Evenings on a Farm near savage

Vovka Sapozhnikov I learned immediately. Because of the inflated and crumpled, pleated, cushions face sticking out unkempt Patli burning once brunette, but now dusty indeterminate color stale straw. In the past, the dream of every lady — olive languishing eyes Sapozhnikov — were on this day fusel dull color and looked in different directions. They were tears of endless sorrow, and under the left eye bloomed Vova, shimmering mother of pearl, plump bruise. Roth Sapozhnikov curves left eye winked in a nervous tick, and his eyebrows bushy eyebrows Vovkiny gorgeous fairy Oorfene Deuce, alternately rising and falling, as if in a daze flirtatious. The face and hands were moving restlessly Vova Sapozhnikov and seems to have lived separately for its independent, separate life …

Evenings on a Farm near savagePhoto by the author

 It was clear that the comrade was worthy of the New Year holidays, short, old friend survived all the hardships that fall as a curse, the share of Russian people every year… Loew also Shamanov, on the contrary, was particularly businesslike and cheerful, just lost a little bit like a cat gulyaly the spring.
We went to the river savage what occurs in most Tmutarakani where almost untouched by human hands. The river is so-so – inflow, more like a creek, but gluhozime or ease some indigenous drains densely go to bed savage big fish. What appeared in the river roach, we reported on a mobile phone an old friend who lives on a farm near this very river.
Coming out of the bus, we saw our friend with a rare name is now Trifon. He stood with his tractor, plastered whether algae, or leaves.
– Where are you, Trifon, swamp winter found? – interested.
– And you, intellectuals golozadye, not something from me? Most black spots here, desperate! .. Furnaces, even to the most frost, when the nozzle on the fly ring, – Trifon responded coolly.
Vova started…
Rumbles painfully in the ears, a tractor plowed through the most that neither is chapyzhnik. With branches hanging lichens, like gray hair. Conceived and fascinated by the spectacle of the wild forest, I suddenly felt a strong jolt and saw a closer look Vovkin facing somewhere upwards. It slid strange shade of some huge bird. From their wings fluttering snow on the branches and fell down caps. Saying it was useless anyway, but I do not know that for pterodactyls circling above us in this «lost world»? ..
By Trifon already arrived in the afternoon. Comrade took the glasses and poured them into the murky liquid.
– Is that brew? – I asked fearfully tired of holidays Vovk.
– The real! – proudly confirmed Trifon. – Others do not keep…
– A vodka? ..
– Where did you get at here vodka? In a drunken frights or elderly devil? Drink, do not hesitate, disease. Wait a cure…
– Again drink – Vova sighed wistfully and with his eyes closed, shall be wrung out the contents of the cup. It was painful to watch…
Soon we hurried, zasobiralis on Savage – at least until dark wet gear. But Vovka had to leave in the house since Christmas martyr could now be useful except as a timber sitting on the hole.
And soon we were on the spot.
– Where were you brought us? – Shaman Leva spat darkly.
I turned away at the sight of either stream, or gutter, strewn with yellow snow. «it» Savage was clearly not…
– And now let’s see, – Trifon laughed mysteriously. – And that yellow snow, it’s elk here in a small run up to his feet in the swamps not to break, but not wet belly.
– Well, you, Bianchi homegrown, – raspolzsya in impish smile Shamanov.
The wells are drilling with a heavy heart and disgust. Loew Shamanov, glancing at Trifon warmly whispers to me somewhere in the neck, breathing a burnt brandy.
– Old completely out of his mind went. It comes from his moonshine. Wild here in the woods…
– Sanatorium «Smile» his house, and the white archangels – brothers – I agree with him.
Trifon glances at us.
– What, ohlamony, prishipilis? Storms come, blue blood, your mother! .. Night on the nose! ..
Mormyshkas slipped into the black water and then, almost simultaneously, on the line at all hanging something heavy, like a dumbbell sly hitched them water-mocker…
Almost fell from the chair, catching fish in the hole and throw a thick snow. Roach! .. A long time not seen. Oily, like otozhravshiysya carp in the fall, and his eyes are red, like Vova Sapozhnikov after the second glass of vodka!
Near groaned Leva vyvazhivaya something like that, more like a pig in the scales…
Dur took roach, and we are not having the strength to break away from this unprecedented catching stayed until dark to wonder ditch. They returned when he bellied white moon rolled out from behind a shaggy spruce. Somewhere howling wolves. We’ve been looking Vovka Sapozhnikov, and finally found it in the most subtle sounds that we first took over the distant howling of wolves. Fellow hid in a shed under the belly of the cow and unabashed did not want to get out.
– What are you doing there, the Blessed One? ..– Trifon bent to it.
– Guys, do not believe the evil spirit was got here! – Vovk murmured, staring fearfully at the full moon and shivering on every sound.
– Delirium tremens, – thoughtfully stated Lev. – It would be necessary to tie it, and then catch it with an ax in the yard.
– Guys, she-she do not lie, and the roof is slid… till… I swear!
– Well, tell me, – curve to the ears Trifon, scherya yellow, like horse teeth.
– When you are gone, I lay in the hut. Well, tired, you know. These Holidays… And then I decided to run to the shed in the small businessmen. I go out onto the porch, and it’s getting dark. Suddenly I see – horns sticking out of the wall, and beneath them – scary face… His eyes lit muzzle and I gazed. All, – I think. – Dopilsya. The devil came for me! And I’m probably home! And then I went back to much before the end to make sure that, well, just «squirrel» oglaushila. Where the hell else?!. He is not here… Specifically, the guys had a vision…We must, I think, to breathe fresh air, can, get away in nature. And then, I look, the dog came into the yard, such quiet, cute, eared. Pat the dog I want to say, it helps with stress. Hand pull the animal, talk to him, but it suddenly reared up, his eyes lit up with white fire unseen, and claws the size of like electricians that climb poles, crawled out with a bang from the clutches. The dog stood up on its hind legs and spoke vaguely muffled and fearful, and then began to howl at the moon and went somewhere, knocking the fence. The werewolf! .. I’m back in the house and under the covers! .. Shakes so that the teeth jumping, all alone, like the piano keys. Eye for an eye catchy. Well povylazili with fear! .. As soon calmed down, like a nap, but I lay sensitively. And suddenly – rustle… Look, there is the hut silently white figure, as if floating, and pulling his hands in front of him, how to Pannochka «Wier»… Witch! .. All, – I think. – She took out evil spirits in the house. What happened next, I do not remember. I only remember something warm and wet.
– So it’s a cow on you to go in the small, I soak you to calm down, – Trifon noticed and winked at us. – You moron, from the beginning to start decoding, with al the end?
– Your business…
– So, listen, Barabashka shaggy, delirium tremens untouched. I’ll start from the beginning. We live here quietly and evil forces have not yet met, bear – Yes, it is easily… Capercaillie we are not afraid of people, over the heads fly as doves. Just dodge poop. Yes, you saw when riding here. Well, chicken, and that’s it! .. Now, – closer to the evil spirits… Damn, that you dreamed this old moose. They then hanging around at county and the cows drop when bored. Werewolf to you a top looked, well, not gobbled up. If our moonshine does not stink, just be devoured… Together with the buttons. You breathed on him, that’s why his eyes lit up at the animal and the hind legs of the same vouchsafed… Third. I’m with you not mad because my witch named Baba… Witch is! – Trifon then turned warily at the house. – It got? ..
– So much, – mechanically echoed Vovk, and soon the hut Trifon rocked by wild unbridled laughter. A local animals are probably thinking that unless the power of infernal got into the habit in the wild forest, the «delirium tremens» – exactly…

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