Lake Belskoe: yesterday, today, tomorrow

Lake Belskoe: yesterday, today, tomorrow

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After general cleaning the lake Belskoe in 1988-1992 had the impression that the lake is always clean water and lots of fish. But in 2000 there was the first of Zamora. In 2006 – second. And last winter of 2014-2015, has happened already three.


It is believed that the lake Belskoe – This old bed of the Moscow River. We will not go into a deep story. Like it or not, we, in fact, does not matter. What is more important. Bronnitsy stands on the shore of Lake Bielsko. And the lake 100-150 years ago, with the success of our city has implemented drinking water. Spring Ozerny ice sawed and laid in the basement. Enough of ice coolers until autumn. 30-40 years ago, the lake was used as a reservoir poloskalnogo. Women from all over the city went to rinse the laundry after washing. For this summer on the lake we built a special wooden raft and cut the hole in the winter. And did not have any «frosty cold». Everything was natural. The depth of the lake at that time was 2-3 meters. All the rest – Ill.

In the 80-ies of XX century, it was decided to clear the silt from the lake. The Mayor agreed about this in high government circles. As a result, the sport committee was rowing canal and city — the cleanest lake.
Treatment itself was carried out by river dredge. Fortunately Belsky bridge between the Moscow River and not wider than 50 meters. Taken out of the mud of the lake was loaded onto a barge. The barge was transported to another excavator. And this second excavator unloading the contents of the barge to shore.
As a result, the average depth of the lake has become 3.5–4.5 meters.


Before cleaning the main inhabitants of the lake have been carp and perch. There were many sikeldy (verhoplavki). Pike, roach and bream too, but they were very few.
After a thorough cleaning of the pond and the fish species composition has changed dramatically. In first place was the pike. Naturally, perch and roach. Very quickly I pulled them bream. Pike took their positions later. But when captured, the pike has almost disappeared. As outsiders were carp, ruffs, bleak, verkhovka, chub, chub, ide.

Lake Belskoe: yesterday, today, tomorrow

To date, the dominant fish began to perch and roach. He raised his head carp. Everything else took second place. Sometimes it seems that all the other fish in Bielsko is simply no!


A simple and cheap way to restore Belsky will clean the lake of putrid water. In the spring, before the flood should open the dam that separates Belskoe of the Moscow River. Approximately 70-80% of the lake water will go into the Caspian Lake. And during peak river flood, when the lake is full Belskoe fresh spring water, the dam should be closed. As a result, not only Belskoe replenished with fresh water, which will keep the lake at its best about 5-6, and maybe even 10 years, but also fish from the Moscow River.
A month or two after the operation is not very complex water in the lake will be almost potable. But a month later the whole moskvorechenskaya fish also cleared and will no longer smell «Moscow toilet»And will smell of fresh lake water. And the fish will be there, not looking at its complex origins.
Thus, the citizens have a year or two will go to the lake for fish Belskoe in store. Came. I cast a line. I catch as many as he could carry. I went home to fry fish.
By the way, five years after such cleaning water in Bielsko is not clear if all summer, then half of the summer, without any «but». And when the water in the lake will begin to turn green again, ahead of time, before the middle of the summer, the lake should be repeated cleaning, without waiting for the next Zamora and rotting lake.

Today, the lake itself Belskoe trying to cope with their ailments as it is able to do. And he does it, in particular, Zamora. Destroying «extra» inhabitants of the pond. That we are presumed dead fish is not superfluous. At the lake its priorities. To cite one example that shows that Belskoe smarter than all of us. For the third year in the summer on our summer lake spinning competitions are held. Not the best location, but we’ll have reliable statistics catch fish. But such statistics. Perch – main fish catch athletes – from year to year it becomes larger. No matter what! Righteousness’ sake it should be noted that the growth of bass still leaves much to be desired, but it is – a consequence of the disease reservoir.

These are the prospects for our Belsky. I do not know who is responsible for the dam is fenced off from Bielsko Moscow River, I hope that our city government. But I would love to solve this problem held next spring. Especially since the open sluice dam in mid-April and close in early May – no space to surf! If the gateway is done properly, then just open the dam, and then close it. By the way, our ancestors with their ponds were doing such an operation each spring.

Something like that.

Oleg Gusev20 October 2015 at 13:18

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