IWA-2012: the crisis of the genre?

The international exhibition IWA (the German International Waffen Ausstellung or International Exhibition of weapons), today one of the largest and most prestigious in Europe, focused primarily on the civilian audience.

IWA-2012: the crisis of the genre?In terms of technical solutions today hunting weapon is not much different from the manufacture of 10, 20 or even 30 years ago.

For almost 40 years of its existence it has changed considerably IWA, and deploying Expanding on many areas. AT including thus, for that hunting would be better to develop fair and I should not have. This is especially true for the growing trend demonstration samples of military, police and weapons equipment.

FROM on the one hand, this phenomenon seems to be can be explained by the fact that the vast majority of hunting and sporting weapons manufactured corporations, so-called «sharks» military industry. AND It represents only a very small part of the total volume of their production. These concerns, owning as it often turns out a dozen, and then more stamps known in the civilian market, it will survive and no show. A Now she lives there, especially during the crisis, and sheer glut of civil consumer market, the exhibition without their participation, it is still on the forks water write. And It obtained as in the old adage — he who pays the piper calls, or At least, set the tone …

IWA-2012: the crisis of the genre?

There are many different techniques of engraving on metal. But interestingly, the very name of the profession — engraver — how would a priori asserts its masculine. Meanwhile, the vast majority of engraving work performed, as it turns out, it is women. The strength here is not necessary, but the accuracy and — most importantly! — Patience could not be more welcome. Well, as we call this handsome lady from the skillful hands that go amaze customers’ pattern in the metal? » Graverinya? Graveritsa?


On the other hand, I do not not clear what is the point to stand beside hunting guns typically military, such as automatic or anti-materiel rifle. Watching contingent of the exhibition, I doubt that such exhibits aroused any great interest and then found their buyers. Is that youth Treat …
We have also noted that some areas, could not be more appropriate to the original idea of ​​the exhibition, it is not not just develops, but even as it recedes from already achieved positions. An example of this retreat is the International Competition knife (International Knife Award). Somehow by itself it turned out that the IWA was the most representative and the richest exhibits knives Europe.

IWA organizers have officially recognized the actual situation and in 2000, held in for the first time referred to the competition. By the way, it is interesting for Russian readers, while its main prize went to Russian company «BASCO» from Izhevsk.

Initially we planned to hold the competition every two years, and his second stage took place in 2002 The huge success of the competition and great interest it is manufacturers and the visitors made it hold an annual event. This understandably — always happy, if the event is a large number of its allies, and participants. Then it «rolls» independently, without great effort on the his forcible promotion or even push — only to organize a really, and — ready. Moreover, in such an event Exhibition program further enhances its prestige and attracts her new visitors. Why, then, in past, there 2011, the contest suddenly stopped? AND at This year, not It resumed? But who knows … On reporters and sound no clear answer followed.

A few years ago it was changed, and or rather expanded on the title of the exhibition IWA & Outdoor Classics. It seems to be it’s only natural, is not hunting the only way to break away Outdoor & nature.

IWA-2012: the crisis of the genre?

This has not happened, although this is very strange design a hunting rifle show at the exhibition for ten years. I wonder if she enjoys demand? The so-called scheme of bull-pup with a handle and trigger, located in front of the chamber, can significantly reduce the overall length of the weapon and therefore increase maneuverability. Sometimes used in the firearm, but has the same drawbacks as there are advantages. But the hunter is to what?

Clothing, shoes and even other equipment needed hunter exactly fit any traveler who wants a break from the crowding «asphalt jungle». It concerns tents, backpacks, sleeping bags, hiking cookware, appliances for cooking field and etc. But this direction is clearly lagging behind in its development, despite the fact that the total area of ​​the exhibition, and number of exhibition stands are constantly increasing. Fishing equipment, for example, do not show It presented at all, although it is suitable for its theme is much better than drags on stands by hook or crook weapons clearly military equipment samples.

By the way, once the conversation turned to indirectly glut civil consumer market, it is not accidentally a consequence of the previous competition for high quality and consumer properties of products? It should ponder this … Hunting shotgun, rifle and the Knife is also well-known manufacturers are quite expensive on first glance. A how long they will last? What is their natural wear and tear? When used on hunting «for the soul», a even for food, for example, a professional hunter, weapons, and even his children even grandchildren will. Well, how many out there muddle spoil it by force, giving rust, shooting out of the barrel, plugged with a rag. A broken knife, hooking them to the lid of a box, or doing something else just as insane. But This shedding of the suitability of all equipment located in hands of users is minimal. A quantum leap in development of hunting weapons is also not observed. A good hunter will take many ducks as he wants, how to grandfather dvuhstvolkoy and with a super-advanced modern semiautomatic. A and poor No innovations do not help.

IWA-2012: the crisis of the genre?

It is difficult to offer the customer a brand new hunting rifle, but can offer such does not have any so-called «exclusive». Well, rare wood box and sophisticated finish steel parts — that’s understandable. But who and why needed folding board trigger mechanism, that I honestly do not understand. Who asks, does not wander, and I asked. Exclusive, they explained — this has not been 60 000 euros, bitte schien.


One way or another, annual production of hunting weapons many times greater than its natural decline. What the same applies to knives. Ammunition — is another matter, it is «expendable material». But it is impossible to invent every year new caliber and type of bullet or cartridge!
There Another very important reason glut the civilian market, and or rather decline in sales of hunting weapons equipment. To buy, not rather just want to, you must also able.

IWA-2012: the crisis of the genre?

The exhibition features a fair amount of piece of hunting weapons, which you can simply admire it has -nastolko luxury finishes. Take this to the forest to me, for example, it would be a pity, even scratched, God forbid … Fortunately for me there is no such dilemma, and I for several years would have earned on such an instance, even if they did not eat, did not drink, contained no house was dressed …

Simply put, it is necessary to have on is money. Then you can afford to upgrade arsenal home simply because the old rifle and tired I wanted something new. Only in That’s the the trouble that the average citizen of the money that he could spend on Entertainment is becoming less and less.
Sad these reflections, let’s go back to the exhibition. The exhibition, especially such a large and well-organized as the IWA, it is always in a-kind holiday. The ability to communicate, look, examples, feel his hands, finally. Even if it is known beforehand that «palpation» not nor will to any significant results, thinking about what he saw left a few sad sediment.

IWA-2012: the crisis of the genre?

Steadily growing and offer every kind of night sights and observation devices, although the legality of their use in hunting in many countries rather questionable, and in some — simply use is expressly forbidden. But this, of course, not the manufacturer’s care and responsibility of the buyer and user. Anyway, the sights of the night type, orientated to the civilian market, are becoming more affordable, the quality is also increasing. The picture shows a digital night sight of the Belarusian company YUKON. In the background — digital night cap on a normal optical sight.

Wandering among the more than a thousand manufacturers and stands arms dealers and equipment I tried spotted exceptional things worthy of attention or just to be funny. Not always new things — the latest developments, and what in Actually you can think of in the new the field of hunting weapons, ammunition and Equipment?

Alexander Bondarchuk10 May 2012 at 00:00

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