Fatty «Sabre»


In our region sabrefish – a common occurrence in the Don or on Akhtuba, not to mention the Mother Volga. Who has not eaten sun-dried sabrefish with beer? So, no need to tell you how it looks.

Actually it sabrefish caught almost all year round. In late autumn, she slips in wintering holes, and in winter it is caught in these pits vpolvody jig hooks with bloodworms and straight from the ice. Spring sabrefish hard to find, but at the beginning of the summer, but rather at the end of June, she starts perfectly caught on Akhtuba.

On shiny hooks

Each angler catches sabrefish differently. Someone catches at night pulling and thus fueling a big bonfire on the shore. I was fortunate enough to survive only once a catch. Experienced angler comfortable eye on the sand bar in front of our camp, half of the day we were preparing, knitted leashes, tied hooks, digging worms in the short beam that has not yet dried up under the trees. At the very evening we abandoned Donkey, securely attach the ends of the woods and began to collect firewood. Fortunately, just behind the sand dunes nestled big dry tree brought by the flood. We lit a fire Pioneer, and then the miracles began. When we decided to plant worms on the hooks, and began pulling Donkey – some fish hooks were already! How so? Pecked without any attachments? Yes. It hooks tied extremely brilliant. They, gleaming in the light of a bright fire, and attract fish! I remember that we had the worm to throw three or four of our three zakidnyh. We did not have time to throw as fishing line is already twitching. We quickly caught a plastic bucket of fish and gone to sleep simply because worms ended.

The next day I caught a break sabrefish ordinary fishing rod on the grasshopper, which you can catch all you want. Of course, the same nozzle can be used at night, but what if sabrefish perfectly caught during the day? It was enough for a six-meter rod and leave the float to make a meter (not to overeat omnipresent bleak grasshoppers). I noticed that a flock sabrefish constantly spinning on pit over which slowly spun backflow. That bite is followed by one by one, only manage to stick another blacksmith, then sit for about 15-20 minutes while waiting for the next outbreak of fish.

Sabrefish often catches all anglers who fish on Akhtuba or Don at zakidnye rods or at the feeder. A favorite tip for that bold fish – worm. One need only find a wide stretch of river where it is cool and simply must be caught mixed with bream, blue bream and silver bream. Probably every angler-donochnika have any secrets for catching sabrefish, but most of all I like to catch sabrefish spinning and fly fishing. If the latter method of fishing is still quite exotic for our region, it is about catching sabrefish spinning can be told in more detail.

As we surprised huntsman

Perhaps everything is spinning fishermen know what bombard or sbirulino. This spindle-shaped sliding sinker of plastic, which can be both floating and slowly sinking. They are sold in almost every department of fisheries. That it will throw the smallest and lightest blesenku to sabrefish at high water. However, spinning to be very sensitive, because the bite feel on the course, but still a long distance can be very difficult. I remember my first fishing trip in a similar way. We fished in Parashkinoy duct and saw some spikes. If it happened somewhere on the Volga, I would have thought that this small flock of herring, but Parashkinoy duct on the wide reach of – it could only be sabrefish!

I do not hesitate outfitted Bombardier. It is simple. The main fishing line (braided line) vzdevaetsya in Bombardier and the stopper ordinary swivel to which is tied a leash length of monofilament fishing line 1.5 – 2 meters. As a bait I was using the smallest spinners, what I had – mepps aglia long № 00. The second spinning, I rigged the same way, only instead of spinners tied artificial grasshopper. It should be noted that blesenku lovilos less, but came across sabrefish larger. We changed spinning comrade, I have tried different modes of high-speed wiring, and various options for its submission – nothing changed. Apparently, baubles still held a little deeper than an artificial fly – It is influenced primarily by the size of the captured «swords». Fishing itself was relatively simple, however, does not always work. All to throw to Play sabrefish, began posting, but to recognize the bite and make timely slicing down turned out not at all. For example, our ranger on the boat and could not catch any fish while we were catching sabrefish one by one. In fact, it was not necessary to wait for a bite jerking. Sabrefish on the course gently took the bait in his mouth, and we felt barely noticeable tension fishing line. A short but sharp sweeps immediately paid dividends. The main thing was – consider this imperceptible tension.

Below the dam on Sastrugi

No less gambling Fishing sabrefish is spinning around fallen trees, and for which the boat is tied. Sabrefish often kept below those blockages at the border of the main stream and return flow. There is already a distant casting is not necessary. However, you should try to calculate the appropriate level of fishing. Not always sabrefish caught on the surface of the water.



One day, a boy in a camp, I watched on Akhtuba mostochka with a few sabrefish slowly rising from the depths, accompanying rising hooks with worms on my Donkey. Yet ever since I got it into my head that I sabrefish could peck at any depth. The main thing that she liked the bait. But spinning – not donk. Spinning need to constantly, over and over again to fish new depths. To do this, put a heavier lure or trolling weight available in some sinker. The same situation is quite suitable slow-sinking bombard. It is able to carry out light trolling at a certain depth, and quite slow.

Sabrefish salt can be fast enough. It is enough to take off her scales, rub with salt and hold it under the weight of not more than one day. Then, an hour is enough to hold it under running water and hang on to the balcony vyalitsya. Shelled, salted sabrefish quickly turns transparent and oily. Bon Appetit!

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