Flight of a lifetime

In the insect world there are those which are applicable adjectives: the biggest, the fastest, brightest, etc. Perhaps the painted lady can claim to be a few of these differences. Judge for yourself…

Flight of a lifetime

Photo Jean-Pol GRANDMONT / wikimedia.org (CC BY 3.0)

It is the most famous butterfly on Most continents. Not flies only South America Antarctica. The most inveterate traveler in Nymphalidae family. And at this butterfly routes seasonal, like birds spring north, autumn south.

For example, the Euro-African populations represented overwintered butterflies, sent from North Africa Europe, reaching to midsummer Sweden Norway. Some individuals even drifted up Iceland. The younger generation, born in the Northern Territories, flies in the autumn shores of the Mediterranean, Arabia and Africa. Asian Painted Lady relatives to spend the winter vast expanses of Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Nepal. A very small part of the migratory insect overwinters in within Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan.

In Samarkand Painted Lady — one of the earliest spring butterflies. Of course, this time it is not It boasts well-preserved scaly dress, but his sudden appearance on the warmed the hills, with hatched grass, gives us confidence that the long-awaited heat has finally come. Especially many of these pilgrims is in time of flowering of ailanthus, honey locust, McClure.

Lusciously thick smell nondescript small yellowish-green inflorescence tree, called the first a magnet Painted Lady. But not only ornamental trees city streets welcome butterflies during their flights. I remember the spring of 1986, when the weather from their plunged into cold heat. The slopes of the mountains in Ohalika surroundings were covered with grass, and the alternation of rainy and dry days has awakened to the life mushroom flood. Good yields for soil boletovyh representatives could make up to the last decade May.

As picturesque and juicy been this time, and the slopes Sai Valley and stows! On tiny wet meadows between stones green leaf cams diapered prongosa perfectly side by side with buttercups and arrow Mining arrow. Herbal carnation was a wonderful song and everlasting young bushes still bright green sagebrush. On portions of dried plants deep-seated roots are also in a hurry to take advantage of favorable weather.

Here, the slopes were painted yellow tones ranging from shields and tansy Ferula inflorescences large loose up St. John’s wort is gaining strength. Celebration of life for millions of crawling, running, jumping and flying six-legged creatures. TO colors flying wasps, bees, flies. Minor bugs are not eat away the pollen. AT sunny or cloudy days, the activity of many Butterflies. Above the flowers open and stellate arenaria oregano over balls flit Aporia Crataegi, satyrinae, copper-butterfly. Even very rarely found swallowtail swallowtail may briefly show off in front of you.

One day in April, my mushroom route somehow coincided with Painted Lady nimble direction of the summer, the and then overtake me ascent. Everything was explained after a lift when I I caught the familiar scent of blooming hawthorn. Creamy white flowers crowns the four trees were growing close «strewn» Painted Lady, in nursing company numerous midges. TO fragrant new and flew Source New insects. Others, sated, leaving a gathering and They were being carried out to unknown goal. I began, it was to count the number of butterflies small tree, reached fifty, lost and I left this occupation.

Repeatedly described by many zoologists thousands flock Painted Lady feed on fields of rapeseed, mustard. AT Crimea I he saw clusters of insects on fragrant lavender plantations. If you look around the flower stalks serving table tireless traveler, the We see plants from different families. The important thing for butterflies — it would only abundant meal.

With a choice of forage plants for posterity and no problems. Painted Lady-polyphages then there are insects that use some food species. Like real «Pioneers» new territories, the caterpillars of these moths to the unpretentious food. The very name of the lepidopteran creation — painted lady — talking about fondness for well-known plant. However, there is one on Butterfly name which has a second name. This thistle.

Flying on vacant lots, ravines, slopes railway embankments, Painted Lady, or the painted lady, finds drought prickly weed and lay on his eggs. For one clutch 2-3 eggs a little later followed by another, and widespread plant and gives table and Butterfly House offspring. Entomologist found in the painted lady caterpillars nettles and heather. It is also a plant in northern latitudes. Left 2-3 days later the larvae grow rapidly and pass all the stages of growth an accelerated pace. It usually takes two weeks.

The standard color of the tracks beige, but there are individuals greyish, yellow and brown colors. On Each segment of the larva has several bristles. After the fourth molt caterpillar, which reached 4-4.5 cm, and is looking for a suitable place pupate. Accommodation chrysalis open, limbo. This usually occurs by increasing horizontal branch, hanging logs, rocks. The color of the pupa is usually gray or slightly brown, with shiny dots. Butterfly appears 10–14 days.

Left the shell fresh insect pupae — very charm. It is painted not as bright as brightly. Because of this, as if deliberately provocative, the British gave the painting its name Painted Lady — «painted lady». If in Collector box next to the This butterfly will be presented to neighbors family, its diversity immediately caught eyes. General color of the upper planes of the two pairs of wings Painted Lady rusty-red. The upper corners of the front decorated with brown spots white dots.

Hind wings frankly red in the center of which are located diagonally small brown stains. The spots of the same color and have on the outer edge of the wing, on Festoon of cut. The lower plane of the two pairs of wings are a sample of the masking color. However, the root angle of the front wing too little «sin» reddish tint, but but the upper corner of beige and green, with whitish dots and narrow strips of veins.

Very nicely painted rear pair. On very elegant and plane elegant nature and applied whitish brown rings, semicircles, which are combined with silver, and white dots dashes. Grounded earth, rock or tree trunk butterfly lowers the upper wings of the bottom, covering a red color, and — all, it becomes invisible.

This is all well-known Painted Lady: The most, most, most…

Igor Ponomarev15 October 2015 at 11:50

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