Shooting on the traction

Shooting Woodcock, depending on the situation, it can be simple, complex and highly complex when fully Hunter feels the lack of shooting skills and knowledge of the basic techniques of shooting in flight.

Shooting on the traction

Photo by Sergey Fokin

Application fraction smaller than the number 7 is impractical. Smaller numbers will reduce a distance of shooting. The least to be mentioned, is the fraction № 7,5 (2,4 mm, 2.33 mm). Hinges shell fractions of 32 g is usually enough at standard choke, but does not always ensure a comfortable and productive shooting – in the absence of a decent shooting skill.

Whatever the level of firearms training, all available means try to achieve accuracy of no more than 50-60% and uniform scree shot without pronounced thickening it to the center.

When nepuganye woodcock in a quiet warm evening draws slowly flying up to 20-25 meters per hunter, almost oblivious to the vskidku rifle shot rather simple – leash turn of the body, access to the pre-emption of 40–60 cm and press the trigger without stopping gun. Errors in execution elements cover shot of moderate size scree shot. Take appropriate action even capable shooter, first went on the hunt if before this at least once shooting skeet or more hours devoted to work with a gun.

Sam shot for woodcock, to be careful and properly take place, as a rule, the incoming birds. The optimum shooting distance should be considered 15–35 meters. Shoot them much closer impractical due to insufficient width shot debris and long shots are often associated with a loss of game, if there is no dog. Side shoots, regardless of altitude woodcock, are built around the same pattern. Most often vskidku guns in the target area, leash, agreed with lateral movement of venison, shot tracking results and possible amendments for the second shot in case of a miss. When vskidku deliberately made slightly behind – leash and with greater angular velocity than the angular mixing game, pre-emption will be somewhat less.

Shooting woodcock comer, when the bird swooped not really a hunter, and a little party, will require accelerated hunter leash. When the distance is declining rapidly, the hunter has to turn much quicker than a shot in the side, but «Forced» speed leashes have laid a significant portion of pre-emption, and take away with such shots is very small, provided that the shooter will not allow braking gun when you press the trigger.

Shooting «hostility» at a growth arrow – a rare event and in general is not particularly difficult; easy operation to lift the gun body, and as soon fly cross silhouette of the bird should be shot from almost stationary guns, something akin to targeting, both on nizkougonnoy goal.

Especially beautiful shot «hostility» at high incident woodcock, the so-called «Royal shot». It tips the body work and straight back after overtaking safely shoot, appropriate, but is not always efficacious. Processing such a goal will be much more productive to earn his feet, as if crouching slightly while turning the body and a small deviation ago, allowing not to lose control of the game, even peripheral vision.

Regardless of the thrust began in bright or continues until deep twilight, the arrow, to master shooting with both eyes open, it will be easier to make an accurate shot, especially in difficult conditions. But even if the left eye squint, head position arrow on the crest of the stock should not be put in the right eye obviously unfavorable perception of the target (usually, this is the lowering of the head to the right and look askance).

Here are the basic techniques of shooting in difficult conditions on «of the sand» game, which becomes the woodcock in a strong wind, and if he noticed the movement of the hunter and begin their antics.

Shooting with a short leash – short leash, «emphasizing» target during passing game with the appearance of the lumen (pre-emption), pressing the trigger.
Shooting offhand, perceived by many hunters as the shot without aiming to the area of ​​game. In practice «set» sharpened and correct movements, when both performed quite deliberately lifting the gun to his shoulder, turning the body to the target – as part of the leashes, the exact formulation of the lodges in the shoulder and cheek while pressing the trigger, knowing that the gun movement has imparted the right direction with respect to the flight of game and most of anticipation built into the speed of the present administration.
From Hijacking shots is the most difficult raid woodcock at a decent height at the rear. A common mistake in this situation, the arrow – hoses to the gun below the target path. Would be correct vskidku exactly game or a little below. Traffic Corps, strictly observing that the cheek was cut comb box, mark the vertical deflection and not zatselivayas, safely pull the trigger.

Hunter, in my opinion, in contrast to the hand-stendovika should not focus on one way of shooting. A certain flexibility in the methods of shooting in flight – pledge of accurate shots and the rich spoils of a rifle hunter.

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