Barrel impressions

Thousands of enthusiastic fans of fishing each year come to Astrakhan at different times of the year

Barrel impressions300-350 thousand tourists every year come to Astrakhan, to go fishing in the Volga delta. At the moment this is the most popular fishing trend in Russia. Photo: Anton Zhuravkov.

Not that so I never was fishing… As many, I fishing in childhood. On pond near the house, we were digging worms immediately on bamboo fishing rod and caught carp Rotanov who later plentifully regaled yard cats. Fourteen years, I went on a fishing trip out of town, where there was a history otbivshaya I have a passion for fishing for almost ten years. Stories about how I bathed twice a day in the clothing, while not catching any fish, I now sometimes tell a Homeric laughter of friends.

And in beginning of September, I had the chance to join the third trip for adventure, held in part of a major project «Barrel of Impressions»Organized by the beer brand «Golden Barrel». The winners of the pre-­duschih action steps already visited Kyzylkum desert and Kamchatka, and we had to go to fishing Mecca country — Astrakhan there to reconsider their attitude to fishing catch as many fish, gain an unforgettable experience.

It would be logical to assume that learning to fish is better, where the probability of the catch as far from the ground up. I think very few people go home with burning eyes, after a half-day will sit on river bank with fishing tackle and not see any one bite. Nothing It motivates like success, especially so deafening as here. Not for nothing a thousand enthusiastic fans of the fishing year year come to Astrakhan different seasons. The local fish fauna is represented by a huge variety of fish for all kinds of fishing.

Barrel impressions

The biggest caught beluga weighing more than a ton (200 kg of them in eggs); its six-meter effigy is now stored in the Astrakhan museum.

Local rangers — real river wolves (not sea because the guards forbid them to be selected moraine their boats). They are tanned, weather-beaten and speak to interesting accent. FROM southern excitement they grab the landing net, when someone big fish bite, and with calm in the Nordic for the tenth time to explain to you that in the bracket Spinning reel during casting is necessary to close a little earlier. On their boats are dissected by waves Mother Volga River so fast that you’re in powerful stream winds batter in a person can ingest only helplessly gasping for air as fresh-caught perch and they’re in this time manage to light a cigarette and Meet at phone, shouting roar of the engine. AT absolutely identical to the face covered with a three-meter reed river channels are oriented, it is probably better than the Venetian gondoliers in narrow canals of the city, and they enter into the turns by tilting the boat at an angle 45 degrees, making the hands themselves are beginning to feel seat search for seat belts.

The first day was given to some acclimatization and familiarity with terrain. The September sun warms up the air 35 degrees, think about the summer cooled after Moscow has not It turned out in mosquitoes Lunch went about their «home» affairs and It does not interfere with enjoying the beauty of the moment. AT flocks of seagulls circling the sky, shimmering blue kingfishers overtake our boats going on speed over 70 km / h, always hungry cormorants fish stuffed their bellies. Lotus fields have already started to fade, the petals of the large pink flowers fall, leaving a bare seed boxes lonely alien species stick out of the water. Jaegers shared wisdoms in decoction of the lotus seed, which his as a way to outdo any «Viagra».

The next morning we had to get up at five in the morning to go to First fishing. Trip to a boat on not yet progrevsheysya Volga cheerfully better than the strong coffee. Once we work out for half an hour zakidyvanii spinning catch on a pair of kilograms of algae, and our confident casts started to peck rudd, perch sized pike boot. AT clear water from a distance could be seen as a spoon-bait your prey approaching shadow, and start playing with It simulating throwing doomed helpless victim, whetted the appetite toothy.

Barrel impressions

Many believe underwater hunting unethical because human fish and in this case the chances are not equal, and the fish can not be released after capture, as is the case with catching the bait … But I was not going to let ee. Photo: Anton Zhuravkov.

Excitement combat This predator has captured all and Soon, our cages accumulated far more fish than we could eat in a day. On We decided to stop and relax. In my opinion, all other things being equal (same set of spinners, lack of experience and Knowledge about habits and preferences fish) a major factor in success of fishing for us it was pure luck. How in Poker: there goes card is — not goes. And here, at someone bites have someone — no. Is that fishing is impossible to bluff.

All catch after fishing spread on floating pier in front of the hotel, we stopped and carefully photographed for bragging rights in front of home. Later, the fish is sent to the kitchen where inventive chefs from her cook dinner and dinner. TO their honor should be noted that each meal was risky for us because the abundance of food and the size of their servings inspire genuine concern for the ability of the stomach to stretch Such sizes.

Afternoon fishing catfish radically different from «almost hunting» on pike. The main thing — take a load more, the frog (Astrakhan letter «I» pronounce clearly) pomyasistee, throw it away so deeply and wait until the glutton-scavenger catfish stumble on bait. Like sitting nothing doing well This is called active! ..

Whispering with and rangers watching the beautiful colored sky the rays of the setting sun, I near missed the moment when my rod started to bend the tip. Equipment and Dexterity is not disappoint, vyvazhivat catfish was a bit harder than the pike, because it turned out to be larger; but Yet moustached pleased to us net, in the Photos and on a dining table (kopchny catfish, I will tell you, it’s um-um, especially when you know that it was you who caught it).

Barrel impressions

The next day, we had one of the most anticipated of all adventure — spearfishing. Not easily (not without soap, so to speak), dressed in close and wetsuits armed with underwater guns, why all at once looked like The Super Hero Squad Show (heroic beer bellies wetsuit organically masked), we went closer to peals, where the water is clear, and the depth is greater than usual favorite prey underwater hunters: carp big carp and hybrid carp — Buffalo.

Weather planted in us a little pig risen as the wind that rippled the surface of the water, and clouds that covered the sun, which, coupled with rises from bottom sludge significantly impairs visibility underwater. Fasten fins, masks, tube, charging the harpoons, our troops dropped in water and We sent up adrift on search for prey. We swam hard, trying not to Squish and flippers do not shoot each other. As time went on, in the water becomes cool, the wind intensified, the clouds almost completely covered the sky, and we did not seen one fish. I ashamed to think that now there to doplyvu that big bush cane and If nobody I see something back to boat bask. To save energy and be quiet once again, I just lay water and slowly allowed to flow to carry me in underwater thickets, and Now, oplyvaya another bush, I I see a big fish, turned to me sideways.

At this point I able to evaluate how all the same to the human brain works fast. For this split second It flashed through my mind at least a half-dozen thoughts: «Fish!». «Why is this fish appears bluish color?». «If the size of the water it seems more interesting, what she Really?». «Swam closer or shoot here?». «This carp or the same buffalo?». «Shotgun with I fuse accurate shot». «She looks at me to shoot!» — I brought on and her harpoon I clicked on trigger. Arrow with impact flew out of my gun, and got exactly center of the body of the fish. Semikilogrammovy carp at my measures, seemed so simple enormous, he beat me for a long tail, but trophy of his fate has been predetermined by my well-aimed hit.

The other team members «Barrel of Impressions» hunting Fortuna this day He smiled, and After lunch They had a chance to be rehabilitated catching carp on bait in the usual clothes. This is akin to campaign on fishing catfish, only instead of a frog bait cake — pressed brick sunflower seeds. Saz and his love We have proved this in a couple of minutes after the first casting rods. This was our record catch — 14-pound carp (about four of my cats!). Then there were already chub, bream and roach, but record That night no one I broke.

Barrel impressions

The winners of the competition «Impressions Barrel» with our record-breaking catch. Photo: Anton Zhuravkov.

The next morning we said goodbye to rangers, packed up and We went to fish farms, on bred sturgeon, beluga and sterlet. These are all contained in several dozen individual basins, shared by age and size: from fry up Giants in three hundredweight. On with our eyes depth surfaced fish weighing about 100 kilograms — not Each birch is so thick. We do not spawn shown in order not to tempt.

At the factory we were fed soup and richness of sturgeon grilled sturgeon. They taste best, in my opinion, the words to describe the different dishes and were able to Gogol Chekhov. I until reached their heights, and it will save you, dear readers, from increased salivation when read my rave reviews about these idols. Limited to a short summary: it was «inexcusably» delicious!

Later we went to fish market for souvenirs. TO Unfortunately, we do not You could take your catch with is because the way he simply would spoil, so we had to support the local fishmonger. Selecting and dried smoked local inhabitants of the river was huge, choose something in particular was difficult. Sellers pressured some illogical argument, they say, «if you have He bought a fish, and I buy». Learning that we came from the capital, many complained about the that Muscovites bought all the city, including their former jobs, and they are not replaced the robots are not the migrant workers. It also passed for a good reason to pay for the damage their countrymen and capital buy fish. Here you can buy and caviar on brand prices in the capital 22 000 rubles for a pound. Counted on memory of relatives and friends colleagues who know where we went and no fish to see us at home do not want, we stuffed bags and fragrant goodies We went to an airport. On This, for Unfortunately, our trip was over, but all of us will be long remembered the four days spent in Astrakhan, and in addition to goodies package and magnets on refrigerator, y each will own «Barrel impressions» on this trip.

What is our life? Caviar!

Due to the severe poaching of sturgeon catch their population is on the verge of extinction, and on 1 August 2007 a ban on the production and sale of black caviar. The moratorium will operate 10 years. Previously, there was a fish to spawn upstream of the Volga and reached Nizhny Novgorod, but since the dam was built in Volgograd, sturgeons have no way to get to their spawning grounds.

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