Break capsule

Two or three years ago, «horn» was published my article «When the gun ceases to be a gun.» Meeting it was different, but mostly friendly. As always, I am talking about security.

Break capsule

The discussion heated argument erupted around I’ve seen the consequences of breaking the capsule, followed, in my opinion, after the last proshtampovki striker left the barrel, followed by a breakthrough of powder gases back into the block. I mentioned in particular the fact that the holder of the right barrel was driven into the chamber to a depth of 30 mm. Proof of this was not any, and I felt a particular faith, in fact I said the opponents were not observed.

By accident, I bought a ticket for the new season. Accordingly, it could not go to the gunsmith. And I got to the showdown. The MC-21 rifle fired spontaneously chuck barrel recoil back, and on the primer was not pinned. The audience somehow believe that detonated gunpowder. I, engaged in a dispute, to convince everyone that initiated detonated shot blasting, and proved. In the heat of the dispute one of the masters took out his collection of all sorts of ammunition — the effects of extraordinary events.

But my attention was drawn to two. The first cartridge I learned immediately. It was one of the right barrel. The second was a more interesting (in terms of banal «this can not be because it can not be»). Today at work took photos and offer them to the reader.

The top picture shows the same cartridge from the right barrel Iz-58. As you can see, from the base of the sleeve get a cup and welt sleeve reduced in diameter by 1.7 mm with a force pushing gas cartridge in the chamber. By the way, the powder is still in the pocket.

The bottom picture is even more interesting. In the hands of I chuck «Taiga» 12 gauge, or rather, what’s left of it. The lower part of the metal sleeve molded into the polyethylene tube to a depth of approximately 15 mm. However, the exact size is not important. The truth is impressive?

And in the tube still remained powder and pressed fraction. I tried podkovyrnut, but it is impossible. There were a lot of exhibits broken differently sleeves, etc. Well and, accordingly, short stories and speculation and other horror movies.

These remains have been recovered from the lower trunk of IL-27. The reason for the breakthrough of powder gases from the top of the barrel, I somehow did not clearly grasped. Master said that allegedly blew a cap. But somehow it does not fit. Most likely burst.

It turns out that these pictures are not met the old master again. According to his observations, like more common in vertikalka, the breakout of the upper chamber of the gas.

We talked for a long time. I was interested first and foremost reason for this phenomenon from the perspective of a professional. It turns out that such — not an isolated case.

The main reason, according to the master is passion «heavy charges»And no matter what: whether it is a factory «Magnum»Or created on the knee unfortunate archer. Well, it is fashionable today. And any «Magnum» creates extreme pressure for the safety of the gun. I mean the ordinary (not «Magnum») Gun.

Let me remind you that the Izhevsk gun chamber with 76 mm guns «Magnum» still they are not. The pressure in the sleeve is weaknesses. And the reason for blow-back can become not only a gap (a gust of primer), but the gap (gap) of the liner. I was very surprised one metal sleeve, which was a decent crack capsule from the nest and break even welt sleeve. Imagine what it could do gases.

It turns out that as a result of the forehead pad is folded and bent locking hooks, and in guns such as IL-43 and IL-58 with increased vs. conventional guns release hole pins, possibly the destruction of the stock.

God knows, I do not think out, simply laid out what was said.

For my part, I would like once again to warn owners of old, not the first freshness guns. Your work, guys! Like create home «Magnums»Or buy them with the desire «stronger vdarit» — go for it.

But look at these pictures and imagine what force is committed, then open your gun. And if the gate did not survive, the gases (and even sleeve) will cause serious injury. As stated in a television program: «Take care of yourself!»

Alex Yarkovoy28 August 2015 at 03:30

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