My Fair IWA

For almost forty years, in Nuremberg in the spring lovers of hunting, fishing, shooting, outdoor recreation

My Fair IWA

FROM Every year on this exhibition there are more beautiful women’s faces. They are increasingly among the leaders of weapons, ammunition, and selling autfiterskih firms – exhibitors. In many countries, women appear hunting clubs, Women getting on show more.

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In Europe, it is certainly the most representative assembly. It happens that our people say that the Moscow exhibition Arms & Hunting is in line with the Nuremberg exhibition, but, in all honesty, it is at least cunning. Moreover, IWA every year it becomes more representative. It is significant that it is becoming more popular and the producers of the New World and China. And if 10–15 years ago the representatives of China participated in the production of mainly clothes and shoes, but today their orders placed in China and well-known optical companies, and arms manufacturers. They bought weapons parts where it is possible for less pay. Unfortunately, it involved almost all, even the most famous shtuchniki. Of course, manual adjustment of details of files and skins in our own workshop there, as well as a thorough debugging tools and debugging trunks. So it turns out that a significant part of the price the buyer pays for the name of the firm. Moreover, many as a method of producing weapons conveyor and shtuchniki entirely bought weapons contracting firms and then sell on their own behalf. However, there is a blessing in disguise. Considering that modern «computer» Techno-logy metal processing significantly increased productivity and quality, we can assume that in the near future we will witness a sharp decline in prices, at least for serial gun.

My Fair IWA

Still, this year will be remembered as a very strict regime at the show, and at Munich Airport. In Nuremberg, I flew to seventeen-year-son, who has long been engaged in hunting and shooting sports. On the first day it became clear that the exhibition can only be reached after 18 years. If the person has not reached this age, the exhibition was not passed, even with their parents. I think that this is wrong, because vaccinate hunting culture is most effective «with youthful claws». Not only allow children to attend the exhibition, and specifically involve them in such activities. Moreover, it is necessary to make the cost of child ticket cheaper than adults, which this year will cost 30 euros. Another new «rigidity» It was a total ban on trade in the exhibition, though this prohibition is not really acting. Hiding from cameras, sellers and buyers solve their problems. However, some of our adventurous audience lost treasured acquisitions during the inspection at the airport. Of some of our countrymen even removed from the flight.

My Fair IWA

But enough of the bad news. We say that in abundance was at Nuremberg, and that we have not seen for a long time at home.

My Fair IWA

Rifles and pistols — favorite «toys big boys.» They want to have a bright individual traits. Hands female engravers successfully solve this problem. Aesthetics weapons — a new requirement that is now placing hunters.

Striking sea hunting handguns. It — an integral part of the arsenal of Western hunters, both amateurs and professionals. Also revolvers (and guns), ensuring security at the show was short arms for hunting. However, in my opinion, it should be called spare, because the schemes of work mechanisms, it is more often rifle. However, fans of such hunting is, and let them deal with things you love. Serious niche occupied devices for home equipment cartridges for rifles and everything needed for that. It is clear that the development of this complex case is impossible without a serious understanding of the basics of ballistics. Therefore, by the self-assembly of cartridges, the hunter increases their hunting culture. It is clear that while it is developing as a person and in addition receives a higher accuracy and efficiency of the shooting.

My Fair IWA

At Nuremberg were very widely represented hunting bows and crossbows, arrows for them and different special equipment. The fact that the countries «sane» lawmakers constantly growing number of lovers of hunting with this «primitive» weapon. Interestingly, the public in these countries relates to the archers with respect and obvious approval. After all, he needs to sneak up on the beast 25–30 meters. It is clear that the hunter to shoot rifles with much larger distances.

My Fair IWA

Watch in the rosy glasses obviously nicer than, for example, in dark green.

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The desire to get a universal gun hunters led to loose trunks. It is clear that there is another option — Combined multi-stemmed weapon. However DEPOSIT trunks are undeniable superiority in low cost and portability. These simple products for the Russian hunters are crystal dream. With the onset of winter season, thousands of hunters go to fish small furry animals, mostly proteins. Her most efficient shoot from small caliber weapons (.22 LR). But there are fishers and parallel tasks on production and meat for their own dog food. In addition, at the beginning of hunting fur-bearing animals are not yet bears, sometimes showing interest to fishers, who, using diplomatic language, can be called a mirror. Thus fishers would like to have a large and rifled barrel. But the combined double-barreled shotgun will inevitably difficult and expensive. But in the fishery have a single-threaded watershed good caliber rifle and small-bore to him supplementary barrel — it is the dream of any taiga men. Speaking of fishing and fur primarily proteins think chuck .22 LR for her little silnovat, and very interesting to «belkovat» with pneumatics having a decent accuracy at distances up to 40 meters. The exhibition in Nuremberg producers appropriate air rifles were quite a few. Note that it was a weapon of different designs, caliber and capacity.

My Fair IWA

«Fossil» weapons — bows and crossbows — now also in vogue.

In many countries, it is widely developed movement dulnozaryadnym hunting with guns. The exhibition showed him several companies from different countries. The laws of some countries allow to acquire such weapons without a special permit. Hunting with him legislatively encouraged by lower licensing costs and lengthening the period of hunting. Personally, I do not understand what motivates people, eager to hunt with bows, or short-dulnozaryadnym weapons. However, this is a special area of ​​the hunting culture, without causing any harm to animals, is popular in many countries.

My Fair IWA

Knives combine modern technology with fossil material (mammoth tusk).

Hunters in most countries, except ours, have the opportunity to bring the taste of the elements of any weapon made by his order highly specialized firms. The products of these manufacturers, as a rule, the highest quality, was pretty well represented (trunks, shutter group triggers the system box).

My Fair IWA

The atmosphere of the exhibition created a feeling of warmth and peace brastva.

An unexpected surprise for me was a young German armorer Thomas Spohr, recently graduated from the Higher School of armory in the Austrian Ferlach. On its stand were turning guns of various designs, including tees. I particularly liked one 20-gauge, with a rather short stems from belerovskoy steel, with one descent and three separate ejectors. For many years I was looking for a gun, but no firm resolve this problem did not take. Thomas took obvious pleasure with a minimum order, in my opinion, prepaid. I think that this gun will be very convenient for duck hunting, and for any suspension of hunting.

My Fair IWA

Photo: NuernbergMesse / Thomas Geiger, Frank Boxler

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