Bride to Gosha

How far was this goose Prisada! Peaks — water range — water. No end in sight to this series of the spill and land! Obezruchil rowing oars obeznozhil dragged over bumps. All my hunting belongings fit in a double rubber boat with a solid plywood floor, glued polyurethane foam mats.

Bride to Gosha


The result was absolutely unsinkable vessel, ideal for fishing and hunting. AT It is possible to spend hours lying under a camouflage net, waiting for a flock of goose or the whole day fishing, spinning, standing upright.

I hasten to, lean on oars. Somewhere there must be a long, narrow hill among spill, chosen by migratory birds perch, far and inaccessible to most hunters. I do have time to dawn? Today is the opening of the spring hunting. I consciously I stayed in stationary on skradka border spill. I have time to sit for a long time. The whole season ahead. Unclaimed excess energy thirst for new adventures driven by my actions.

Again the earth. I sit on board inflatable boat, I look around, compare benchmarks. It seems not wrong. I on location. Around the completely open space with excellent all-round visibility. The perfect, safe place to rest goose. Hastily exhibited two dozen goose chuchalok packets.

Fresh dawn breeze quickly fills weightless plastic products, giving them volume. Swaying, began to move on thin springy wire trompe l’oeil, nodded their heads, simulating safely feeding birds. A small volume and lightweight vanes packets is particularly important in long-distance sorties from for exploration.

Boat covers durable caproic network in cells which are woven by hand tattered scraps of natural materials — linen, burlap, Laka. By texture, shaggy color they are completely merged with mown grass last year – sternёy. These materials are fully absorb sunlight, not glare, no rustle, at the same time native vegetation and get wet and dry considered to be the perfect disguise for gooseries.

To tie one end maskseti long stick for rigidity, which in a raid geese easy to recline with one hand, and I am shooting. Simple, reliable and Available in construction coupled with a rubber boat for the wide board which can hide from the weather, sit or move in another place, — Perfect budget alternative to all kinds of specialized bedridden Ambush foreign production.

My skradok not scary game. It resembles a bunch of low plant debris, and the quagmire of cattail reeds thrown on the spill Coast. Around full of bird droppings, fluff, feathers. I not wrong with place. But where the bird? I move? Near suddenly barked a night animal. Fox! She’s stronula bird. On soul feel better. Gus definitely come back here.

Bride to Gosha


Dawn erupted, brightens the east. Faith­nitsami is wigeon, flocks — diving ducks, couples — Mallard and Pintail. The first shot, the new season is open. Soar cloud unidentified birds and rushing over the spills. Rises, it comes in wide circles. The entire horizon touches dotted broken lines.

Hardly visible point slowly stretched, turning into live birds fluttering strands recognizable. Geese, ducks, gulls — how many? Five, ten, fifteen, twenty thousand? It is impossible to count. AND the whole mass is moving in my direction. By As you approach the giant teeming and pulsating cloud takes an elongated form of the living organism of the movable length of 500, a width of 100, a height of 50 meters.

Gradually it acquires the sound of thousands of desperate gomonyaschih, screaming, screaming at different voices of birds, disturbed with their homes. Soon the herd covers me. Geese on the right, left, front, back, above his head, on the different heights in any direction. Eyes run without sees a particular purpose. A state of complete confusion. Where to shoot?

Slip, slip, slip! The live weight of birds at the sight of a man as a fast mountain stream water, stumbled on boulder, gently wraps around me and skradok I join him again. AT store my machine has long run out of bullets. I I pull out of one bandolier, automatically charged and Shoot, shoot, shoot, both from single-barreled gun. Not I see results, not I look for parties. Geese, ducks, gulls — all mixed up.

Complete chaos confusion. Hat falls water, hands are shaking, feet kameneyut, mouth dry. Naughty tongue, stuttering, says: «N-n-not hit!» This is a raid! I at state of partial insanity from an excess of bright emotions. I look in Fortunately the track flown away. Herd dragged in and length width, wrecked on component parts swept by bottling, and then there bumping into rifle volleys. Scattered throughout to seek new lands quiet place to relax.

«It is necessary, not Gotcha!» — I repeat once again. AND again stung unforgettable moments. Detachment eyes watched the multitudinous area without it is to figure out what happened with I awake, and not a dream. This is a raid! That’s flock! How many were there? Flooded as the tsunami swallowed, circled, they drowned me his bottomless avian stream. The first time it happened. I like the yellow-beaked yatrebok, burst into a huge bird flock, left without prey, because that is not I knew someone missed.

Bride to Gosha

Photo by Yuri Sidorov

Gradually emotions give way to reality. What shot? Around skradka scattered plastic sleeve. I Diy assembly cartridges. Each color represents a certain number of cartridges shot. To memorize a hint of use seven colors of the rainbow.

These words are known to all: Every hunter wants to know where sits pheasant. In I red — 2/0, orange — 0, yellow — 1 Green — 3, Blue — 5, blue — 7, purple — 9th room shot. Here are five orange sleeves, they were shop and the chamber. Here are yellow, green, blue. AT I turmoil without looking pulls them out and bandolier Shoot, shoot, shoot. Not Gotcha! But a raid!

Finally, I come to themselves. Few shakes — then Whether from the cold, then Whether from experience. A fresh wind blows wave actively shakes chuchalki. Stop! Where did chuchalka watchdog goose? In I still feeding! One sits, shakes his head, looks at me. So it is a living white-fronted! I Gotcha!

I just no monitor the results of the shots. Finish? No, I always have time. Slowly sit on haunches and I am heading for goose. He calmly given in hands. It is clearly in stress of shock and I do not perceive reality.

Sheaf fine fraction with close-up slash left wing, passed by tangent scapula, ruffle feather on back. The help you belolobik? In I do not have first-aid kits, drugs, alcohol. Gently press my wings to the bird body, tightly tied with rope and tidy in bag. I obliged to do so. I really need to goose decoy belolobika Gosha. I’ll try to cure. Come what may!

More than a month podranenny very sick goose. Not independently ate not drinking. I forcibly opened his mouth, pushed the food in throat flooded with water. He endured all the unpleasant procedures are not uttering sound. When you try to catch it, just sit down, he bowed his head in position and full submission I did not move.

When walking in the little limping left leg, periodically corrected mutilated wing. Aluminium with langetka plaster imposed on fractured bone gleamed as battle sword. For this goose was apt name of the officer. FROM other birds he did not kontachit, he held independently, mansions, kept solid distance.

When area appeared abundant green grass, fattening, alive. The bird is fully recovered and … voice spoke goose. Once I I found it on two meters vertical stack of firewood, then the roof of the greenhouse. She watched the terrain. It has become a favorite pastime independent birds.

Husak absolutely Gosha grok goose, was to it is indifferent. A The officer thought this strange and goose flock I was trying to leave the territory. Sew­give it to the moose good hands hunter friend. There, among other birds, she took the lead and live by today.

Yuri Sidorov21 May 2013 at 00:00

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