 6 + 172 pp., 8 ?, 5 rub., Ie. 3600 edition ekz.Pervoe the best reference book for all hunters Russia — both young and experienced. Over time, technical and rifle of the «Calendar» obsolete, but the means and methods of hunting, brilliantly described in the book are prezhnimi.Pervoe edition of the «Calendar» features the presence of a fishing department in subsequent editions abolished.

113. Mayne Reid. Hunting animals. Walking young hunters South Africa. FROM 9 fig., Edition Guba.
Pb. 1886, 395 + II c., 8 ?, 1 rub. 75 kopecks.
One of the first books of the famous writer, published in Russia. His captivating novels and different stories about hunting and vivid imagination nowadays enjoy the same success with young readers.

114. Malihin NP Imperial hunting in the lands of the principality in Łowicz 1884. FROM Table 5. drawings.
Warsaw, 1886, 36 pp. + 5 Images. 4 ?, r. 210 copies.

The book describes in detail the hunt Russian emperors (Alexander III), Germany (Wilhelm) and Austria (Franz Joseph). Author Colonel NP Malihin (later Lieutenant-General) was one of the organizers of hunting and with military punctuality captures all the troubles of the hunting collection of the Three Emperors.

Book in Sale not incoming and intended for a narrow circle of participants and Guests hunting.
Luxury one-piece cover of the brands crimson. Gold embossed spine and cover art print. On bound to title of the book funny misprint: instead of letters «AND» — Latin «N».

Zolototisnenaya triple frame ornament and vignettes on lid. Endpapers of white satin paper «a moire». Triple gold edge. Heavy and coated paper 5 sheets of cardboard pasted with photos parchment on which are printed the names of participants in the hunt. AT the bottom of the back cover is pasted a label with a narrow minute inscription «Binder F. Nedbalsky in Warsaw».

Annals of Russian hunting books

115. Sysoev VM Stories ohotnika.M., 1886, 155 pp., 8 ?, 1 rub. 50 kopecks., Vol. 1200 ekz.V.M. Sysoev published in «Dragonfly», «Alarm Clock» and other literary journals, but in the book «Tales of a hunter» became only what has been published in «Nature and Hunting». For many years, a talented writer friends with LP Sabaneyev and helped him edit the journal.

116. Chizhikov NA Guard. artillery captain. The latest advances in hunting weapons. FROM 4 Table. drawings.
Pb. 1886, I + 51 pp., 8 ?, 75 kopecks.
Vividly written an essay on the history of hunting and throwing weapons modern rifles.

117. Szyszko YA.U. Notebook fan of hunting and Nature.
Siedlce, 1886, 117 pp., 8 ?.
I have not ever to hold this book in hands, and the name of its author, the story does not Save. It was published in in the town of Siedlce eastern Poland, but intended for the Russian hunters. Obviously, this book not for nothing is forgotten as NY Anofriev called it «empty language».

Annals of Russian hunting books

118. Greener VV Gun. Translated by D. Tarnow. The publication of the magazine «Nature and Hunting» .M., 1887, 390 IIc +. + 346 features. and Fig. 8 ?, p. 5 rub.Edinstvenny Russian translation of major historical work of the famous English gunsmith VV Grinera.Lyubopytno that same edition there with another title, which a year of going to press is changed to «1888». Obviously, the reason for this was a breach LP Sabaneyev copyright VV Greener, or change the host printing, print books.

119. Popov friend and Head hunter dogs, Health & diseased state. Hunting swamp, forest, steppe and water game with greyhounds, hounds, cops, and Poynter Taxi to the animals. Full body of knowledge, comments and tips instructions for choosing a dog, feed, breeding, training and coaching them for all kinds of hunting. And Lechebnik pharmacy for dogs.
M., 1886–1887. 266 + VII p. 8 ?, 2 rubles. 25 kopecks.

Market edition, reprint of the many hunting guides, predominantly in F. Oswald.

120. Fedorov SA Materials for the history of the Moscow Society of Hunt.
M., 1887, 96 +63 +3 tab., 8 ?.
This book was dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the oldest Russian hunting society.

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