Night terrors

Do you love the night? Do not know? Ever wonder? Every person will find in your life wonderful night, with huge moon and stars, and the night when nightmares … It happens that the nightmares come true, and I want just to survive until morning.

Night terrors

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People like most birds, and many other inhabitants of the earth, — sun-worshipers. But, living in metropolises or just constant comfort of electricity, it is easy to become a citizen of the night and decide what you — owl. Now imagine that suddenly no electricity and it became You were alone in warm hut.

Around the winter, in pipe small stoves buzzing wind, you have only one thick candle and a flashlight batteries will soon sit. AND Night, impenetrable night of February is all around… On dial nine in the evening, dawn glimmer twelve hours, no sleep in one eye… Nor one of the human soul on twenty miles around…

We have experienced? So you understand what a single winter expedition.

Why am I Let them in such questionable activities? Jobs such call of nature, a habit… I like to lay their diverse equipment for whole cottage everything to be at hand. When you wander by taiga one then usually nothing forget. Things seemed to jump in themselves backpack, and you move confidently in way of knowing at one hundred percent that did not lost. If a you travel more, then you never you can be sure that it is not forgotten something vital.

But in the night terrors companies do not never come. I before not yet sure better tour the company or a single expedition night terrors.

Generally in hut sleeping well, of course, if the mouse is not rustling. Only the night was too long. Log house seems a fortress, and even if the wall can hear footsteps, it is not particularly worried. AT box nobody breaking. You know that in the morning everything will be clear.

So one night in the winter reserved cordon I exasperated cans, hanging on the wall of the hut. The wind gently, he shuffled about wall, and inside these sounds were perceived as footsteps. It is clear that to deal with nature sounds and «insidious» the can was only the light of day.

Quite another matter — night in tent. Linen not walls give a sense of security. Here much depends on the location. On Vishersky Urals summer I sleep well. Summer nights are bright. Bears are usually modest, are quiet, even if roam nearby.

This is an overnight stay in In the Amur region tent for some reason, recent years is not easy pass. Darkness, even in June, comes by the ten o’clock, and gray dawn comes only to five in the morning. We can I regret to remember young years and strong untroubled sleep of those years. Although the morning and then often had to wake up from the quacking of ducks and champing elk foraging near water chestnuts.

AT 2003, case I weeks spent the night alone in the tent on bend of the river Nora. AND I put in a tent the forest is quite far from the coast, so as not to to train Housing sand. AT subsequent years, several times when I was lucky enough to raft on River with Burundi Norsk reserve officer, Stanislav, I always I wondered why he puts his «wigwam» on sand or pebbles, not far from the water’s edge, in clearly uncomfortable places. A Glory always joked on my questions, stating: «In the woods I Baba Yaga afraid…»

In those same years I several times alone on the raft River Nore. In many places, disturbed sleep «box» — Siberian deer bulls that a significant portion of the summer guarding their territory, loudly and vzlaivaya deep voice. Once arrogant «goat» I pranced right around my tent, and with rough shouts my side chased stag very close. Fall asleep under the «song of the goats» problematic, but although the soul is calm. Another thing, if you sleep interferes Bear…

Extensive pebble spit on one of Norsk bends near the mouth Simushkin ducts always attracted me as a parking lot during alloys. But Last night on It is remembered for a long time. When I I landed here to Bank, eyes immediately rushed fresh bear tracks. Evening came, and I do not especially alarmed proximity clumsy. AT Eventually, try to find a place where no Bruins.

After sitting at the night fire and ending the traditional evening record in field diary, I I climbed into tent and safely asleep. But quietly to sleep It is not managed — about two hours a night miserably collapsed tree nearby.

Waking up, I quickly realized that it was the bear clearly shows me who are on spit master. I had to get out of the tent and a fire. The night was quiet, moonless. On Mari, despite darkness withdrew its intricate love song male Indian cuckoo. I wandered around the fire, he dragged the wood. Clumsy more than not It manifested itself.

Soon I was completely tired of looking at fire, and I climbed back into the tent. The fire gradually waned, and I was enveloped sleep… But suddenly close again and crackled descended on pebbles another snag. On This time I I decided to wait with fire and do not get out of his house cloth. But not Barely Five minutes later, another fallen tree. Here I have I knew not to sleep fail and again spread the fire.

Until the morning I had to brighten their emergency watch strong tea. A just after dawn, I disappoint boat and He left to braid its restless owner.

After this I’m spending the night several times in the run up Nora and rivers Selemdzha on bears, which were noisy, banishing from human its territory. It is known that a lone traveler taiga owners perceive as another bear, and if not manages to show his strength as a beast demonstrating their superiority, the no peace will be. From the last «Night» Bear on Nora I I got rid of spraying in his side of the gas from the spray against dogs.

Not always bears limited human intimidation. AT Siberia and overnight stay in Kamchatka tent often end tragically. But enough about bears.

Sometimes Night Twilight invade quite mysterious sounds, they also do not promote sound sleep. In the summer of 2005 I I slept on near the border of the forest ridge in Olhovochny Vishera nature reserve. Strew fine drizzle. Silent bird. AND suddenly Ridge were heard ringing bells — sort of rustic cow bot. Who could wander among loaches and ring? The rain did not subsided. Dusk.

A mysterious bell tinkled, not incessantly. I I thought that perhaps it Bakhtiyarovs Mansi reindeer. But immediately remembered that deer have They are quite wild and bells them a long time ago no one I tie. Then I decided that this wandering spirit and reindeer rings.

This idea somehow calmed immediately, and I happily went to sleep. I before not yet I know the origin of the sounds. At night there are many mysterious and far everything can be explained. I usually not I am trying to understand and see all the unknown, with encountered in the dark because, as Kozma bars used to say, «You can not grasp the immensity».

Generally in taiga are not alone We recommend falling asleep to represent something terrible. It stands on a moment to let in consciousness of some «the horror of the forest»How to climb into the otherworldly images head one by one. That way a short time and roll to schizophrenia. Although, of course, it all depends on the degree of sensibility of each person. Some do not afraid of anything, and the danger only tickle your nerves.

General Mikhail Skobelev said: «I think that my courage — not nothing but a passion for danger and then However contempt her. To the risk of my life, it fills me with frantic enthusiasm. Participation is expressed in my body this case, in that it tells me the appropriate stimulation. All spiritual life seems to me only her reflection. Meeting with the enemy face to person duel, a danger to I I can rush headlong, all this attracts me, exciting, intoxicating. Danger drives me mind, I in love with her, I I love it, I run after her, others run after women; I wish that it never stopped».

Other people like coils exposed nerves are in constant anxiety and fear, and this exhausting life fueled their creativity. Transferring their fears to reality paper was the only way to somehow reduce stress for the writer Franz Kafka, and it is not alone.

During prolonged solitary wanderings comes to the realization that you’re the same particle of the great world of the taiga as a forest vole short tail, or the Siberian mountain ash, bending in the wind. As well as them, you rain wets, oppressive cold, catches the smoke from forest fires. 

Oschuschenie belonging to the surrounding space — Nature — brings peace and bright dreams. A so if there was a number of large predator or wild waste, the anxiety nowhere escape, and it is right. The natural reaction to potential danger we have inherited from our ancestors, that it allowed thousands of generations of people to survive despite everything for what.

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