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Labor hare

The most coveted beast for me hare. To hunt for chernotropu, I walked along the plantations, searched the overgrown chapyzhnikom ravines and thick bushes. A couple of times I managed to raise the skew, but it happened by chance, due to the strong noise made by me in going thorny bushes. Therefore, all raised rabbits safely fled without firing a shot, and I was satisfied at best the contemplation of their flashing heels.

All hope was on the fallen snow. But it fell in the year just a lot. On the way to the land I mentally rubbing his hands in anticipation of first production, but there it was. I could not manage to unravel the intricate twos, threes and discounts oblique.

I wandered in vain for fresh Maliki, trying to determine the place of maturation hare. I knew all the habits eared. I shoveled a lot of literature. The grounds were explored all my favorite places zhirovochnye hares. But all was in vain. No traces were so many places that had trampled the whole trail. I have the impression that night hare organized a demonstration in my honor, carrying banners: «Great loser»Or marching in unison, practicing different skills drill like soldiers on the parade ground recruits.

Arriving again at the endless fields Neftegorsky district of the Samara region, I hastily equipped. Wearing the white camouflage suit and collecting the gun, stood on skis in full readiness to meet with the hare.

Reaching the target sparse plantations, meandering far beyond the horizon, immediately saw the traces of a hare. Skirting the edge of the track was smooth and sharp, the snow did not even have time to peel off inside the paw print. Traces go exactly along the plantations from the field. Having loaded shotgun «Five»I moved forward, beginning of the trail. The wind was blowing in my face. Traces of it went into the land, that were in the field, however, close.

After about a hundred meters along Malik, happily for himself noted two. Shotgun immediately migrated from the shoulder to the hand, I tensed. Meters fifteen noticed three. «You sit! And not somewhere in landing!» — mentally, I turned to the hare. But, to my deep regret, traces back along zapetlyali plantations. A couple of times they dramatically, almost 90 degrees left in the field. I even thought that was going to scythe to another field, or into another land, which ran parallel to, but so far away that a barely visible.

Labor hare

Maybe he decided to lie directly in the field, under a hillock or hollow? However, oncoming, rusachina, judging by the footsteps returned. Procedure, exhausted transitions on snow-covered virgin, I persisted trails.

Traces were between planting and ravine and suddenly disappeared. Next was a dazzling white, untouched snow-covered surface of the virgin lands. «Stunned! — I blurted out. — How so? You fall or something?» From the confusion, I began to wander around the tracks in the hope that the hare made a discount to the side. But, alas, in addition to prints of my skis, everything was pristine.

I went back to the ragged trail of a hare. A closer reading of the traces of my ward to his indescribable joy, I found that the hare made backwards, straight to its mark, and headed back. Rusak made another deuce, missed me during tracking, which led to Progal in forest plantation. Instead progala scythe made another offer to the side of the ravine, to which at that point was about forty meters.

I realized that hare sitting somewhere nearby. Maybe he hid under a bush alone. «There will he lie right from scratch!» — I said to myself and raised his gun at the ready.

When my attention was drawn to the lonely, sparse bushes near the right insanely loud «exploded» snowy expanse. Snow clumps scattered in different directions and from its bowels burst of enormous size, as I then seemed to brownish-gray rusachina.

Labor hare

Incredibly hard, he started up the opposite slope of the ravine. He was so close, and stood out against the white snow so clearly that when I picked up the gun in my worthless head in a split second had the idea of ​​extracting zip trophy. Surprisingly, for the moment, I imagine how I would embellish the story of a successful hunt. Ahead stems of climbing the slope of the ravine oblique, I hit right from the barrel, absolutely confident in the result.

However, the fountains of the pellets were behind the hare, and he has successfully climbed up the slope. I immediately hit the second barrel. The result was the same. Quickly a watershed gun, I pulled the spent cartridges and threw them into the pocket of camouflage. Without looking at the number of fractions, he pulled out two bandolier cartridge and charging the shotgun again raised trunks warm. The second doublet was more hasty than the first. All tracks in the snow by a fraction crossed oblique paw prints.

Disappointment engulfed me. By the bitterness of the mistake he added shame of premature boastful thoughts. Reloaded his gun, I rushed after him like a Foxhound. Somehow breaking the ravine, covered in snow, I raced on skis in the footsteps of his hare. Probably very few people believe, but at that moment I caught the smell of skew.

After a couple of kilometers of my fervor abated, and when the traces left on the skew-trodden path of his brothers and discern anything was possible, I did wilted. The sun was preparing to set, and I was pretty far away from the car. Realizing that all the same will come back after dark, he decided to make a detour and go for afforestation, which prior to the hunt did not happen.

It was much colder. The snow creaked under the skis. We had to turn back. But along the landing, I noticed even the tracks that went headlong along the trees and winds. «Okay, — I persuaded myself. — I walk down a little bit, look and ran to the car». And almost immediately I found a deuce. It is followed by the line stretched along the trees. But there was five meters across three, then another. Consider: «If the second lift, I’ll be the happiest man». Understandably, it took a double-barreled shotgun at the ready.

Labor hare

Though steel and cold, the wind completely disappeared, as if the air hung and became transparent. All could see with binoculars, and did hear, even your own breath. I stopped, looked at the nearest bushes. Suddenly the corner of my eye noticed some movement, sharply, as allowed skiing, turned around and saw the dead wood from a huge hare ran in thundering silence began to skedaddle from me in the opposite direction.

«Late shooting. Suddenly podranok will, and it’s getting dark, — I thought it was, but then he stopped himself: — What are you to argue? Hold already!» Thundered the gun, a flame flashed in the twilight, and then I lost sight of the oblique. A second barrel vytselivat did not, ran from the landing to the primer, and then again saw the fleeing hare. The sun disappeared behind the horizon, the bright red glow colored the sky, which have already appeared the first stars. I stood and watched the oblique, among other things, without regret.

And he always run straight, suddenly darted in different directions and disappeared. I stood on tiptoe, trying to determine what happened to the hare in an open field. «Maybe lay down?» — I was delighted. Quickly replacing the liner on a new cartridge, I rushed to the place where a hare out of sight, began to frantically search for traces, which even came back. The tracks were widely, but the blood was not there. «Now it’s dark now dark». — I spun in my head. I looked hopefully at the fading sunset, and then, looking down, straight ahead, in the snow, and saw him, my labor, fair mined hare.

Labor hare

Heart exulted. By bringing scattered belongings, I went to the car. Carrying rope production I did not have, so long as I get to the place, carrying a hare. With every kilometer it was becoming harder and longer, but that’s just me happy.

I walked over to the car rather tired, the frozen and hungry, but still smiling. And I did not even bite her mother prepared sandwiches, as hurried home to soon share his joy and experienced impressions.

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