Mushroom Village Volkovo

In a large Tver region three hundred kilometers from Moscow, there is one small village. There it is long. Seen a lot of things. How old is she, like today no one can say. Not on each card it is.

Mushroom Village Volkovo

But the mention of the regional center and the nearby village has a history already since the 15th century. And under the Germans it was a village Shmeliha grandmother told her and daughter of minors and many others from the local population to walk Belarus Fritz drove. AND Soviet times, the village survived relatively well, it was then village and a lot of people They had to work. AND at troubled 90 survived. Here then, leaving Moscow, we moved our family, my sister Olga and young son My husband and I live in this same village. TO Earth closer. On natural economy. Yes and We left what is now another life I do not represent. But Work is now in there is almost a village, only a neighboring village, and to work in accounts capital sometimes ride.

Gradually pouhodili in another world the elderly, it is not It left in village youth from across a street just three houses and left.

But how great is happening: in the snatch time off to work and weekends wave to relatives guests. AT this same village. A She called Volkov. They say that because of the presence of gray nurses forests around. Not I know, not wolves I saw no once, even though there were many forest living creatures: and moose, and upland game, and boars, and can be drawn on the stand. But I I assigned to the village some mushroom name. Because fungi are found there always. FROM June to November.

Not just found, and grow on plantations. I will try to elaborate.

Arrive usually to dinner. Just get in atmosphere of clean air and Silence. Silence is not ringing, poignant, and some relaxing. Good, curing. You look at open spaces, which are found only in Russian hinterland north central areas. To the south is usually at home the house is worth. A here — nearest neighbor meters hundred, and then two hundred.
You put the table, telling the latest village news, and once you understand that This world is not infinite, and Moscow stupid fuss, the race for the ruble, the village lives on its laws of life, and He lives it well.

But back to the mushrooms. For mushrooms Olga always calling us a ride. That ride. On car husband. We laugh and We remember the catch phrase from a famous movie: «Our in bakery on taxi travel». But it turns out, even how to drive. Olga herself at his mushroom places goes on bike. But on All bikes there. Therefore, Volodya kindly provides us with services Transport of mushroom pickers.
And all because, as I already mentioned, there are growing mushrooms strictly certain places.

They came to the a young birch copse. «Upload, here at We aspen». — announces Olga. Believe it or check, and and the truth, along the young birches rovnehonko then here, there are variegated podosinovichki.

Srezhesh the only one, with unopened hat, and remember the old songs of the war years: «So young, in brand new forage cap…»
As we walk slowly, enjoying the air and forest expanses, relatives already signals: «Come on, for boletus». Truly everything is known in comparison: we have running around mornings Metro and here a long time for mushrooms are waiting.

«There have already collected all — from expertly explains Olga, — no further will be».
«You are their own, or what to plant?» — We laugh, but We obey.
Then we were brought to the podberezovoe place, then Russula.
«There are opyatnye but now they are not, — Again, as the main woodsman, — He explains Sister.
And then we are asked to pass on lisichkovoe cherished. We offer experiment We go on foot. By the way back we find a couple of aspen mushrooms. AND all. A it would seem, have special places…
And here we are on is cherished. As scattered pennies on wedding, such as yellow, the color of Olga’s cloak, everywhere, literally everywhere «spread» chanterelles. Collect only enough to the basket. However, it is better to a bucket to collect.

Again comes the idea that mushrooms are planted, as beds. Olga just laughs.
Well, of course, so, whatever their mushroom laws decreed mycelium mother. AND absolutely no at what the anthropogenic factor. AND like this all summer. Wave succeeds wave kolosovikov honey agaric, followed by autumn white, and until the late autumn.

Once we arrived in guests at November holidays. Cold, snow sometimes lies.
But we still decided to look at cherished «lisichkovoe». AND not nothing. Podmerzshie under a crust of ice, turning yellow tasty chanterelles. Delicious useful. Natural healers and helminths liver diseases. A in addition it was found and chanterelles family Govorushko smoky. Autumn mushroom in good and salting Marinated, has a pleasant fruity scent. Too little podmerzshie but Aromatic same as in September. Oddly Say what you like, but mushroom season the year was closed in November the fourth basin and govorushek chanterelles.

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