How to become champions

Ends shooting another year. He was rich in sporting events, of which, undoubtedly, stands the World Cup «by the gun», held in late September in Hungary.

How to become champions

An exercise «Cowboy does not napping» — starting from a very awkward position.

Preparing for championship began in 2011, when the teams were defined by all four classes: open, modify, and standard pump. Let me remind you that, according to the order of the Ministry of Sports, teams are formed by the results of the national championship last year.

It is understood that members of the train with the national team a year the best coaches and on the best sites of the country. But because the sport discipline «Practical shooting» still very young, the all the arrows included in top ten in breed, train yourself. None responsible for their training During the year, other than themselves, so the level of firearms training participants can both grow and fall.

My words do not sound as a claim to Ministry or the shooting federation, and as the theme for thought: maybe it is better to form a team results of the last national championship? AT This year, to arrive at a such a decision, it took the intervention of the director of the Northwest regional branch of the International Practical Shooting Confederation Eugene Borisovich Efimov.

Thus, in Russian team was the champion of this year, open class, Vladimir Novikov. AT standard class also changed: in It includes a national champion Pavel Danilovich. I I was in team instead Kirill Avdeev. Not I can say that, if in I have included a team instead of someone else, it would be easier, but instead Kirill — particularly hurt, as he EB Efimov were the first coaches who opened for me the practical shooting. Whatever it was, but We formed a team, and in standard class, it looked like this: Pavel Danilovich, Sergei Konov, Sergei Shevchenko Andrew Viharev.

About how we will get to the venue of the World Cup, which was held not a neighboring village, and in Hungary, charming town of Debrecen, you need to be discussed separately. TO Fortunately, the experience of flight with Arms have we already had, and so we arrived at the airport five hours before departure. Customs draws one person to arms about half an hour.

Anyway, we reached Debrecen. Holiday atmosphere is felt not just on shooting, but and the city itself. Not I know how, but in the total mass of walking its center unmistakable arrows came from all over the world. AT we settled on the Hotel next door to old friends — Team Finland.

I remember how we looked at on their European Championships 2005 Greece, 2008 m Czech Republic. Together with Finnish team we shot one group with German national team — This, too, were old friends, because 2008 just at Germans we took away the command of the European Championship bronze and It was the Germans in the 2012 took the bronze at Central European Open Championship. So it was an interesting group.

How to become champions

Targets on the background of the canopy. One of the metal targets activates a pendulum with a ceramic plate.

On the first day of shooting, though It was a thrill, but joint efforts we it coped. The Germans behaved friendly, joking, laughing. The Finns were held in side, and It seemed to have been stretched. It should be noted that it was because of that experience, one of the leaders Rheine Peltokoski got in the night before hospital with poisoning. On the second day, he tried to start a fire, but he was again taken to the hospital with aggravation.

A since Practical shooting team of four count goes on the best three, then Finnish team acted without reserve. AT first day one of Finnish shooters with gun flew fly, he said it almost simultaneously with starting signal, but The referee had to stop the exercise and After resolving the problem I gave perestrel. A on the second day one of the Finns forgot his gun in «Security Zone».

It so happened that I I come to this zone: one is around, and the gun is. From the house of the judiciary (in meters fifty) released a German from our group. I he shouted that he took the gun, but he did not understood, shook it in arms and with words «gud, gud» He handed me.

Then we both realized that this rifle some third party (arrow, left the gun unattended, waiting for disqualification). I I left to look for a gun, and German ran to find the owner of a gun. They and Finn turned. Somewhere heart remains regrettable that it did not disqualified, but pride in the good deed still won.

Also in the first day I noted that such separation in class, which once was between us and Finns have not. Their professional level, of course, higher — That only is the rub rounds of vodka, so they do not slipped into hands when charging! I realized this only fourth day, and Finns have always done.

Clarify: do not wipe them with vodka because «drunk» chuck better flying and because the Czech ammunition covered by the Whether silicone, then Do graphite lubricant. That the first three days and cartridges flew from me when recharging, and Finns do not, although the shooting, tactics and Others were in We almost level.

The Germans shot at high level, but after the disqualification of one of them were cautious and as a result, dropped out of the fight. We are on old tradition to overclock end of the match, but and that was enough to deadpan Finnish twitched.

The first was the Finn Petri Runt, the second Italian Roberto Vezoli, Sergei Konov our third, fourth and Andrew and fifth Viharev Pavel Danilovich. The Finns won six more, and fifteenth place. We have celebrated the victory, but World Champion Petri Runt was so good that his score was enough to leave us a second. Yes, it was a blow, but yet to a duel.

The duel takes place as a single match. Participants include eight best shooters in each class. The loser is eliminated, but Of course, shooting is not each other, and mirrored built two targets of the situation, and if very primitive to explain who will hit their targets more quickly, and the wins. At the same time it is necessary then charged in one cartridge standard, modified, pump classes, and in the open class, or change store or also recharge cartridge.

The difficulty lies in the duel that necessary to fire simultaneously rival — Who is faster. Rights No mistake. A little slow — all I lost. There are, of course, «His Majesty the case», but count on it — a thankless task. Nerves in dueling competitions stretched to limit. Fired up two wins; This means that if the score is 1: 1, then will third shooting. AT Duels standard class shot: two Finns, an Italian, a German and Four Russian (us joined Maxim Skopin from Tula, who took seventh place). AT first round Maxim and Skopin Roberto Vezoli knocked both Finnish, German Oliver Dammam hard struggle defeated Sergei Konov, and I had to shoot with Pasha Danilovich.

From the beginning I I decided not to risks and Shoot with his speed sure. Actually, while I shot for sure, with Pasha I understand. It became clear that no to the accuracy and not to shoot in the order full power, and faster than you can. AT following two shootings I was more fortunate, and I went into the semifinals.

How to become champions

Bales of hay — still one of the exercises of the world championship. The motion is carried back, hay covers the target. With the defeat of the target it is important not to «fill up the hostages», in the jargon of the shooters — «grandmother.» Her role takes the target of a different color with a diameter of 15 cm.

In the semifinals, vaguely I remember the beat Oliver Damm, but memorable semifinal Maxim and shooting Roberto. When the score was 1: 1, they managed to shoot so equally quickly that the control of the target after being hit They fell, pushing one into one and it was impossible to determine the winner. We had to shoot the fourth time, and, Unfortunately, the Italian came in the final.

How to win finals, not I remember: forty minutes after the victory took place in fog. Then many times revised video experienced again and again.

During the awarding was very surprised that it is not played the Russian national anthem, although in addition to the first place duel and won prizes Our veterans open class. AND also in Budapest, the airport, there was a small incident: I do not allowed in plane as the security service is not something like my cup. I had to run and rent it baggage.

And after the euphoria of the title, we are back on ground. Rifle life goes on — already December 2 is scheduled for next match rifle, and by next year, we must prepare.

I apologize for not He highlighted other classes of weapons, but time Sexual sorely enough. Moreover, I I tried to photograph and shoot at Video exercises Germans, Finns and our hands, but when I noticed that my own results immediately came down, I dropped the idea.

How to become champions

The winner of the Cup of Russia 2010, one of the top shooters of Russia Maxim Skopin and the reigning champion and the best shooter of Italy Roberto Vezoli. Their duel ended in a draw, a result — a truly rare case.

In the first World Cup conclusion is the same: we are capable of more. Bronze in the individual competition at the Sergey Konov (standard) and Alexander Petukhov (pump), and gold bronze — at duel, and and three silver bronze in team competition. Is this championship for the first few? We have plenty of shooting ranges, and training conditions there, we will create.

Youth tighten, and then, except Switzerland, part of which were young men, the average age of shooters, making Debrecen, about forty years. Is not Only Russian tendency, and general worldwide so. But that’s another story. AND talk about and shooting ranges the law should be with people who are engaged in these issues.

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