Five years to the benefit of the Motherland

Creating a network of protected areas (PAs) in the Stavropol region was the beginning of a unique conservation of the steppe zone. Management of Protected Areas celebrates its first anniversary — 5 years. It’s old enough to take stock of the first results.

Five years to the benefit of the Motherland

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Conservation, restoration and sustainable use of wildlife is one of the main problems of civilization. The most important element of the conservation of the natural environment and a favorable ecological situation is a network of protected areas.

In the Stavropol region, unfortunately, there is no state nature reserves and national parks. The primary responsibility for the preservation of natural landscapes, flora and fauna, water objects assigned to the reserves.

On the territory of our region is 46 reserves of various profiles: 9 complex (landscape) – designed to preserve the landscape restoration, biological 17 (7 botanical and zoological 10) are designed for the protection and restoration of rare and endangered plant and animal species, valuable in economic, scientific and cultural relations, and 3 hydrological (marsh, lake). The area is 101 reserves 051.58 hectares, a percentage less than 2% of the total area of ​​the region.

On the territory of the region found 8 species of amphibians, 12 species of reptiles, 324 species of birds and 89 species of mammals.

Flora and fauna of the Stavropol region is unique in its diversity: from alpine meadows to the steppe grasses. The Red Book of the Stavropol region recorded 315 species of plants, 5 species of mushrooms, and 188 species of fauna.

The most effective in preserving the species listed in the Red Book of the Stavropol region, have a biological reserve «Strizhament»: It grows 57% of plant species, complex reserve «Beshtaugorsky» – 83% of species and biological reserve «Russian forest» – 45% of plant species listed in the Red Book of the Stavropol Territory. Especially valuable erythronium Caucasian, peony angustifolia, Adonis spring, Anemone sylvestris, orchids, Lyubka zelenotsvetnaya, hawkweed Stavropol, ornithogalum arcuate, Caucasian grouse, which are on the verge of extinction.

Thus, the reserves of the Stavropol Territory is a kind of reserve, almost all the rare and endangered species, subject to federal and regional conservation, growing in the reserves play an important role in preserving biodiversity floristic region.

Few people know that in the Stavropol region built two cage for breeding deer in semi-free conditions. One – with spotted deer in the reserve «Strizhament» Shpakovsky in the region and other – a red deer in the reserve «Safonov cottage» St. George area.

In 2010, in an aviary in the reserve «Strizhament» released 30 spotted deer caught in the reserve «Alexander»And to date, the number of spotted deer is 50 individuals. In the same year in the sanctuary «Safonov cottage» St. George area launched in enclosure 10 deer brought from the Altai Territory. In 2011 we brought a further 26 individuals from the Altai Territory, which have successfully acclimated to a new location. To date, the number of deer is 40 individuals.

Increasing the number of hoofed animals in enclosures for semi-free animal in the state nature reserves of the Stavropol Territory will help in a relatively short time to create a local, highly productive populations of species that can be used later for a broad settlement, not only in protected areas, but also in the lands of the Stavropol Territory, suitable for this type of habitat.

Area PA edge is much lower than the average for the Russian Federation and the subjects of the Southern Federal District. It is planned to significantly increase the area of ​​protected areas, taking into account the analysis of the current state of the natural landscape and expand the list of categories.

What do the animals in our lives? Why we are pleased with the meeting with them, their voices, their color and movement? And what we will lose if the animal suddenly gone? Nothing can replace a man with a rare view of the meeting! There are no words that could bring joy, delight and shock of what he saw!

I would like to add to what was said and called on residents of the Stavropol Territory, the region is our homeland: the nature preserve for posterity, let our children and grandchildren will see preserved species of plants and animals not only in pictures and programs about animals and their eyes in nature. Man is only a component of nature and not its master; destroying nature and it destroys their habitat.

In nature, everything is connected, and to limit the area of ​​contamination and to compare the administrative border can not be spread by contaminated water of the river, without stopping at the border, polluted air penetrates everywhere. If we do not keep clean after a rest in the woods, on the banks of ponds and rivers, leaving behind unquenched fire SELECT asyvat anywhere trash graze cattle in the territory of rare and unique plants, to shoot animals in nature reserves, our work will not bring any the result and the result of this work is needed not only to us…

EV DIREGANOV, director of the MAS ‘management of protected areas NC «May 14, 2013 at 00:00

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