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Rabbit for dinner

Rabbit for dinnerPhoto Gennady Suchanino

Our family wound up custom game invite relatives or friends. Once, when I got two geese in the game and invited her son and his family, friend, having learned about it, I was offended that he was not invited. Meat fresh game he likes to hunt and here he does not want to go.

At night I fell was not the first snow. On its branches had gathered so many that walk under the trees, it was very unpleasant. In the morning it was freezing a little, then it was warm, and the snow falling from the branches, creating noise than cool distracted my attention and made to twitch with a gun. It seemed fowl died in the forest and no one else. But once notified of the take-off noise ptarmigan outside shot. As always, I do not believe that she was alone, and went in the direction where it flew away.

On the old, overgrown with willows road saw traces of partridges: perhaps they are fed early in the morning. I decided to walk on the opposite slope of the hill. Places are blueberry, with a few birch trees. Partridge knocked myrtillus fresh snow pecking berries and tips of branches.

The weather was calm, no wind, and only could hear the branches fell Kuchta. In front of a flock of partridges flew up, but far away. They probably have the fired and dragged to a nearby hill, which is smaller. Out on the old road in the direction of the house. He looked at his watch. It was found an hour of the day. It seems to be, and was a little, but nothing got …

On the side noticed traces of a hare and a number of – dogs. Maybe she stole skew away from these places. I decided to check out. It turned out, the dog is not interested in big-eared. He ran through the bushes, she returned to the road and moved forward.

It made me happy, and I started to understand the following. It turned out that the hare jumped perpendicularly from the road into the bushes and then the swamp, which is not yet frozen. We had to work around it. The track was straight. But he was gone. I returned back ten meters and saw the offer to the right side. Perhaps the hare lay down somewhere nearby. In this case, I need to be ready for his sudden appearance (unless, of course, he will not do one or two discounts). I wanted to check it out. Maybe hare lay out of the rock or under the lonely bush that distance?

I slowly walked along the trail. Carefully examining the bushes in front, left and right. Hare was not. Never rock or under a bush. But then he suddenly jumped out! I fired and missed, through the bushes. He took him, released a more open space, tree trunks, and a shot from the left barrel stopped him. The hair on the back of the animal has not yet faded, so it was a young, but adult rabbit. Neatly packed in a production package and a backpack.

The mood has risen sharply. He loaded his gun, went out on the road. I decided to turn to the left, toward the ridge of small hills, where you would normally like to keep rabbits.

I passed on the tips of the first hill. Tracks were not. Released in nizinku where only lichen moss yes. He saw a clear hare paw prints. The trail led for the next hill, where there were blueberries. Bad hare tracks were visible in this place, only to stray from the grass and snow can be determined that the rabbit was here. Lesochek was like a small, 20 by 20 meters, and the output tracks the hare was not.

I walked around the little forest of pure snow (without a trace). Well, exactly, to be a hare here somewhere! I found the front track and went for it. It was in suspense – because the animal could pop at any moment. I walked lesochek again – Hare does not see! I tried to have no trace seek secluded places – no. He recalled stories of experienced hunters, that the hare can not stand when people stopped near him, jumps up and runs away. Several times since stopped – useless. Hands are tired of keeping the gun ready to fire. I tried to expel noise words shoo, go away, you’re tired, ho-ho! No hare!

Perhaps, he thought, his snowy owl has produced and I am looking in vain here. Just going to go any further on the planned route as from under the feet of the hare jumped out. The first shot missed cleanly. The second took. It goes broke: «There is! Still got you, handsome!»

Indeed, I caught a nice chubby bunny. No wonder I could not notice it on the background of snow-covered grasses. The back, he had not quite faded and merged with the background. He jumped up only when I went straight at him. In vain they say about birds that he is a coward .. Running from the hound, he jumps on a stack of hay or straw and sits there, and the dog runs around and can not find it. Hunter approaches, sees the hare in the haystack, catches the dog and walks away from this place. He gives his life for his bravery and resourcefulness.

Rabbits hiding in the trees, growing at an angle to the ground, on a pile of logs in the forest, on the roofs of barns, on the outskirts of the village. Refuge under the porch rarely visited cottages. Feel free to come to the gardens to eat cabbage leaves and other green and tasty nibble the bark of young apple trees in winter. Experienced hunters know about it, but beginners need to know …

Put on the shoulders of already heavy backpack, he walked along the shortest way home. This time, I had no luck: a passing car did not stop. But nothing! But the burden backpack comforted and pleased soul.
Came home early one had to cut the carcass. And Lydia M. cooked rabbit, fried in lard of melted with chopped onion rings. Dinner was, I tell you, just a holiday.

Our family wound up custom game invite relatives or friends. Once, when I got two geese in the game and invited her son and his family, friend, having learned about it, I was offended that he was not invited. Meat fresh game he likes to hunt and here he does not want to go. I do not understand this. I like the track and and extract. A failure I never grieve. It is enough that the game has seen. So, next time better luck.

Good luck on the hunt, guys!

Leonid Kolomiets25 February 2012 at 00:00

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