I realized that the wolf dog was pulling on myself and from time to time stopped

SquirrelPhoto: Anton Zhuravkov

As usual, We hunters, backpack since PM collected. Route on Day made. Sleepless night, early morning and — forward. I decided to pass on Forest River, try to catch spinning and at the same time hunt.

Going to kilometers from home, went out on old winter road. Usually there are often caught Polnikov. AND at This time somewhere in I heard of the short autumn song and, surprisingly, how many times was coming, but or never seen not heard taking off, I think of running away ground.

Eliminated swamp and, after a bit, I decided to relax. Sitting on fallen trees became beckon grouse. I could hear that they were somewhere a little further on peresvistyvayutsya creek. A little later I heard that flies. Whistled a little more — silence. He waited five minutes, began to beckon again. AND then flies grouse, sits on Birches in twenty meters from the me; not He managed to raise the gun, the second flies. Ground is broken and — behind him, and at one point made two circles around me, yeah from decent speed, and disappeared. Then, how many do not whistled — silence.

After a short rest, he decided to go to River catch on spinning. A little down the river, met with fishermen Spinning. We say hello, talk. His name was Basil, he I passed through river kilometer and a half, caught three pike, large enough for kilogram. A at I do not fish today I take, or perch or pike. is he I looked my spoon, climbed to his Pester, took out a box, and He handed me a spoon. On it says in Pike takes all kinds of weather. Try the Take. AND True, a little passing, I once caught a small pike. AND But after this meeting, we from it is not One year went by fishing for berries, for mushrooms. Hunt it already in then no engaged, gun sold. AND to have fun in forest walk was brought from his daughter Komi puppy Russian-European Laika. Calling it Belka. It was her at the time of just over a year. Basil offered me: «Take, Valentine protein. You on go hunting, dog-very quickly, feel good is It will».

So there have I protein. It somehow quickly got used to me, I her all the time to take a while not hunting opened at fishing for berries, for mushrooms. Not I will say that she immediately went for Birds, squirrels, but at never in the woods I do not It was. All the time there is a party, will run out, and seem again run away. I remember driven grouse I one had to take, she jumped out, grabbed, well, I think, farewell game. Nothing of the sort, and grabbed his teeth Briefly, she is sitting beside him. He came and picked hand grouse, praised her and I gave a toast.


In areas of its wolves are the largest group of those predators that prey on large mammals. Photo: Vladimir Bologov.

I remember how we mined first hole. Somewhere end of November I I set traps for marten. The path runs close to river, hear barking, I went to see what the dog has found. I see you standing on the Squirrel in the middle of the river the ice is close to Mink. At the sight of me and sat down sitting next to prey. The ice was still thin, and I was not in any way go, no matter how much He urged all useless without It brings me a mink. He took a long pole cut down, began to get. I Only burrow closer, and and she grabs He pulls it back. Apparently, he thinks that I from her play, well, Generally, in finally got it.

A this is the first meeting with the marten remembered, perhaps, a protein long. Somehow I went to check on the traps marten, the dog ran far from me suddenly he jerked as an arrow in side. AND after a while began to bark, so so clamorously. AT from the other side I was riding a trap, go up and I see the following picture. Chain from the trap was about centimeters 20, allowing it to jump just any marten on perch, then on Wood and Belka as the shuttle, spun back and forth near the tree. I stand watching that the next will be something. These maneuvers lasted about five minutes. I I realized that squirrel is looking for a moment to grab her. Finally, selecting, missing marten, but and she manages to grab the dog’s teeth nose. Kun got healthy, grappled, as they say, a stranglehold. In Proteins from the blood nasal squeals, but marten not releases. Usually when a marten alive, I I cover in the loop neck, and then loop not throw, and dog, too, sorry, took out his hunting knife, he at I was heavy, homemade, yes and an ax head. AT Overall, it was over the fact that the skin has been badly marred — Dog bitten through, and from Four teeth were solid holes, and at Proteins good nose bitten. But and on in this day adventure not ended. Kilometre after two got another marten. Squirrel found and I drove her on a huge old tree, I long walk around but nothing anyone could see, he withdrew her, but it is hard to return back to the this tree. I looked and looked, and somewhere in vertex y of the barrel, it seemed to me that someone is. I decided to check the fire, and exactly, it turned out, there was a marten. AND then start the race. Marten went horseback yes so fast that I no longer and managed to soon I lost a dog of marten mind. After some time, one could hear the dog barking, it seemed to me, on the one place. The squirrel was running around a huge aspen stump height of six meters. A dog barked from such passion that it was clear that hid in the marten that stump. I I walked around, nowhere It had no holes, smooth smooth stump without hollows. He took out an ax, knocked on knock clear that the stump was hollow means marten in here somewhere. I decided to cut down the hole. I had to work hard. Stump the outside was so strong, it took half an hour, not less is cut a small hole. As I expected within it was empty, drizzled trash.


Photo: Anton Zhuravkov

Thrust into hole burning bark and ready to shoot. Marten jumped like an arrow, and of stump appeared the fire apparently broke out dry rot. Dog — behind It is already some time lurking in the marten a small tree. Here we are her from Belka and produced.

One fateful day, I remember, on November 1, the snow has fallen, though a bit. I decided to go to hunt

Everything is as usual. Protein, as always, on the the rear seat, do not go so far, a little over 20 kilometers. By the road for some reason she moved to front seat put her head on my knees. Oddly urged even he cursed, shoved, but she I am listening. So we from and it We reached.

Next came already long-trodden familiar places. The day was very quiet and calm. Once all successfully evolved and somewhere o’clock eleven out on old, overgrown portage. The dog ran somewhere to the left of me from time to time shows, ran back. AND Then I I heard that she was in a strange barking with screeching seem lifted the hare, I used behind It is not such I notice. I went to see. The snow has begun to melt, but traces were visible — He raised the hare. Shouted, quickly ran to the Squirrel to me. I decided to have a rest, marched for about six kilometers. He took out a thermos, opened a can of corned beef sandwiches, a bit fed protein and let’s move on.

The dog ran into the back the left side of me. This overgrown dragged out on Central at who eight years ago I was taken to the woods in winter lesopunkt. Dogs nowhere it is seen. He shouted: «Belka, to to me!» Silence came, even shouted, silence — not out. Thought to himself, probably, again I stuck right this hare! Vitu cut out, come out, I think, ladies tear. A little reaching central, I saw fresh tracks of elk. By the trail could be seen that he was fairly quickly, and next next dog, thought hound. After a bit, hitting a place where there were five dog tracks …

All became clear — Wolves. AND direction of the pack just wherever escaped proteins. What to do? Become a shout with all his might: «Belka, to to me! Belka, to to me!» Ripped off shoulder gun fired once doublet, ran for tracks, which run the wolves. Reloaded twice, shot whistled spruce, traces are gone. I make a small circle, nothing found. I ran back to the old dies in then place of I ran protein. By road and took off his jacket backpack, how many times shot without by­mnyu, all the while shouting: «Bela! Bela!» But Circle was silence. I He ran as a ochumely, all the while shouting, thinking that now run out my Squirrel — but All in vain. He stopped to catch his breath. AT Generally, the condition worse. AND I did not go know where, I came to vizerku old, she ran parallel portage at which I I walked. I look ahead upside down the whole list, and such deep furrows can be seen that there was a struggle. All carefully inspected, but Blood is not found. By inverted leaves began to celebrate the trail. It has been thirty meters, the entire sheet sburovlen and it looks like someone lying on leaves. Blood, however, a little after some time again this the maturation and blood. I I realized that the wolf was carrying a dog on Me and from time to Time stopped. A at I thought — He may live. I go, shoot, maybe I throw … More trace lost, but and realized pointless to go more my favorite Proteins not! All … Tears stream from eye. It is necessary to survive and Now I write, tears in eyes.

Sat on fallen trees, looked bandolier, shot a dozen times. We must look for the jacket and backpack again to see what has occurred, although so it was all clear. Wolves chased the moose, he walking along the edge of the portage. Two wolves were a little party, and each other another hearing, probably a dog, went in all directions, I I counted five. A then, maybe, more snow was over, and it was unclear how many of them rolled over dog.

The most annoying how I nothing is I heard a dull stump, weather-it was quiet.

Subsequently rarely came into the corner, and when you come, always shoot sleeve, hang on mote. You Ask: «What for?» A at memory my protein.

Valentin Shabanov30 october 2011 at 00:00

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