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Home HomeThe rulers did everything to bury once «foreign exchange department of the country.» Discourage native crafts from many thousands of fishermen who once fed his family.

Lion Tiger or the same, they are also clever and strong, but only vile as Bruins never happen. The same could easily bipedal his friend with whom one soul from childhood lived right on the stage in front of an enthusiastic rebyatni skharchit. And in the forest they are the same.

Bears, they are found even in Russia. In Siberia, a lot of them on the Far East, Kamchatka. Even at the emblem of the city and there are some parties. Whoever these shaggy case has close friends — nauchnikov, circus tamers, hunters, — they know that bear only a mean honey, but in fact the beast terrible and uncontrollable.

Taiga, however, often from hunger do — for them it is the main motivation for meanness and robbery. A here is our brother bipedal often from hunger at all, and for the sake of a fat piece of his throat as tears and relatives deprived of life. Especially now, when the country is principle «man to man — wolf!» Life has become.

However, the benefit has not completely extinct from Our people, for the sake of another’s life are able to sacrifice. To do so, as it should have been on the Russia to act ancient times, especially in the taiga.
Vaughn Val Harigonov, in Harigon vulgar. Is he alive, no? — many years it! Over sixty already, but! AND Now, I suppose, for the trades the places where the Province to Irkutsk Baikal and Sahoy — Yakutia joined.

Valka − Yakut Saha really, — hard-working and because wealthy. Not and smokes I do not drink, that rarely happens. Roams from their herd of reindeer there the little snow in places, and family Transported. Earlier on mesyatsamzavsegda years geologists helped that modern ruler We need steel. Where a small load required to deliver — helicopter all sit down, and It’s expensive — Valentin with deer is where the conductor work or provide meat.

It happened in the Nowadays, when developed socialism has died, and Democracy began anti-people. End of November the yard was — frost over thirty, but the snow did not really bulk. Soboleval he had on river Cakeó, what in Three hundred miles from the nearest habitation be. AT Statement companions took the whip Keshka — like sahalyar guise — father Yakut or Evenk and Ma nyuchcha — Russian type. A maybe Russian does not — Tatar il hohlushka who disassemble them? Yes and Keshka he did not really knew who his mother — just saw a couple of times, but Maltz was then completely — therefore not I remembered, and who the father is, the more do not know I had to. How he could remember, all of orphanages, boarding schools so hung. AT Because of this, do not even He doubted that the mother sbichevalas at all, and drank themselves He vanished.

That’s how living — his own master. By the time to geologists but all went on hunting run. But once democracy is ripe, all of its geology over time, became Keshka as his peers were forced to Pest developing. I drink started by da privorovyvat fines. Sometimes even dumps rummaged; that even without a job to do? — it is necessary to live. And wife kicked him — does not tolerate could. How many of those now Keshek throughout Russia knocks…
Val picked it up. Squires identified.

«Hunt knows from deer can do, put a tent too. To saw wood. Eat cook all items. Other taiga work known to him — means a help will be, and in village completely disappear»Because Valentin reasoned, although a little mistake — not I lay at Keshka soul any more for what. Species, the very stage Bichevskaya life came when everything becomes do not care. But life is no choice left: be undertaken farmhand — be it. What the owner says make. Val with He has many and not required — listen and okay…

The deer are then to is not taken, and peshochkom themselves moved. Val First, tozovkoy old in the hands that once the boom, and Two osechetsya and Kent rear, cavalry carbine over his shoulder.
Dogs searching the sables sharyat subject taiga and the host ears District crown listen — polayki waiting. But instead polayki suddenly behind Keshka squealed. Yes yelled so that Val’s hat on He rose to head fear. He rushed to the companion — Only glimpses of the trees, looking through the bushes — I was taken aback.

Bear on Keshka sitting, tearing it crushes. Zdorovuschy! The man underneath that hardened before the puppy dog. «What to do?!» Valentin immediately realized — tozovki from animal to shoot it, and only one death it, and Keshka. FROM the first shot is not bed, and a bear You zagryzet and mate finish. There is still a knife, but that It’s the use?
A Keshka shouts on He turns his back, his hands protecting his head — with eyes fear screwed, volosenki all filled with blood. A Bear Keshka missing teeth: hands, shoulders and head. Paws hit, it throws before him, like a cat a mouse.

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Val was taken aback: «What to do?!» Suddenly I noticed — at Kentia with carabiner shoulder slipped — butt at legs dangling. He dove straight at the beast — he even paid no paid — his business is busy, he grabbed the butt of his left hand, and pulled like a cork out of the Bear carbine in hand rolled. Klatsnul gate, checking the cartridge and the bear back. Have already made a intention to shoot, but suddenly realized that now this bullet and Bear and Keshka fill up at the same time. I realized — I fell knee bullet beast along the ridge, to immobilize instantly. «Ba-oh!» — carbine snapped, screaming human drowning. AND Bear collapsed. Come Valentine poor partner from the carcass to pull out. Planted on ass, rolled to bear.

Keshka procedure hurt — face broken, but like eyes are intact, a huge wound on head, arms and fingers in the trash bearish milled teeth. «What to do?!» — the only thought in Valkinoy head. He bared his victim all wounds. Then came all the sanitized urine.

«Bandaged right!» Expose Valentin became breeches shirt on Bandage tear. Wounds as I could, bandaged, let’s bear sideways stack. All paws and I gathered a bunch I tied them with string. A Kehu that consciousness to the time lost between the clutches arranged so that it was warm as he escapes deer.

Just on Val Keshka twelfth day before «zhiluhi» He delivered, but He drove a living. Namayalis — not God forbid. By River not proedesh — some ice. Tents and all superfluous and had to quit nodi at night while away. Because drugs only urine but ashes from the fire. Oleoresins have had, but where to take it so — Winter on yard. Keshka though warm deer Kukule but from loss of blood freeze. What screaming in pain, then out of mind, the is in complete prostration — pounding through the eyes dressings face, but nothing is He understands and barely audible Duska some calls, and like his wife called and Nienke daughter differently. Perhaps some in the first love the orphanage was a dog or a nickname? However, here the dog helped.

When wounded in the evenings in the firelight bandaging, I caught them insolently and forced to pus lick wounds, and are realizing that good man to do, then they themselves fit — not They refused.
In general, lost to Val’s Harigona the hunting season — the most valuable time Salvation Keshka gone. Well, maybe He felt sorry for himself, and that so on suckling and family lives Worse will live — as hopes for those nedobytyh sables was! Maybe wife nagged, but at stake was the life of man, whose whatever it It was — the scourge of the latter or a normal guy. Which in general, is the difference? AT that the pest has become, Keshkina small wine. Not CREATE kings present in country cataclysm would live people and yourself living — children, grandchildren grow. A here, as in It turned out to be a trap, in that two-thirds of the country’s land. Especially on «northern regions»Where before it was a great deal of work, but no longer It was, and leave «the mainland» — at pocket is empty …

Valentin was aware that the man is already worthless Keshka — Dog valuable. But Other known — skin felt not save it Keshka — not system crash occurs, and something more important than the main, on the than a man’s life is built, all at once Porush. What did you just give up the slack — not do as always taiga and in Russia there were people, and gone-gone. How in towns — fallen man — passers-by not look back.
After the New Year gathered Harigon sables remnants of what little that he managed to get, and they went to hand. Scheduled something LICENSE­GOVERNMENTAL, before Holidays hunters promhozovskomu dropped, for mere pennies. But now Village merchant came out of the same ones that now zhiruyut furs.

Are buying it for next to nothing, but still more expensive than promhoze and then at exorbitant prices auction selling. Imposing a merchant, uhmylisty not price itself knows well your pocket. By and that evaluates all — because most people have his contempt. We see this with side. But and another shows that the cheap small, not very taiga sniffing — ruzhishkom except indulge. AT companies such as itself. Where they hit everything that moves. And ruzhishkom not have They tepericha — karamultuki that wobbled. Besides Valcke their price throughout the year, no small family to live, then two. Prihlebai merchants have all reported — here and as. AND story Valentin and Keshka his ears not Gone.

He tossed carelessly hunter his sable table as usual from time immemorial, — that they are not even looking at was the only cast a fleeting glance at hand yes I put them on top, kind of like «Now it’s my» He wants to say.

— Well, like this, — He speaks, — by three thousand on terms good price?
And suddenly strained such that tell «no»Then Movement from one hand fly these sable under the feet of the hunter.
— Why on all three? However, I am more
I wanted.
— More? — and thought I face twisted. — Anyway. More so more. Only for you, and peasants, no, no. By three-c-c… — and broke I think again. — But let it be three hundred,— He waved his hand, — by Three hundred and fifty, — said. — Bigger brother can not give I can.

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Feelingly he says. A himself a quick glance right in eyes. The moment of truth has arrived for him negotsiantskoy — Industrialist agree or not?

But a bargain hunter? Not everyone can. In one that is capable of at his will by an angry bear plunge, psychology is different than that when you’re just out of the corner of palnut can bear.
Valcke I would like to say that Three hundred counted, and Now that pinned him to the merchant wall as in shot put. Say «few» — Now wag his hand, and all your sable under the feet — then collect them, to humiliate, to bow. Where did he get to them then? Another not COMMERCE arrive — at They all Siberia about between themselves divided.
And taking off from hand Hunter and immediately falls down:
— Ah-ah-ah! Fuck him! Come on! — and like relief from his soul, but and a vague resentment too. But on Only one? On yourself? On merchant? Or…

He feels the man that he had been deceived, and that he could merchant three thousand with half rubles to — not I am ruined. AND He calms himself: «Hands and feet there dog charm. S get more — What is it? He let them choke on those rubles nedodali!» AND it seems to him this time, in the ignorant matters of trade: «Well, there is three hundred rubles? Well? Nonsense in general! Merchants, too, must live!»
But a clue to our fishers, some values ​​deception reached. Unaware that some of his sable not four thousand rubles a sell, and in thousands green pieces of paper that It is ten times more expensive. Unaware that a merchant that somewhere out there — abroad, all have to live there: the house-flat, a scientist with children foreign customs and learn considerable expense in bank.

Put together by such Valek, Keshek, earrings and Ivanovitch. That ends barely make ends sinews tear, taiga obzhivaya, risking their lives private, and sometimes I lose it. AND Harigonu unaware that merchant that Russia is not a country needed at all — spit on her, he only earns money here.

And now the native state — the main enemy. With one hand gives a the other takes away. Having chosen for itself the basic management style hand-outs, so then they boast. Not understanding like that any sop perverting the nation, tearing the unity of the nation and his mind on part. When no clear what services worker security agencies assessed how much higher than the contribution of the teacher, that he has brought up, or a doctor, which it treats. When one old woman after the fire is presented on a chic Local concepts of home and hundreds of thousands of old women remain their huts. AND all due to the fact that the rulers of the forestá we have long been unnecessarily and The beast that they usual, too — protection against fire and brakosha nobody from them.

When going on generational change violated all of life’s priorities, which become official without producing nothing much more prestigious than to become an engineer, builder or farmer. When the distribution of handouts in Mizera sight of that today the government proposes to start their own business, not a panacea for the revival of the middle class country, and the mere mockery and the squandering of the budget funds.

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Furs in the fishing areas of Russia in the majority of cases impaired. Fishing can not be controlled or regulated.

And still unaware Valentin and Harigonovu thousands of others like it, fishers, that the rulers did their best to bury once «Monetary country shop» at fatliquoring favor separate personalities. Discourage native crafts from many thousands of fishermen who once fed his family, now they began to Akimov Keshka.

— Come on, so come on, — our merchant with smile on Facial he said. (That’s I handled Lohan!)
And with only one movement of the hand of all sable — at Box huge, almost the edges of the precious fur-filled. I take the money count. Not and counted the times Only then gave Valentin.
— Recalculate — from He said gravely. But he will not do I became — the school does not the one people used to believe. So all in a bundle pocket thrust. I was about to go, but stopped the merchant:
— Ask want. Can?
And it is clear that it would be desirable from a merchant Val’s something to learn — for yourself to understand the incomprehensible.
— But, oh, ask.
— Directly beneath the bear, say, I jump?
— But.
— Wes, say, two weeks it?
— But.
— He is a scourge? Yes?
— But.
— What drove that? — perplexed smile up ears, — he is a scourge! Without sort without a tribe! But why it was necessary to you? Would you during this time as sables crushed? A? Well, brother, you give! — slapped table. — Whatever prikopat — anyway because it dies! Well, brother, you give!
Val silently listened to all this, shrugged, got up and He took a step toward door.
— Wait a minute! — merchant opened his desk, rummaged in It hand, he took a new crisp red and white paper and I stretched out in front of him: — On you still.

But Valentine did not would like to take this piece of paper, it is not like, but legs do not obeying reason, took a step toward her, and hand itself leaned forward and it took.

In the cabin there were three: Anatoly, a former helicopter pilot, and Now retired and fishing hunter who was close friends Tolia Tolia il Monsieur Anatole, and for others just Mitrich and two of his guests — citizen, they could afford to fly here from capitals.

The intention to life taiga corner of his eye and look as possible at sables on a pair of wives Caps get. For a week they ran out of Forests for dogs, but today decided to relax — at Taiga does not and went staged a day’s rest. The bath was heated the pilaf in hefty created a cauldron where the meat two times larger than the rice had, and another bottle — with two long conversations they had expected after a bath. Radio was playing quietly, the hunters were on his bunk in Pending bath and We are talking when he heard a dog outside wintering «urrr! urrr! urrr!». Each subsequent urkane tone grew considerably. Mihalycha if thrown from the explosion bunks, and he just tucked his legs in Sneakers with shouts «Bike-al, can not-ah! Bike-al, reptile, Phew!»The bullet flew out of winter quarters, having to catch the big white collar husky. What has been fiercely rushed into fight on a couple of other people’s dogs, who stood at a distance.

Assessing the situation, Mitric, holding his right hand on the scruff of dancing hind legs snarling Baikal left quickly pulled off leash with nail collar, gathered it in palm and picked it for the dog’s skin, with force and threw dog and the collar open door. Having had time to shout a tone of command: «For Nara tie!»Before the door closed.

Now roared knots, began to thin bark wood, not Ignoring other dogs, although Anatolia without them understand that now will be somebody else … Here among the trees is something flashed, then formed a red spot on against which first appeared twitching horns, and then a deer’s head. On front deer was a man, and the second bull was tied back. Rider Mitrich learned immediately. He was wearing a park, pretty shabby and stitched in red a large square of woolen blankets.

AT soldier cloth pants and battered in the Treukhov head to tozovkoy over his shoulder, it was Val Harigon. A short, tight, with mop hard and jet-black hair head. FROM rather flat bronze face.
Quickly leaping distance to deer, so as not to irritate dogs, tying him there, he smartly, swaying from on foot leg, went to Mitrichev. Weathered face shone his joy, showing gaps in teeth:

— Sdarova you Tolia. Sdarova.
— Hello, Valentin, — host held out both hands, grasping hands caught them and a guest shook their long and Then, freed from a handshake, hug Yakutia — boy, I arrived. Come to tea.
Together they went to Zimove when Val sad voice said:
— I wanted to give you the capercaillie…
— AND where grouse? — Mitric said.
— I missed — quite frankly, with sad smile on lips told a guest.

Mitrichev wanted to laugh. AT this «missed» Val was all. It was not naivety and not simplicity. A openness, when the soul is wide open — take me probably not sorry.
Anatoly imagined Harigon aims at capercaillie, already anticipating the moment he will give him the bird, like a bullet smacks of rooster, and Suddenly it feels same great disappointment that his friend, when not grouse falls, and flying.

— Not worry! Not ours was — sable eat.
— Eaten-at, — handed guest.

The cabin got acquainted with Valentin distant guests, but not undress He becomes. I pulled off itself only a hat, revealing at the same stringy hair, the room the smell of other people’s sweat pulled.
Anatoly noticed how once twisted noses, both long-distance guest and experiencing some inconvenience to them for the friend immediately suggested:
— In our room ready. Come on and take off your clothes go take a shower — then we’ll talk.
But the reaction was unexpected guest:
— You’re TCE, Tolia, however? FROM sosol mind? Kaka is still room? I’m in bath mytsa does nelsya. I Saboleyu. Pneumonia sarabotayu. We are in Nicodemus did not taiga moemsya. I come home — there pomoyus.

Guests puzzled look at Harigona.
Then they drank tea together, discussing the case and hunting all offering Valentine eat pilaf, but he refused. And apparently, in hoping to turn the conversation to another, suddenly suggested:
— Do you want to show pictures?

Not has received an answer, he pulled out a solid package. On photo in Valkina was mostly family, with enclaves bonfires, deer, dogs. All, of course, just kind of doing that and looking at pictures carefully, but their master, poking his finger in the calloused Everyone tried as much as possible to cover all that on it sealed.

 Home Home

Villages where earlier people were busy organized fishing, now depopulated. A man with nothing to do in the remote areas of …

Then he ate rice, which just made him do Anatoly. It was evident that to eat pleasure — on forehead sweat. After eating a whole cup and risotto washed down with tea, sighed, leaned back in bunks to wall and smiling blissfully, he said:
— It must be the same! As it turns out, you can cook tasty meat.

In the evening, after a long time I went to Val his camp, and after the bath After the feast, when poured into the bliss bodies and souls Mitrich asked:
— Well as you Aboriginal?
Guests like sgovaryas immediately exchanged glances with each other, and one of them, laughing, said:
— From the baths he declined. Any animal….

Instantly all bliss from Anatoly evaporated in nowhere in the cheekbones designated nodules and he is sober, hard look paced the the eyes of visitors. Noticing the change in host two guest suddenly realized that blurted not then, and with one voice began to make excuses:
— Yes we… Sorry, Mitrich! We are not something to say. We have it… he lives like a beast — not clean.

A hunter would like to ask them, they are a people? Another view is necessary, and Valka — HUMAN.

Keshka a year as discharged from the hospital, on the frozen drunk. What Is one in bichhaty the other was, maybe somewhere else, but only in frost fell snowdrift, I fell asleep, and no more awoke.

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