Then what had come over him, Nikolai still can not understand. Half a lifetime, consider, lived a normal person, without any wacky fishing rods, and here on you … agreed to go on a fishing trip. And not in the summer — in the winter! Come to their senses quickly, I wanted to back out, but the shortstop podnadavili and he waved his hand: «Well, I will go again!»

DebutPhoto Anatoly Mailkova

At home, supper, he cursed himself last words: «Which of you fisherman! Worm and In order not fasten». But Then, realizing that it is too late to retreat, slowly calmed down.
Turning on all mezzanine, Nikolai somehow I equipped and chaise borrowed neighbor rods promised to him to grab one of his friends.
At the stop, which was supposed to drive their bus, Nicholas came one of the first. A within ten minutes surprised to note — I gathered a crowd of fishermen and it might seem that the city ​​living just one tribe is insatiable.
Their transport was delayed. All aliens already safely left, and Only they, cursing last words of his cage, still marking time place, looking at the end of the street, where it should appear welcome «Wheel».
On landing fishermen rushed, overtaking each other. Nicholas missed all, and, raising his buggy, he saw that the box-fishing is not him! The neighbor was almost new, and clasps are quite different. What the hell is this! He again looked at deserted stop, but nothing but cigarette butts, there It was. I had to salon to announce that someone accidentally picked up his chaise. Fishermen zagaldeli time, began to move, releasing jokes in Address freshman, but whatever tried, someone else is not good found. After re-audit it became clear — some on Uhar chaise stop submenu.
That’s the case… Nicholas nothing but to accept and look inside the surrey. AND then all the fishermen with curiously waiting interchanges, lying in wait for a surprise. It was found in inconspicuous outer box found everything about what can only dream of even the pickiest fisherman. AT special slot, clamped rubber bands, languished Ready battle branded fishing rods, in corner gleaming lid Chinese thermos, but most importantly, for an impressive package with sandwiches
I discovered a jar of stainless steel, inside which hopefully gurgled. Seeing such a noble variety, some people began teasing Nicholas supposedly admitted he has coveted a strange box? The main character just smiled sheepishly.
The road was not close and All this time spent in Nikolai mental confusion. FROM on the one hand, it is understood that no blame for him not, the end is not He was the first to take someone else’s buggy. But something still tormented him. At first, he did not I realized that it interferes with a nap all. Although what is there to understand… He was ashamed before the anonymous fisherman from that his fate was tied in such a strange way. The man, too, look into his chaise. AND what he sees? A seeing that say? These words, which he knew to be told its address, and deprived of his peace of mind.
AT his gig, but a small thermos, Shmatko with bacon bread and Skimmers taken from wife to clean the wells, the new owner did not find could if they wanted to.
Already on Lake was decided that Nicholas will catch on trolling. Mormyshkas certainly given a better chance, but inexperienced person to mess with bloodworms on frost — the last thing.
The newly fisherman that nobody interfere with, sat in aside and I began diligently poddergivaet bait up and down, up and down, trying to copy the movements of other fishermen.
It took about twenty minutes. He has already fully utilized, and being sure that no one, even the stupid fish to it on the hook going to hang on, I began to slowly look around. TO this time from the forest edge of the sun appeared, and everything was transformed: and forest and lake, and sky, streaked with gold timid. Nicholas and not imagine could that this winter among the silent snow-covered world can be so beautiful! He is at second he presented himself this morning in snoring a warm bed, and he felt embarrassed for Exhausted double under a warm blanket. AND also in these minutes the first time he seems to have doubted rightness of those who fishing rods and looks indifferently It makes fun of fishermen. Now do couch potatoes seemed to him eccentric. AND imperceptibly there was bitter disappointment in the myself for so many years lain on couch and without meeting one dawn away from the city.
By noon, almost All the fishermen were caught by ten different fishes that were scattered around the wells. AND here there was a crow. How did she arrived, Nicholas did not I noticed, but I guessed — Karkusha also wanted «fish». Having a small semicircle, it fell to lady while carefully watching him, tilting his head and and commercials. It seemed that ushlaya bird tries to unravel what mischief you would expect from a fisherman sitting apart. Then, apparently deciding that You can rely on him, sidled chosen to start fry on time fisherman left unattended.


Photo Anatoly Mailkova

At this time, the intuition does not cheat summed up, no reason to stop her from Nicholas did not It was. On the contrary, he wondered if she could stay with profit or nose? AND when Apprehensive, raven stopped without daring to overcome the last few meters, even mentally, Nikolai began to cheer her: «Come on, do not I am afraid, have you will succeed!»
He even had time to think, to whom it has come to head so badly to name the bird on her pripechatat forever thieves label, when he felt that his fishing rod that something had happened. It is then he finds out that this is the big fish bite, and Then it seemed to him that someone living under the ice just wants to take away his tackle. A give, and even someone else, it does not I had no right to.
His fingers gently pulled the line, holding the abutting jerks fish, emerges before your eyes almost forgotten vision, peeped in early childhood. They with boyfriend walked in school stopping by on the way river, bound young transparent ice.
Seeing underfoot hide in seaweed fishes, he lay down on stomach to see it better, and he gasped. For the first time in life he opened the mysterious underwater world: a stirring to During the plants with small fry, with some beetles to golden sand on and bottom small peskarikom lurking. In all eyes, and he looked I am looking at This fairy-tale world, who is very close in some ten centimeters from his nose, and seems ready to move there. AND Now a thin fishing line tied with Nikolai the ice-fantastic world with one of its inhabitants, and he felt in his soul enters the virus fishing passion.
Someone coveted trolling, was already at the the ice itself, when the matter came to a halt, and Nikolai realized — inhabitant of depths not passes in well. The line has tightened up limit and I was ready to burst. From the stories of fishermen, he knew that they such cases, use bagorik. Alas, no bagorika who did not it turned out, but helped by the Board: «And you her hand, but behind the gills!» Nicholas, not shooting jackets without feeling the burning water rushed in well on the search for a fish head. But the ice was thick, and he was able to reach only up to the tip of the spinner. Holding the spoon with your fingers, it has not mindalnichaya boldly dragged abutting fish, being sure successful outcome.
At ten centimeters of the fish moved in the head of Nicholas managed to slip even a proverb «Not without difficulty take out and fish from the pond», Suddenly… hand flew out of the hole without a trophy! Nicholas looked blankly at with spoon broken hook, then on fishermen, watching him, and I did not know whether to laugh or cry. Rather, he knew that it would be necessary to laugh, but it was beyond his power.
With the air of a man who lost a fortune, he dropped to chaise, looked again at treacherous and spoon in the hearts tossed the bait in snow.
All of this dramatic action took place under the scrutiny of fishermen who, forgetting their lines breathlessly watched extremely topical fishing mini-performance, wondering if you’re lucky on This time the protagonist or not. AND Now, after insulting isolation when the curtain could be omitted, the audience did not hurry to leave, they still continued to look at Nicholas and it was easy to guess that they want to help him relive those bitter moments.
Nicholas wiped his sweaty forehead and a cap like apologizing for themselves, sad sack, not a lot of fun, but Yet he smiled.
With this smile was gone and the bitterness of disappointment. He took a deep breath and suddenly I felt that all those indifferent, worry about him, people like to their winter clothes on penguins are no longer strangers to him, he is said to be a favorite of children Mowgli became a them the same blood and I entered their fishing flock.
To distract and finally find peace of mind, Nicholas went to see what there is caught friends. But Made with a dozen steps, turned back sharply. It suddenly dawned on a that if the fish is stuck in hole? For trolling, he dragged her to really…
And indeed, the hand is easily reached for slippery head and fingers tightly closed around gills. From the joy of Nicholas, probably had something to shout, because by By the time he was standing on knees, raised above his head bursting tremendous bass, all the spectators were again in «Hall» and We were ready to applaud him.
The first and fishing of perch with good intentions, he did not forget could. Not surprisingly, I met a month later, a friend of the fisherman, not Nicholas eager to talk about and his successful trip the strange story of gig. Speaking, he could see that his friend face more and longer stretches of surprise! It turns out that with chaise and two rods generous treat it was! On stop in That morning, they were very close, but do not know each other, because to escape the wind, hid in the face hoods. A as an acquaintance managed to not take a buggy, it is up to still and he does not understand can.


Photo Anatoly Mailkova

Nicholas, feeling for a favor, offered by the occasion to look into any institution where it would be possible to a calm atmosphere to talk «for a life» and thank fishing luck. Objection not naturally followed.
Right institution found nearby. Fisherwoman, having retired there at a small table, eating and drinking, have and their mustache flowed. AND everything else, can not doubt have They also had, because a good story
differently and I could not finish.

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