Reindeer — a storehouse of biologically active substances

Products reindeer every year is gaining value and is becoming increasingly important because it is environmentally friendly and is a storehouse of biologically active substances.

Reindeer - a storehouse of biologically active substances

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Venison in Unlike beef and lamb, characterized by a high content of nitrogen extractives, vitamins, macro- and trace elements. Venison is well absorbed by the human body, and has tonic healing properties. It has a positive effect on the human immune system.

The Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District, the municipal enterprise «Yamal deer» It produces more than 100 kinds of products from venison, which is in high demand not just on Yamal, but and successfully implemented a number of large cities in Russia.

In China, venison prepared several different drugs highly effective.

It was found that the deer fat and has healing properties It can be used for production of dosage forms.

The deer did not milk contains pathogens, organochlorine compounds, nitrates, nitrites, arsenic, mercury, it has medicinal properties.

Neokostenevshie reindeer antlers — antlers serve as raw material for such important medicines as «Rantarin». «Velkornin». «Sibirina». «Epsorin». These drugs have a restorative, tonic effect, increases physical and mental performance, enhance the human body’s natural defenses, reduce its susceptibility to infectious diseases stimulates the activity of the gastrointestinal tract, normalizes sexual function. They are used in the neuroses, diseases of the central nervous system.

From ossified reindeer horns produce medication «Tsygapan». It has immunomodulating and antioxidant action; It enhances adaptogenic resources restores hematology, normalizes metabolic effect, including the correlation of lipid, protein and carbohydrate metabolism; compensates for the deficiency of iodine normalizes the function of the endocrine glands, and blood sugar cholesterol blood, improves the function of the reproductive system; strengthens and restores bone and muscle tissue, reduces the accumulation of osteotropic isotopes. This drug is used against many diseases of internal organs.

Deer by-products are an important raw material for the production of medicines: kardiamina, renamina, entsefalina, cortexin, lielina, heparin gerdoksa, lipotserebrina, splenin, Serinar, vitogepata, kampolona.

From deer blood produce more than 70 dosage forms, including BC-8 (protein blood substitute), Hydrolysinum L-130, aminoleptid, native whey hematogen liquid. She entered the comprehensive drug — pantogematogen. Serum reindeer blood is essential and an indispensable component of virology culture media in the production of biologicals.
From reindeers get endocrine-enzyme and Special raw material that serves as the basis for the production of more than 30 dosage forms. Thus, obtained from the pancreas insulin, insulin zinc suspension angiotrofin, himopsin, crystalline chymotrypsin, crystalline trepsin, ribonuclease inkrepan, pancreatin, trypsin inhibitor. From mucosa rennet produce: food pepsin, pepsin medical, atsedopepsin, gastric juice, rennet powder adomin, peptone. Because the adrenal glands receive: adrenaline, Cortina; from the testes, respectively — ronidazu, lidazu; thymus-T — activin, thymosin.

Today, the technology of processing reindeer skins in Collagen and carotene, which are used in food and medical industry.

For centuries, the natives of the North have used the products of reindeer in the treatment of various diseases. Recipes treatment of diseases passed from generation to generation.
They are also used in Man or fresh venison, deer fat, liver, kidney, heart, brain, head, the brain of the long bones, drank fresh blood. This allowed them to getting in the extreme conditions fully biologically complete food rich in biologically active substances, vitamins, micro and macro. That is why the indigenous peoples involved in reindeer herding, mining reindeer, never sick with scurvy, and their immune status was always on the proper level.

What are the means used Aborigines in disorders, inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract? The patient was regularly given fresh venison in small portions. If the disease has taken place in lactation vazhenok then patient given small portions of fresh reindeer milk. Soon recovery occurs.

For colds, general malaise, weight loss, the patient was given soup venison, fresh venison, raw liver, fresh blood. AT case of constipation were given to the patient food deer fat, taken from the small intestine the rate of 1-2 tablespoons twice day. AND It happened purgation. To stop the bleeding caused by postpartum inflammation, lung disease, stomach, the patient gave a viscous jelly made from horns and deer hooves.

To improve the immune status of the patient, improve the physiological tone, healing of wounds, removing the joint and headaches used Pant reindeer. Given that punt covered short dense hair, it was burned in the fire, opaline scraped off with a knife. Then Panta flayed, separated the upper part of the cartilage. Skin and cartilage was divided into parts and given patient. Soon recovery occurs.

With a strong cough Aborigines used the fat covering the stomach of a deer. To this dried fine mesh and heated fat applied to the chest back, it worked better than the yellow card. Similarly treat bronchitis, pneumonia. If the wound is not and heal began to fester, the It was applied to the warm raw liver, which changed hands several times. Pus stretched, and the wound heals. If fractures to the bones grew together quickly, the patient was given several times jelly, boiled tendons of the limbs of a deer.

Woman in inflammations of the genitourinary system gave the embryo of a deer, which she ate in raw. By According to traditional healers, the measure relieves the patient.
The melted bone marrow deer buried in ears in the cold. He used as friction with aching and tumors in joints. He drank a cold, sore throat. He also smeared eye event of corneal haze. Eating undercooked spleen incontinence. At night blindness ate raw liver.

Biologically active substances reindeer actively contribute to the overall strengthening of human health.

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