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Remodel radio Midland G5

Warning: after the alteration you lose 100% guarantee. If you do everything according to instructions, radio spoil can only physically — overheat, short-circuit adjacent solder accidentally contacts, etc. After completions, if everything is done correctly, the communication range in a modified set to increase by 1.5-2 times.

Take a set of Midland G5 for 1000-1500 rubles. The price depends on the configuration and the greed of the seller. The package may also include a battery 6, or 6 batteries and a charger. In principle, we only need the radio, so if you have a choice of packages with different price — Take it cheaper.
Photo: shop set

Remodel radio Midland G5

Remove the back cover:

Remodel radio Midland G5

In the picture arrows shows where adjustments. First of all we are interested squelch, but we will deal them after soldering the antenna.

Remodel radio Midland G5

Otpaivat native spring-loaded, which reviews some of ham radio tuned to resonance in the region 467MGts. As an option — it is possible to lengthen a little bit a couple of turns, approaching 446. Then, the appearance of two-way radios do not change. But I like the usual quarters-tail. The more that is easier to estimate the length of the tail to the eyes with pokazometrom, which I described in the last article (primitive indicator field)

The radio with a spring sealed-off:

Remodel radio Midland G5

Then take a donor-wire antenna. In my case it is a regular of the television cable.

Remodel radio Midland G5

Remove the braid with the outer insulator, remove the braid at all. With regard to the insulator — I put it back. But you can not put on your discretion. I’ll leave it a little longer (5 millimeters), and then seal the conventional silicone sealant to the tail of the antenna is not oxidized.
As an option — It can be soldered to the braid, but not to the central core, but it is physically uncomfortable, although the broadband antenna will have a slightly better (but we then nafig not needed).

The length of the new antenna — about 155-165 mm.

Once the new antenna is soldered, to choose a plastic tail, which hid a spring, excess plastic. So that the radio can be collected, but the new antenna tightly crimped.

Remodel radio Midland G5

After that, check the antenna on pokazometre propayku from the last article. Compared with the second walkie-talkie, reworked should reject the arrow when you press PTT is much more pronounced (at the same distance from the instrument). If this does not happen — problem in soldering. While that even with a sealed antenna a short distance radio catches the second, so do not be fooled, because it is impossible to verify (the radio one another).

Further, by including the radio, we turn squelch clockwise until the moment when the station starts to sizzle. After quite a bit of twist counterclockwise to hiss was gone.
Be careful on different frequencies may fonit various home appliances. For example, I on the 3rd channel PMR clearly fonit router. When setting, if there is the frequency of the background, it is better to tune channels on the net.

If the station has become too sensitive and opens the squelch for example on the first channel when the transmission goes to another — squelch back a bit. Also, when foreign cod channels squelch should be a little bit back, because radio became just too sensitive, which is not very good.

Close-up — Outputs:

Remodel radio Midland G5

The new antenna is fixed even shrink tube, resulting in a total of at all like a factory production.

If no shrinking — You can pull the tape. The main thing that plastic crimped new antenna and did not allow it to move with respect to solder, while not sealed-off.

Molulyatsiyu generally do not touch. If a radio signal takes another quieter, then you can adjust this circuit inductionless screwdriver.

To do this, set the max. adjustable volume on the radio, remove the back cover, click on the second radio PTT and offering a second radio, to achieve a small whistle at the first (adjustable).

Then, turning the circuit on nastraivoemoy radios achieve the maximum volume of the whistle. This modulation of everything.

Capacitor frequency without the normal instruments is generally better not to touch. Those who have a frequency counter, explaining what to do in this article makes no sense to themselves to cope, others better to just not cool.

After soldering the antenna my light field at the same distance from the standard factory springs deflected approximately 4 times weaker than that of the alteration.

The range of alterations in the past I have increased approximately 2-fold. Good luck.

Author: Yuri Radiokot

August 25, 2012 at 03:04

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