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Charity inside

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Some Russian publications urging readers to listen to a certain sixth sense and be more attentive to our younger brothers. However, not everyone touched by the messages of the problems of urban shelters for stray dogs and deaths from flocks of stray animals.

Animals – our older brothers, if the count of the biological age of an animal or plant species is conducted from the perspective of evolutionary development of species on our planet. Propaganda also high-ranking man in relation to other members of the world brings, undoubtedly harm justifying brutality and violence against the flora and fauna of the earth.

According to the latest Union for Conservation of Nature, the greatest danger of destruction threatens bats monk seal (Greece), spider monkey (Brazil), the white rhinoceros, the tortoise (Madagascar), crocodile (Orinoco), a butterfly Swallowtail (New Guinea), tree snails (Hawaii).

So who have to protect and maintain the naive reader to various media outlets and the Internet, including? The issue is important. Respond to him, however, is easy: it is necessary to protect first of all habitats and ecosystems in their region (with its flora and fauna) as well as the man himself as a species.

Of particular political PR protected animals gave President VV Putin. He takes care of the tigers, and on the eve of the Olympic Games in Sochi and the leopard. And the rest of our domestic endangered species of animals just waiting for his personal political figure, and they know only human engineers. Can not wait…
Once in the vast and intricate network of many sites and forums, the inhabitant may stumble upon a clear showing off and outright ignorance of biology as a science.
Doghantery – it is a social movement to clean up cities and towns of stray dogs. It appeared, according to forum participants, for reasons of termination of regular catches dogs and blatant impunity «kastryulechnits» (old women with pans of cheap soup). The last to come out into the street, feed the flock of aggressive wild animals, play some time in «charity» and go back to clean the apartment, without incurring any liability for those who lure in the neighborhood. Therefore, it is clear and reasonably appeared arrow stray animals which, in addition to weapons, use strong poisons (alas, suffer pedigreed pets).

Even a layman it is clear that concrete action is necessary to help a particular person. But I, for example, to observe the open real actions of real zoozaschity not necessary, and little information in the press on this issue. But the place to be «Virtual zoozaschita». For people from the group zoozaschitnikov even coined the term – «zooshiza». And now extensive group of zoological schizophrenics with distinct features and similar behavior tends to spite and harm all zoozaschity imaginary policy of trying to make (albeit not the money, but at least a reputation in narrow circles of their own kind).

«Moscow authorities do not know what to do, trapped in the SALT by giving an advance promise «of the most advanced in the world of humanity and killing-free regulation» and afraid to talk about drowsing. Beyond the limits of Moscow’s extra shelters for dogs in Moscow there is, there is something for their places sorely lacking. Or will erect by Moscow? What’s the point? Or going to place outside the capital out there quietly put to sleep?» – read one of the animal protection forums. SALT (trapping, sterilization, return to the original location) – program, greatly enrich the officials and actually killing people in Russia.

I liked some of the statements outraged members of Dog Training Forum on «Official». I discussed very dangerous for owners of purebred dogs and their breeders draft law on the responsible attitude towards animals. For people who are not interested in any of the animals, it is difficult to understand the consequences of his decision. Although multiplied a thousand times aggressive pack of stray dogs, skillfully promoted officials as required species in the urban habitat, immediately arise before the mind’s eye and become an insurmountable obstacle to get around the city.
Here are the views of participants about the project:
– And why so many officials of stray dogs in the country?
– In short, someone new «Bentley» lacks.
– Not, it seems, on an island in the Caribbean.

And when it comes to dogs, we close our eyes, ears and mind sometimes. Nowhere in the world there is no such rampant ownerless dogs in Russia. We want to be pious. But it is the sword of Damocles.

Another aspect of the project – the introduction of a new concept for our country – «companion animal». They may, in addition to dogs, cats and horses, pygmy pigs, ferrets, squirrels, decorative rats, mice, hamsters, gerbils, degus, guinea pigs, chinchillas, chipmunks and decorative rabbits. There, in companion animals, were mysteriously and hedgehogs, mallard, Fazanovo Columbiformes, Psittaciformes, finches, and ploceidae emberizidae, sparrow hawk hawks and vultures. Do not forget the developers of the law and of a group of exotic pets – small non-poisonous reptiles: chameleons, snake, turtles, lizards, iguanas. And arthropods, according to developers, is also allowed: crustaceans, frogs, newts, frogs and axolotl…

Here is the answer to this from the forum: «Raising rats and cockroaches in the rank of companion animals, we can… more with them than fight… You can re-register at their apartment and collect the suitcases».

«Why not deal with them?» – asks inexperienced in «zoozaschity» common man. Answer: This will be considered a violation of the rights of an animal companion, and then it is cruel and inhumane.

In general, it became quite clear what humanely and that the cruel, what is good and what is evil. Complete confusion remnants of feelings and confusion subtle nerves! Stay cruelty and indifference to others (probably now the behavior of such a strategy is justified for the survival of individuals on a clearly limited area of ​​the property behind a high fence).

By means of sterilization, released on stray dogs, officials «filled»From shelters – «eats». The question arises: what to eat next? You can pay off the owners, whose pets – members of the family, not the furniture. Note, not animal welfare will be monitored according to the law, and the number of them in one apartment.
The problem of stray animals for a long time would be solved – a lot of ways. Allocated money for it would be enough for all the sanitary-veterinary activities. But everybody understands that the government is aware of where the money goes. Society (read: a lot of faceless inhabitants) is specifically to bring on the animals. Open a newspaper, turn on the TV – We read and hear: homeless animals – our enemies, pets – our enemies. It is very convenient, because only a few inhabitants indignant when the money will go into the pockets of bureaucrats rather than persecuted homeless animals.

«As well as all citizens of this country will automatically turn incompetent, feeble, infantile grazhdaninchikami, if the law is found that there are large 40 cm, these citizens can not cope … What sort of country is this impossible? Earlier bears calmly drove – and nothing, and now it turns out that the citizens can not cope with being no larger than a small poodle, for all that bigger is dangerous?» – E. explains sliver, canine, zoopsychologists and expert on Central Asian Shepherd.

Do not overgrown popular trail to the Internet are multiplying topics and conversations between certain characters in diverse forums around the bush. It is not boring to live in virtuality…

Elena Konkova29 May 2013 at 00:00

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