Taiga Sobolevka

During the long years of hunting in the taiga me a lot was produced different trophies. I took and bears and wild boar, and elk, and every other game. But I did not feel in these hunts such emotional outbursts, both on a sporting Sobolevka. Populated it in me a sharp thorn in the life …

Taiga Sobolevka

Photo by Sergey Semyonov

Helicopters flew over the taiga, filling the skies roar of the motor. AND although the speed of the steel bird was above 250 km hour, it seemed to us that it is not floating leisurely boat on airspace. But Here the distance, like a huge white cloud, appeared the snowy ridge of the watershed of rivers and Beachy Pilda. He advanced on us shirilsya, becoming more majestic and formidable.
Soon, the winding ribbon seemed river and land belonging to our hunting­site. Not except we reached the mouth of the Golden Key, near which and We stood our basic cabin. The car dropped and hung over the river scythe. Throwing his load — bales, boxes Food and other belongings, roll roofing felts, iron stove, sled, skis — and taking rifles and mutt, povyprygivali themselves. The helicopter soared and banked steeply and disappeared behind the wall of the forest …

We landed Vasyl Krutov in the beginning of November 1980 the upper reaches of the river at Beachy a new fishing location. The time was past noon. Redolent chernotrop, jingled keys on pebbles on shallows. Nestled in the beasts taiga tracts. AT river, yet icy, noisily splashed all sorts of different fish. By the tops of spruce and curly cedar playfully walked pre-winter winds. Leisurely peretaskat all property to the winter quarters, decided to celebrate his arrival. They lit a small fire, and roasted bacon sausage and raised in mugs intoxicating drink, drank, and wished each other good luck in production of furs.

* * *
In the morning, hung on knapsacks themselves, guns (and partner and grabbed soldier’s bowler — supposedly on halt seagull shall weld), ran into powdered taiga explore new grounds. AT Basically we were interested in the number of sable, squirrel, mink, otter.

But not time to move away from the winter quarters and two hundred meters as sable crossed the line. A even three hundred meters Husky found in and hollow the hero of these tracks. We made duplovatogo near the root of the tree and a small fire, smoke from the animal shelter smoke, caught it in sleeve-netting. Sobolek turned out a female, it hurts too aggressive. Once approached Ostroushko grid, intending to sniff captive, sobolyushka, lunged, grabbed a dog’s nose through the net. Oh, what’s happened! Laika, our pain and and screamed insults moaning on the whole neighborhood. She in desperately shaking his head with mesh and beast so much that he tore «sleeve» out of our hands and I rushed to their heels. However, Vasily Pavlovich managed to cover the dog with his jacket and took to the grid Dichin.

After a short break to fire and tea continued to survey the area and count sable tracks. In addition to the nightly animal lines, there were also fresh, morning, «dvuhchetki» and «trehchetki» Sable. One track was fascinated and Laika I went to Search. Half an hour later the flood plain of the Golden Key, we crossed a major line of hardened sable «cat»Behind him and left Ostroushko. A even a quarter of an hour, dense spruce forest raspadnika deaf, heard a loud barking and his assistant rushed to help. Laika «stump» hole in sable rhizome old half-rotten spruce. Basil, without thinking twice, drew from his belt ax and chop down Mighty number, they began to probe into the void root of the tree. Soon I came across gnezdovische sable. Vesta, tucked in hole your dog sensitive nose, «sobbed» from excitement. Cat was in his lair. He had nowhere to go. The animal in hiding waiting for a happy moment on the rescue. But dog excitedly digging the ground, picking up closer to Sobolev. From under her paws flying clods with snow rot rotten roots, leaves, moss, that were in the litter nest, and bird feathers, which in animal eating his refuge. We are partner, and prepare a gun, the alert … Looking around the rhizome in County with every minute expecting the appearance of dexterous animal outside. AND Sable suddenly popped out of the hole. But not where we were waiting for him. He slipped out from under the nose of the huskies. West, by clicking teeth, cut off the tip of his tail, but he still managed to whisk her Intermedia clawed paws and He took to his heels. Laika, in pursuit of the beast, covered it in I jump, and I thought, crushed legs. But no! The cat jumped out of it and I rushed to the Standing beside larch. Ostroushko literally hanging from his tail. There she made two jumps and lightning Second overtook him. Sobol was tightly pinned to her feet ground.

— Ah yes Vesta! Ah yes, a fine fellow! This hunter! — Vasily praised our Ostroukhov assistant.
— FROM a dog, however, can and without «pukalki» earn one sable! — chuckle, I dropped.
Laika And the time has passed for canines ridge, breaking the small animal neck vertebrae, and He ran me very, merry. I am a friendly pat on his pitomitsy nape, pointed to sable, I ordered to submit it to me. House is my favorite of all the teams performed at excellent. A Taiga here, live animals, hunting on which was the first time my ward. And only once been her the time a little more twelve months old. That’s Laika looked at I was puzzled. But when I second, stricter, gave the command, Vesta has performed it. I I was pleased with the work of his pupils.
Approached partner lifted and sable It was his look. Fur animal was partly dented and zaslyunyavlen. However, the blood does not viewing. Taking the little animals by their hind legs, Basil shook it twice. Then he blew into fur once or twice, and then, examined the hole, he said:
— Do you see the sun?
— I see.
— Can you determine what color and the quality of the fur?
I shrugged, as the furs in While versed weak.
— AND I not so hot specials, but Yet … the second grade as underfur on It is still too small.

Later on halt, he says that fur is extracted by hunters in November, taking low grades. It and understandable fur from Beast gets closer to a full-fledged fierce winter. Hence, in November about first grade fur is not It could be speech. That’s why the senior game manager and He asked hunters to increase the quality of pelts harvested by delaying harvesting …
The sun was evening, when, surpassing the planned route, we went to the mouth of the Golden Key, where he met a bear trail that led us Krasnotal thickets. Suddenly out of the bushes came a menacing growl animal and behind him desperate cry of our huskies.
— Rod! — shouted partner, and We rushed to the assistance dog. Meanwhile, the voice became husky removed. The animal, sensing the persecution, went to River. A few minutes later there was a slap on the water. This rod, leaving the chase, in bultyhnulsya river and swam to the opposite shore. I not I began to shoot floating beast he could drown, and from the depths of us did not get. While pondering the situation, the bear was approaching the left bank of …
— There, below, roll! Let’s cross the river ford and grohnu it on the other shore, — I suggested other.
— Not We have time! Leaves, reptile!
— Well, then take a carbine — at you better vision — and Shoot. If the sink, then over to the roll roll out, there take it.
Rod had swam to shore. The distance from us to floating animals are not higher than one hundred meters. Vasily Pavlovich, raised his gun and fired. The bullet flew through the head of a bear, plopped down in front of his nose, splash face spray. Clumsy felt
wrong, and turned I swam on flow to Tumbleweed. Here it is close to goals: roll rustled in five meters away from him. Another moment — and as soon as the animal will feel the ground under his feet, too late.
— Yes, shoot as soon go away! — I cried irritably.

He thundered a shot. I could hear the bullet slammed by stupid Beast on for a while immobilizing it. Bear fell to side, exhaling a heavy snoring. But soon came to the himself; I stood at legs and limping on left side, splashed on aground. We also ran a Tumbleweed. Vesta, before we approached the A wounded animal, barking furiously it. But toed not paying her attention, almost dragging, goes deep into the shore …
Laika, losing all fear, ran to a wounded animal. Rod, ryavknuv angrily, dropped to ass and I adopted a defensive posture.
Teammate, fearing for our pitomitsy shot at beast twice. Bear, uterine exhaling furious anger, collapsed on the bag wet pebbles.
— Finally taken! — I burst out of my chest.
When removed from the Toptygina skin, they saw how much he was exhausted. AT its meat and empty womb literally swarmed with vermin, he clearly suffered trihinillezom. By Therefore, bear and He became a rod. Bearskin we have taken in hut and bed under his feet. By It is soft and the heat was to walk: half the ground was cold and poignant for bare feet. A the carcass of a sick animal prikopat a ravine as the bait for the Wolves. They have produced a lot there, and we had to go in catching these harmful predators. Otherwise they obnagleyut and will do harm: in the ruin samolovy Putikov,
and devour the bait production — sables Yes protein. Without them, and laechku in our watch for the forest. A at winter cold hungry, they nights We will pester …
Before wintering remained not pass more than two kilometers. By West raised the way in willow grouse brood. Vasily Pavlovich led to They hunt and I got four birds.
At the end of the day approached Zimove — He faded in the evening pink sunset. Over the ridge sinking sun. Twilight shrouded mountain peaks bluish haze. AT breath of wind was felt the approach of a cold night …

* * *
Last night and There will come a morning was frosty. By banks of the accretion ice rim. We are Basil decided to Sludge, which is expected to of the day on day to explore Aldys — the left-bank tributary of the Beechey. Dula tailwind Nizovka, whispered something disturbed willow. Surly and It was damp forest. Wind carousing not seriously. Furiously boomed in shaggy tops of trees, blowing on Nizam, swirl, throwing in drifting snow face. I, as usual, went for a partner, at the which was keen eye. He saw everything, which is not It was allowed to see me. For example, over a hundred meters Vasily could determine what kind of bird is sitting on tree, — grouse or a jay.

Animal tracks on we were going to let us down River bordering Mary and I reached for Range hills. Pigweed, with small clumps of forest and bushes, we are interested in ungulates. A Forest adjacent to It gave us hope production of fur.

And really, Marie and the edge on the coastal ridges everything was trampled by deer. Here and nabrody and Kopanina and maturation — all reminders of the recent presence of animals. But the animals themselves! Taking on Ostroushko leash, passed herds, as hurried up twilight reach hut. Hunting provides the following day, on way back to Winter storeroom.
Night was falling. The sun pale crimson disk crawled over the horizon. AT sizuyu haze enshrouds mountain. We do not choice but to spend the night on trail. Throwing a knapsack, I I went to collect firewood. For an overnight stay at the they needed a lot of fire. When the second brought his arms, and the fire has burned It hung over the fire pot filled with snow.

Modest dinner — Bank of corned beef, one tortilla on and two tea unlimited quantities — we did not upset. Tomorrow, we hope, will be reindeer kebabs. After dinner, lit nodyu and arranging vyvorotki near the bed of the fragrant pine twigs, went to sleep. I I slept like a log, not even heard a partner to get up at night, I put in Fire Wood. I woke up when the night was drawing to end. Already he could see the gray sky, the trees and sleepy leaving in hill animal tracks. Vasili rose early and I had time to warm breakfast. Fortified and smoked on cigarette, went on the slope of the hill to find a hunting cabin. FROM west side of the hill came across Krutov felled tree. Nearby there were a few old stumps. Walking around this area, I I noticed some construction, reminiscent of the tent frame. Looks like she Hunter was the main shelter Kataeva, since we do not We found more than any other buildings. Near frame on tree, hung a bunch of rusty trap about three years ago. A on It lays the ground and a lot of green with bone several deer skulls. Looks like the main meal was venison hunter.

Southern and the western slopes of the mountain, to the which adjoins «our» volcano, were examined. From the foot and up 300 meters, they are covered with woodlands of low spruce, larch, oak and Daurian birch. Close to top grow elfin, cowberry moss. Snow from peaks of about 10 cm, and at the foot of a hill and in the floodplain 3–5 cm.
At one point, the snow lay on the red bilberry, and I was greatly loosened holed sables. Laika was so absorbed our heels of the animals that we have lost it. I had to go back. Find pitomitsy soon. Only when her trail and unravel cried, West filed a faint shrill voice — He urged us help. Found in his sobolyatnitsu bush thickets. It’s there overlaid sable, was in shelter under the roots of the bush, and I decided on their own to get it. Dug a deep hole, got into her, squeezed between the roots and so stuck that no back audio not climb ahead could. Three root squeezed her neck slingshot and Only with the ax is rescued dog was us from the deadly trap. A Sable was kicked out of the hole smudge. The animal, leaping out of the shelter, climbed to elfin bush, whence He was shot shot partner of small-bore rifle.

In the evening, after a survey of the area, we went back to their place of lodging. Dinner. Ready to firewood and night We spent the night. In the morning we went to the way back. Went yesterday’s path, to seek to meet the deer hunt … yes

Taiga Sobolevka

In the tract ChAYaTYNA.Zhivotny world of hills and mountains ridge Chayatyn consists mainly of prey — primarily from deer, musk deer and mountain sheep. But a lot of lives here and other animals such as wolves, bears, wolverines, raccoon, fox, rabbit, sable, squirrel and other … Sobolev Chayatyna tracts and the surrounding taiga no less than in other lands Priohotsky forests. In this valuable fur-bearing animal, along with the other fur-bearing taiga inhabitants, is actively fishing. Keeps sable on the slopes of hills in the dwarf on red bilberry, eating their fruits. Red bilberry, covered with snow, are «storehouses» of these active animals that burrow in the snow and «graze» in the maze of berry trees. Cranberries sables love more than mice, for their delicacy food and they zhiruet her to fall and winter approaches. After eating the berries, animals here and rest up, and sometimes organize themselves permanent asylum.

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