For sea dragon

For sea dragon


This fish — a monster, but then However, she beautiful. Huge covered outgrowths head, dorsal fin spines fan and powerful jaws with many small crooked teeth… In She dwells in us Black Sea. I happened to catch skorpenu different gear, but especially memorable fishing spinning.

Fishing at Black Sea is not promises too big trophies, as even the Black Sea shark and spiny dogfish that weighs up to a maximum 14–15 kg. However, most of the Black Sea fish meat has a wonderful flavor.

Skorpenu in popularly called sea ruff, or dragon. Usually it is size 7–13 cm, but occasionally there are specimens over 25 cm. The head is almost one third of the body length. The back and sides covered with dark spots and spots. The belly is whitish. Spikes scorpion fish are poisonous, they are very painful prick. This sedentary benthic fish lives near the coast, held on depth up 30 m, among the rocks, covered with brown algae in which is well disguised. It also occurs on sand, shell rock. It feeds on small fish and small crustaceans, which lies in wait, hidden in ambush.

Normally sea perch caught float or ground fishing tackles with quays, piers, near the rocky coast where there are heaps of pitfalls. Ruff illegible to quality gear, so when it suited the production line and thick large hooks. However, the float and bottom fishing rods have their drawbacks. The first can be caught only shallow and in calm weather, when the excitement on Sea slight. Donkey and poludonki best used where there are no hard algae, but there may not to be a fish … Usually these gear skorpenu catch the early morning or late evening, and also at night, when starting to move in the predators search of prey and are fixed nozzle — cutting of fresh fish, shrimp or a piece of salted anchovy. AT another time of day fishing less productive.

For sea dragon

Donkey and poludonki best used where there are no hard algae, but there may be no fish.

The most convenient way to catch sea perch in zone pier on closest to shore areas, where the bottom has boulders covered with fouling. FROM Pier can skorpenu success catch on float rod with dull snap. It’s enough to 5-meter telescopic rod. Float selected depending on the emotion with lifting capacity within 3–To ’10 All break a tackle on hooked, better use tridtsatisantimetrovy leash. Ogruzka there may be simple: only 3–4 firmly shifted to one other pellets. FROM a snap angler usually hatches in the skorpenu one place, waiting for when it will come out of his hiding place, the smell of the bait.

If mobile catching when moving vzabrodku fisherman along the shore, looking for fish, it is best to use an even longer leash and distributed on ogruzku the main line. Weights pairs or with one certain intervals fixed on and the main line go with weight reduction downwards. Lower sinker is placed close to the the point of attachment of the leash. You can make the nozzle slowly fall on bottom that effectively affects bite because marine ruff from his ambush keenly watching what is happening at the top.

But there is also a little-known applied to Sea ershu method of fishing, both on the spinning. Once, several years ago we caught a Anapa horse mackerel boats. Fish do not It was. As we traveled back and forth to search pack, fit for provisions to shore, I boredom on a fairly shallow area decided to try to catch a spinning another fish. Casting various spinners success not brought. Then I put and sinking wobblers I began to catch them with stops. Here’s another throw. Sharp jerk I I raised with bait bottom podmotal 3 meters–4 fishing lines, and then gave freely wobbler sinking. Already on a second wiring felt a slight push in and arm weight on end of the line. Imagine my surprise when I He pulled out of the water and He threw deck boat sea ruff. After a few casts success was repeated.

The next day, I decided to continue with experiments spinning and the evening went on pier. Again I started with casting spinners, but no bites observed. Replaced baubles on wobbler and soon caught the big sea ruff. AT Some places had a lot of rocks covered with algae, so I avoid snags set single hooks and defended their wiry «mustache». However, near the stones can be caught and without protection. To do this, you must take with wobblers strongly push forward blade. It serves as a striker in contact stones and significantly reduces the number of hooks. With regard to jam the bottom of the bait, then better when the catch is not from the shore or a pier, and boat. Then, even with conventional equipment wobbler tees deaf hooks are very rare.

On the morning of the sea is good to catch a spinning, when the water is at shore vzmuchena gentle surf. AT this time comes closer to the fish shore in eluted search of food. Issued on shallow water ruff. He can watch the victim, hiding in dredging and among the overgrown weeds plates.

Sometimes I catch and skorpenu snastochku on fresh fish. AT this case it is better to draw a predator lurking short movements of the lure. The following option game. Throw snastochku away from the coast, preferably in the space between the stones, wait a few seconds, then slightly Drag the it. Stopped again. AND Drag the slowly again. Rest assured: scorpion, if it is anywhere near, always attacking.

For sea dragon

MONSTER OF TROPICAL MOREY.U synanceia verrucosa, live in the tropical waters of the Indian and Pacific oceans, the largest among the fish poison glands. The appearance of this creature is extremely unpleasant: the naked body, covered with soft, elongated filamentous warts. Synanceia verrucosa often look like overgrown weeds stone. Spikes needle-like dorsal fin, sharp; If you step on the fish they are deeply dug into his leg, and poison attacks the nervous centers, fall into the muscles. If it is touched by a major blood vessel and will spread the poison in the body, comes the agony and death within a few hours. The antidote is not known. It helps only hot water, which washed the wound. Victims who survived this injury, it is necessary to amputate the leg.

At catching on foam fish should be applied a minimum of the weight of the goods and often give the bait to fall slowly to the bottom.
As already mentioned, the most commonly hunted scorpion fish are small fish in particularly young fish belonging to family Gubanov: greenfinch, wrasse, and hazel grouse others. AT Their color is dominated by a greenish, grayish-yellow, brown color. The abdomen is usually light. Selecting wobblers, similar in color and to form these fish, I I noticed that the bite occurred much more frequently.
I have to catch me spinning and skorpenu in the Mediterranean Sea during a stay in Italy Turkey. Tactics fishing technique there is virtually no different from fishing Black Sea. But, of course, search for habitat of this fish shallows requires some patience. Season catching a ruff at sea sports gear like us country and abroad, all year round, so that Anytime take tackles and go to sea.

In addition, Crimea and on the Caucasian coast of free diving enthusiasts often mined with primitive harpoons with scorpionfish eraser. But This is not hunting as simple as it seems at first. It requires good physical fitness and long patience as marine ruff well disguised among algae it does not so easy to see.
As we cooked ear of ruff? FROM my friend, we have been a pensioner Yuri underwater hunting. It was in Crimea at Balaclava. We lived on shore savages. AT The day quickly produced a dozen scorpionfish. It is much harder to shoot zelenuh nimble, much needed as Yuri said, for soup. But Soon we We coped with this task, producing two large. AT during hunting kept with scorpionfish on other fish Kukan, suspended from the waist belt; their fins are slightly tingled through a wetsuit, but no inflammation nor one of us then, to Fortunately, not It was.

When lit on fire beach under the cliffs to us Gavrilych guests arrived, a local friend of Yuri. The old man carefully placed between the stones of a bottle of homemade vodka, carrots, onions, peppers and immediately set about cooking. By According to Yuri, he was a great specialist ear. Gavrilych began to gut fish. Cut off the head and ersham tails, put these pieces together with bone and zelenuhami vegetables salted boiling water. On question: «And why not entirely in edible zelenuh put your ear?» Gavrilych said: «To delight» Cook in the ear Within twenty minutes, the old man threw the entire contents of the bowl to earth, leaving only vodichku-fat. After that he put in Boiler slices chopped carcass and a ruff He added ear fifty grams of vodka.
— It yushku to lighten up, — he added, squinting at smoke good eye. — Of course, for this and Vodka amiss…

Fish soup cooked for another seven minutes, then our guest and took the pot I began to pour in broth flavored outstretched bowls. Ear was unforgettable. This delicious I have not I tried…


Spike, growing near the anus of the sea perch, is highly toxic if they prick, long wound heals. Typically, injection site pale, red or turn blue, often swells. There are severe pain, burning, numbness. Can be dizziness, vomiting, dry mouth, and shortness of breath and sometimes incoordination.

The treatment is a complex process, the success of which depends largely on the speed of first aid, and the method chosen drugs. Laceration should be immediately rinsed with clean salt water or saline. Sometimes stab wound incision to release, if it is possible to poison surface. If in the body of the victim was a spike, which is rare, it should be removed. Sometimes using a pressure bandage over the wound and as close to her. Also injured arm or leg on the lower recommended 20–30 minutes very hot water, and Facial make hot gadgets. High temperatures can weaken the effect of the poison, or it will decompose. AT Water was added to the greater efficiency of sodium or magnesium sulfate. When injections synanceia verrucosa, stingrays and Scorpaenidae help injection in affected area butyl bromide, hyoscyamine, and emetine hydrochloride. But must do so by a qualified medical professional, and as early as possible is desirable. Remove the swelling will also help allergy (antihistamines), drugs that need to be applied strictly following the enclosed instructions use of the drug.

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